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for Harry and the Girls

3/20/2019 c1 Guest
hmm would be interesting cause it is alreadt funny, but really would have read how the get harry etc..
7/15/2016 c1 6ElizabethAnneSoph
Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahah omg hahahah I have never laughed this much over a one shot! hahaha omg this is too funny! Very well done!
10/27/2015 c1 Guest
This is awesome! I wish you continued.
8/1/2015 c1 starboy454
6/6/2015 c1 1Currahee506
Haha poor victoire
3/9/2015 c1 uzuuchi007
10/7/2014 c1 Dragon451
Thisis a fun little excerpt here. I hope you give that URL soon.
8/25/2014 c1 Paddybee
Thoroughly enjoyed it! Tres Bien! A votre sainte! et merci plus bien!
10/20/2013 c1 13Have a Little Feith
Can you link me to the site this is on, besides FFN?
9/27/2013 c1 nymlover
good start well done
9/8/2013 c1 Alice
Wow, I can only imagine how confusing this is for people who don't speak french... Nice story but a bit confusing sometimes
8/28/2013 c1 19pettybureaucrat
Very amusing, I would love to read more. I love your catty, spunky Victoire and the 'execution' scene was a hoot.
8/17/2013 c1 bet7368
ENJOYING your story waiting for more. Thank You for writing this.
8/5/2013 c1 17The Dark Dragen
Interesting start, can't wait to read more, I hope you update soon...
7/27/2013 c1 pizziagirl
like it. update soon
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