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for Hooking Up With Jesse

4/28 c8 Anonymous
Plz post the new one soon!
4/28 c6 Anonymous
I really liked this chapter, but what made the part of her “bringing out the man in him” was the fact that they WERENT hooking up, I think that it just kinda ruins the moment the chapter really was good though. I just thought you’d like to know.
4/27 c1 Anonymous
Yes. More. Please.
10/17/2019 c6 Alex
If they had sex everyday sometimes more than once, there is a good chance Beca would get pregnant. Just an idea ;)
4/26/2019 c8 Guest
Please please please finish this, Im in love with this fic
7/22/2018 c8 Dimpls742
This is a great story. I know it's been years, but it would be great if you finished it.
12/3/2015 c8 Guest
next capter please :)
11/9/2015 c8 Annakendrickforlife
Are you continuing this?
9/8/2015 c8 Guest
"Too stubborn to not finish this" as I'm reading it over a year later...dude...where'd it go?
7/12/2015 c8 7Writer Mind
Please update because I can't stant not knowing what is going to happpend
You story is amazing ;)
6/21/2015 c8 Guest
why didn't you write the screen play for the movies! Your writing is beyond awesome and hilarious
6/15/2015 c8 Animevampire240
Please update want to see finish and all of it seems ligit for in the movie keep up the great work
6/1/2015 c8 Wxnttodetelethisplease
Please update :)
5/17/2015 c8 cruisingturtle
PLEASE finish this story! This SOOO good! The best one I've read yet!
2/15/2015 c8 Cintia
Please write more, pretty please
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