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for Night with a werewolf

1/19 c26 Marianka
I would love when you dont stop writing this ! This is a wonderfull Story and written with such Emotion ! This Story is so funny to sometimes ! When she drew a Stone ! I am still laughing about this and will never forgetting this ! Its a wonderfull Paul and Bella Story ! Its like a Drug to me and i can not have anough from this ! Please i hope i can soon read more from this !
12/26/2020 c26 rachel625
I guess I never reviewed when I read this story a couple of years ago! But I loved it so much! If you do continue, I can't wait to read what you have in store for their future!
12/15/2020 c10 1Candylover778
Awww! Loved It!
12/15/2020 c3 Candylover778
Loving It! Omg! Mr. Hottie!
12/15/2020 c2 Candylover778
wonder what he is gonna say!
12/15/2020 c1 Candylover778
Hahahaha Omg! Was he a wolf?
12/15/2020 c26 dadysprinces1994
More please thus story is great
12/8/2020 c26 mrswhitlock87
soo want more chapters love this story
12/4/2020 c26 Taranakya

J'adore les histoires de Paul et Bella, et j'aime vraiment beaucoup votre histoire, je l'ai lu en un apres-midi, d'une traite. j'espère vraiment que vous la finirez, je suis vraiment impatiente de lire la suite, vous avez un bon style d'écriture.

Bon courage en ces temps difficiles et merci de me faire rêver.

Stéphanie, je suis Française.
12/1/2020 c26 1neecy4life
Yessss please finish the story this is one of my favorites
11/29/2020 c26 Debbie Hicks
Chapter 27.
too late ALIEN RATTLESNAKES Bitten he new family hardrest to Angelia with hr best friends then With othr best friends and aliens with the Vulcans then to three then Wiyth mated partners the dried as all of blod then Swallowed the blood then too late with others with mated people had little kids followed aged to be kids followed the guard found them guilty of crimes then Slew them of experimenting but augmenting with brain surgeries get them you are forbidden to marry you are our slaves tore lives and Memories stripped away assasaulted sexually then telepathically mind raped then then Blew up brought there good ripped from here dried as all of blood then Ripped from here burning as all of them the three with medics found their corpses were too late to stop it next with her/him/freaks had three to last kids died there ripped apart bring them they must be destroyed from here then Screams of them then blown Volturi guards as all of them then too late Beheaded viciously painfully ripped into pieces then in time Bella was a Assasault Survivor never had kids due to the attack her kids were young kids gasp who done to her my fiancee congraduations two we been nuked she's not human at all is Immortal so me with they gasp healed had kids they know they done yikes she is your future wife yes then oh my head herself had a monstrous headache shielding far mostly too strongest almighty powerful but too far mostly telekinetic from people advancing her powers hair long began flying with fiery cropped bangs flapping then chanting flying from her NASA Bodysuit that's it it's war You'r Sushi held a Ward to her fact chanting in Tibetan but into fluently Japanese tongues was in fact gifted into as all of languages with powers gasp Alice herself had a vision of her own expanded she's Immortal has no rival holds a Sword of her own with they they wear clothes then Pierced freely popping freely from husks vanished AKURYO TAISAN EVIL SPIRIT BE GONE I Call the powers OF BETAZED GREAT FIREBALLS CHARGE! Suddenly a fiery fury flaring up within herself chanting while floating within the NASA Bodysuit of hers was in fact not human anymore music from Sailor Mars's battle theme exploded her symbol flashing onto her forehead was in fact a sailor guardian dressed in a sera'fuku with a most radiant golden tiara earrings was tough as nails high heel boots long flowing snow white heavenly gloves with a thing like from the live action TV Series remembered her mission to protect Neo-Queen Serenity Tsukino De Endymion the 3rd her queen skirt of navy blue so they swore alliance to the three oh ,my god Bella it's Sailor Betazed oh you are very beautfiul my lady may I Herself kissed him then too late He was her soldier from the planet Mars herself had a passionate but more fiery romantic affair with her knight from her previous last life then Kissed her reunited with his love from his last life her idea from The princess herself ew Daddy kissed Mommy gross kids sorry Dawnie yuk belch gross quit it dad gross cool a bug ugh Strom a spider ugh it's disgusting my mate disliked it you kids don't tell Aunt Angela Call/Super Sailor Cestus icky they were reunited in time Dawn Presided as both Crowned her as Duchess of Betazed ruling with her Duke consort formally used her sword like Queen Elizabeth knighted as General Paul Lahote of Betazed with his wife Isabella Marie Lahote/Super Sailor Betazed with they in time became couples then nuked freely Both of with the kids's husks but vanished from the snow/hail/ice good they perished from here what good Rip them apart then lost from here good let humans mourn their passings then they were on Vulcan then too late were in to their mansion was more monstrous then in time never was alive human families aged had normal kids followed shortly on Vulcan in time met them on Earth then too soon they enrolled at the Vulcan Science Academy graduated as officers nuked freely but suddenly both five were two worlds like in Star Trek Discovery by following Ambassador Spock's blessing and training and teachings from them but was granted a brand 32nd century new secondary name by his eldest daughter proclaimed it in a very echoing loud voice echoing sharply but clear and more powerful as before was Ni'var reuification was in process the Vulcans in shock of the new name selection a vis-video I , Neo-Queen Serenity proclaimed it as Ni"var from her yes we will fight for our freedom And for love and justice NI'VAR SCIENCTIA LOYALITIS Then too late herself held her sword in the air like a warrior oh no Bella is in blue robes wore a wrap to cover her own head with veil created a order of women and men in time now in 2020 it was begun here whew talk about trouble on Earth Bells why blue it's for warriors only don't tell we are different it came too late Earth was with more people.
11/27/2020 c26 louanne46
I’m so happy you’re going to continue the story. Thank you
11/24/2020 c26 Diana
Yes Allie, please come back and finish this story.
11/22/2020 c1 Guest
I read your summary and I was curious about the estranged room. How did it come to be estranged? Did it have a disagreement with the rest of the house?
11/21/2020 c26 5Princess Orez
Please do update can’t wait to read this
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