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for Avatar Titan Volume I: Fire Nation Showdown

5/26/2019 c21 Guest
After I read this chapter, I wonder if you like this story?
Avatar Roku joins Justice League in the past (for Aang timeline) and Aang joins Teen Titans and he meets Roku!
What do you think?
5/25/2019 c22 Neato
It's great to see "Avatar Titan Volume II" update again.
5/11/2019 c2 Guest
Definitely Aang & Beast Boy are best pal.
He better tour Aang to Jump City what could vegetarian can eat most delicious food.
5/9/2019 c21 Guest
Ha Ha!
Time to jump into dimensional portal through Jump City, BRO!
All right Team Real Boy Avatar! Time to play video games in T-tower with popcorn and bunch of snacks that will make Aang happy!
Well, Roku and other previous Avatars might jealous, whatever.
And this might be good series that Aang tried to build Republic City after he learned everything in Jump City & traveling worlds!
This will be great story for Avatar Titan Volume II ! ! !
2/21/2019 c22 FanGirl
Good story.
2/17/2019 c21 Guest
I wonder what if Slade kidnapped Aang to Jumo City and Team Avatar call for Rescue with Teen Titans.
Including BIG party in Tower what Team Avatar learn about cake, cookies or donut? and more which Aang who is vegeterian can able to enjoy to eat.

Oh I also want to know what are reactions of Aang, Sokka, and Zuko will show up when they play video game?
...and I wonder what will Iroh going to do? Looking for tea cafe or shop?
12/3/2018 c22 Guest
After I read this story, I wonder what if Aang's past lives are worked with other heroes from another world?
For example,
00. Korra & Ichigo Kurosaki
01. Aang & Teen Titans
02. Roku & Justice League
03. Kiyoshi & Marvel's Avengers Assemble Season
04. Kuruk & TMNT
05. Yangchen & Samurai Jack
After the Avatar's death, heroes from the another world won't be able to visit there because Avatar's world was being like this to call hero?
Well I'm sure Cyborg will help to create Past Avatars' & Heroes' wax museum... I guess...
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