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for Harry Potter's Life Changing Moment

5/24 c12 jimmy.oz
Great story glad to have read it.
5/24 c5 jimmy.oz
Curious if he was able to go back in time would he change things knowing this or keep it the same till the children were at least born.
5/10 c12 Reader
OMG this is such an amazing story I know its completed but if you added more that would be great too.
4/28 c12 Fallow57
xXx KUDOS xXx : )
4/12 c12 LadyDrak75
Wow! Loved it!
4/12 c12 Darkepyon
So I just finished reading your story and it was a great story now I don’t usually make any comments about grammar or anything so if there were those types of mistakes I ignore them to be honest I’m not an English major. Doesn’t bother me the only critique I have for the story was the second to last chapter when Harry and Elana and the kids were confronted for the last Time by Oliver and Ginny the issue I had with the scene was the fact that they really didn’t know each other enough for the kids to really have that reaction it would’ve made more sense if it was like a month or two down the road but unless I miss read it it seemed that that happened the same day they got there or maybe the next day and by that point Harry had only met the kids twice and Elans only met them twice the initial telling and the pick up so really it was kind of rushed that Harry’s kids would be so accepting of Elana and Elanas kids of Harry so when James says that he wants a Elana as there mother and Sarah says they want Harry because he will love them it kind of had a little disconnect if they had known him for like a month or two with how bad Oliver and Ginny were it would be believable it just kind of seemed a little rushed there Also I am doing this on voice to chat on my iPhone so if anything comes up weirdly spelled I apologize lol But out of your story that was the only thing that came off all the rest of it came off perfect and I thought you did amazingly well looking forward to see if you put anything else out.
4/11 c1 FledditFliveflind
Go fuck yourself, cheating loving bitch
3/23 c12 ora1168
Me encanto tu historia, que hermosa familia llena de niños felices.
2/27 c12 9gryffinsdoor
I can't say that I appreciated the character bashing here and over used tropes, but a credible job overall. Note that this would have been James' 18th birthday unless he skipped a year at school. Good luck with future writing!
2/15 c12 HoneyBear84
Loved it
2/13 c12 Mark Sinfield
enjoyable thanks
2/10 c12 gginsc
It is strange to have step siblings dating. I think the relationship between Harry and Elana developed too fast. The story is pleasant overall. Ginny and Oliver really lost a lot.
2/9 c7 Kuran Darkwood
Yeah no, i can guess the ending and that’s just urgh...
nice story i am not going to continue this particular one. Interesting trope a bit fast paced but well written and captivating.
I am off to the next one )
2/5 c12 ak
bonne fic!
2/5 c12 staar81
Awesome never got the movie that had harry with ginny the fangirl...also hermione and ron never got that either/...love your writing!:):)
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