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for Harry Potter's Life Changing Moment

6/29/2014 c16 17Gleas
You just couldn't leave things simple could you? -_- Sarah just had to be Elana's kid...
6/29/2014 c14 Gleas
No no no no... Please tell me he won't end up with Wood's ex-wife . That's just... too complicated... Wife swap? ugh... T_T
2/2/2014 c27 2DylanL
Great story. Did u choose oliver wood as ginnys affair partner for the jokes that could be made about her fucking wood or were the jokes a happy coincedence.
12/2/2013 c24 Venus914
Oh God...

Sorry...instead of feeling romantic or touched...im cringing.
12/2/2013 c14 Venus914
Im so bad. I cheated and read the last chapter and found out that Harry and this Elana got together. I dont have anything against her, even if she's an OC, but im just horrified at the number of her children. I wouldnt have mind if she dont have kids because then Harry can have millions kids with her. I mean, it's his. Harry is wealthy and he is kind-hearted and i can already imagine him giving money,, spoiling these kids that arent his, and giving them their own vaults! If they managed to be closer to Harry, he might adopt them and have a share of the fortune when he's dead! Like i said, i dont mind if Harry has biological kids with Elana. At least he is spending money on HIS kids.

Im an accountant and works in the family business. Handling money all day...it just makes me sensitive about money. I have weird principle about it. I am also very possessive about it. Haha. I always have a hard time with reading stories about overly-generous people. I cringed everytime i read about it because i imagine people like Ginny thinking that they succeeded in fooling everyone.

I am the type to do prenup. I believe that my money stays mine...even if that person becomes my husband. He should work for his own. After all, we are all equal in the sense that we were given the same advantages at birth, like a brain. I also believe that people should marry the people from the same background. It's not fool-proof but at least, you wont get paranoid that he or she is going to steal your money. Because you, more or less, have the same. You are in the same social circle, after all. That's why i dont date people with kids because i worry about the distribution of wealth. Now, im not saying that my family is very wealthy. But we have enough and a few extras. I just feel that the money should stay in the family.

Im being honest here and i hope i dont get criticize for saying it as it is. It's just the way i feel. Because, let's face the reality that Harry is a kind person, he would love those children and share the wealth that should have been only for HIS kids. And that's not fair. For me, that is.
10/28/2013 c1 rowenasheir
The word passed is the past tense of the verb to pass, e.g., I pass (present tense), I passed and I have passed (both past tense), and I will pass (future tense).

The word past has several meanings (usually related to time before the present or to indicate movement from one side of a reference point to the other side.)

he's contraction of he is
his belonging to him
10/27/2013 c27 2Therio
I don't normally go for sappy romance fics, however I liked this one quite a lot. Thanks for sharing.
10/18/2013 c27 1serenityselena
wonderful story with some interesting twists in Harry's life :)
10/18/2013 c27 4firebolthallow1572
I wonder how Minerva felt after Harry sang his song? We know how Elana felt because of the kissing and his family but you never to me how Minerva felt.
9/26/2013 c27 Linda
Loved it
9/2/2013 c5 Kris
Did Harry take away Ginny's access to the vaults already? I may have missed that.
8/8/2013 c27 Laura
Well done great story
8/7/2013 c27 1AliB1149
Aw very sweet. I like a lighter story sometimes. It's good to have the happier ones.
Btw did you realise you sometimes switch between 'Elena' and 'Alana'?
7/29/2013 c27 5Man of Constant Sorrow

This was truly a treat, a completed story of magnificent quality posted all at once.

Ginny and Oliver, are losers pure and simple, they were users who got what they deserved, each other and nothing else.

It was truly a happy ending which is always welcome.

Thanks for sharing, I eagerly await your next. favorited
7/27/2013 c22 32The Potters of the Future
Must be interesting to have HP as your mother's partner
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