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for Harry Potter's Life Changing Moment

8/6 c12 wandamarie
Wow good ending thank you
8/6 c11 wandamarie
great job
8/6 c10 wandamarie
Good job
8/6 c9 wandamarie
8/6 c8 wandamarie
8/6 c7 wandamarie
nice job
8/6 c6 wandamarie
Wow Ginny got what was coming to her
8/6 c5 wandamarie
Thanks getting good
8/6 c4 wandamarie
Thanks looking good
8/6 c3 wandamarie
Good job
8/6 c2 wandamarie
Poor ha6
8/6 c1 wandamarie
Good start thanks
5/24 c12 jimmy.oz
Great story glad to have read it.
5/24 c5 jimmy.oz
Curious if he was able to go back in time would he change things knowing this or keep it the same till the children were at least born.
5/10 c12 Reader
OMG this is such an amazing story I know its completed but if you added more that would be great too.
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