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12/22/2019 c1 guest
Fabulous! and as madly AU as it can get but entirely plausible.

I can see why you don't want to develop it. You'd have to create a whole different Wizarding World with a thousand years of different history behind it ~and~ include resulting changes in our world, too.

Passing kindly over the fact that such a history would almost certainly not have given rise to any of the characters we know and love (or hate), I'd go crazy trying to work out just the more recent history. Did Grindelwald develop the same opinions (given that few Muggleborns would then enter the Wizarding World in total ignorance or hostility), and did he know Dumbledore? Was AD's father let rot in Azkaban, or did the circumstances of his crime reduce his sentence? (They should have.) Did the attack on Ariana even take place? There are so many possible points of departure even after AD's birth!

I've always thought that the pureblood supremacists had a perfectly valid point about Muggleborns' coming into their world and immediately dissing it, preaching that Things Should Be Done Their Way, and ignoring or fighting all its customs. (Granger, anyone?) Certainly Grindelwald's and Voldemort's methods stank and were quite properly fought, but their basic reaction to Muggleborn attitudes was justified.

Some authors' post-Battle fics introduced paired classes, Muggle Studies and Wizarding Life, that were required for all students for at least a year. In both, students from the named background were expected to provide explanations and explications for those in the other group. Excellent idea, especially the corollary that Muggle Studies must be taught by a Muggleborn and Wizarding Life by a traditionalist - after all, many such were not pureblood supremacists.

Anyway, great idea, and great job on the fic.
5/12/2016 c1 8MuggleCreator
Ooh. I'd love to see where this goes.
It's great as is, too...
8/18/2014 c1 Cassandra30
We only wish.
9/10/2013 c1 3mishap
I would love to see more of this if you get the inspiration.
8/24/2013 c1 3Crystal M. Key
That's cool! That's super cool! I'd love to read a continuation of this story.

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