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10/18/2022 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 7. then LIEN RATTLESNAKES! Mauled was a shattering mess revealed the secret the guard then too late good pain of hybrid are your half-breed freaks found her with freaks were children aging faster and in an alarming rate bitten three two brought them with good so the what freaks good you Isabella Marie Swan with them with your sister will die torn fire then too late screaming then then it happened lost humanity see lied to us killed aliens/Vulcans experimented by augmenting by brain surgeries then wasn't human then with bitten best friends/young ones finally tore fled with freaks escaped to America then it happened bitten their brothers with them marking them, were as all of them to kids/toddlers/siblings/kids/cousins aged to be teenagers with their kids phased chained see this you broken our law then Hit but vanished good bring them bitten illegally then blew hordes good they broken treaty law rest ripped her/army/Cullens/five's aliens/Vulcan beheaded bring them good with them drained of blood these are banished without memories see this what phased good then ripped in pieces see this not allowed to live see this fourteen die with them then screaming then with them then ashes/dirt/dust good beheaded them there they are cut from humans lost as all of blood supply see this put them top sleep Alice who did to his fiancée and her sister/them, they sent the Guard to kill us/them with her/them, gasp then it happened struggling of the thirst and alien bloodlust wasn't living at all nuked them there with her/him/kids/them here/him/kids/they blasting vanished good beheaded from here what as all of clothes very far as all of them to last to few/remains from boxes into ashes to four now five are last remains shattered from the Bodis see this hordes they broken laws burn them there then it came never aged or died nuked from here vanished see this deceased they are cut from grieved parents/tribe are oldest by now then it happened couldn't see them at all by punishment were Cullens blown but vanished finally what imprinted had kids not anymore killed but ended them from around the world aboard are nuked then free/remains covens/packs are put to death these ones but these ones banished on the planet Vulcan then it happened were as all of hordes as all of them it came too late hordes took forms/names/ages/powers/blood nuked were Volturi spies good these ones bitten freely then it happened lost from here homes stolen from here then it happened was forbidden to live found parents were next were all murdered good these ones are targets then it happened was as all of them then it happened lost from here as all of few/theirs deported to theirs were final clothes/theirs onto the NASA Bodysuits nuked freely then but vanished good lost on Vulcan suddenly too late caused them to mourn their own families' brutal but gory deaths herself held a weapon was the Garnet time rod herself was head of house was a Matriarch born with teenaged Ocampan pointed ears with slanted eyebrows hair long with bangs Into darker brown robes was Sarah's theatrical robes with a vest for Vulcan women with twin braids had eight kids a large family so them were now clans by adopting from Surak's teaching became Acolytes were Syrannites followed Kolinahr were Vegetarians on a strict diet wre in Mt. Seleya by now nuked freely nuked to more vanished what not humans good see this not there.
8/21/2022 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. suddenly her powers brought on the secret chained good who marked you then beheaded two cut cords with the kids with Angela's and the five kids with their own then became the Phoenix coven were different marked by wolves/the three with aliens/Vulcans' good see broken our one rule then fire engulfed them then Nothingness then without memories torn freely then the Fire was raging more after the other kids born so two nuked, so they blew up brought there bitten from each two finally then see fourteen die with them then it happened too late their deaths rang out then herself woke alone had no human memories of her human life bitte him from alien rattlesnake venom/them were with her sis/the kids then too late so you broke the treaty law suddenly captured see this immortal children forbidden to live pain the too late tore both sisters heads with them with them, as all of in pieces fled brought them good these ones are punished five rescued/saved nuked are forbidden to live with young ones with the brothers are bitten by them illegally brought on the secret exposed us/all good then too late see they are criminals shattering freely what phased good are Lycans then verdict and sentence to them Death with them, rest/other best friends/aliens /Vulcans are drained so they finally then Bring these ones see these will perish then Ashes/dust but as all of them beheaded then viciously but cut cords torn freely what not living tell grieved parents they are childless good then it happened with freaks are bitten freely then it happened ripped hordes with they as all of them as all of them see never return to the rez again then blown up then hordes as all of them, bitten as all both as all of them see dead from here drained of blood then it happened was ripped apart then it came too late was no longer alive Alice who did to her/them him/them who woke up but tragically killed/murdered had thirteen kids with them Volturi then in time their things as more each they to more all of them more monstrously deported nuked from there the clothes/as all of them brought there finally see they perished freely ae cut from humans then ripped freely then it was already gone torn heads then see they perished then it came too late cremations then it happened never was alive at all of them from the NASA Bodysuits as all very last as all of them never aged/died out were Immortal by now Bella just permanently but completely just officially stopped him by calling out in the Vulcan Language intoning the alien dialects Kaili-fi-flee! in the most ringing but more melodic but singing improvement and enhancement of her newest language barrier born with Teenaged Ocampan ears was pointed shell-shaped with upswept but ritualized slanted eyebrows challenged hand on the jadeite gong long hair in a bun with this declared the Kali-fi-flee was ritual challenge Alice we fear the worst she had thirteen kids oh my god she's Vulcan from the planet Vulcan in these Wedding Vulcan robes and this gasp we gathered witnesses good god Woman she used the Vulcan nerve pinch is telepathic by touch oh my god what she looks like T'Pring her health is off the whole Starfleet Medical scales is healthiest stronger three times greater much physically well who is she is she is my wife then it adapted her walk herself gracefully but was more than lithe was elegant was refined was primp but was a lady of house was a matriarch in her right young betrothed to be married her twin fingers met Paul's two good god Congratulations a big family gasp Alice they done damages they killed fourteen but hordes were ashes/dust with their prey/meals/her they are angry of her with blood of a wolf burned is a priestess.
8/11/2022 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. then ALIEN RATTLESNAKES Ripped with best friends/Young ones/Then too late violently ripped dried out of blood too late as all of them see fourteen die now with these ones bitten illegally created then lost it from here was no longer it came ten more kids then so Angela's with the others then too late Piercing but fled but brought with them bring the with immortal children good dead drained then tore in pieces then burning with rest aliens/Vulcans/other best friends/aliens/Vulcans ripped freely burn these ones then Beheaded then cut cords with them with siblings/kids/toddlers/cousins were teenagers nuked hordes then Bella woke with Total Amnesia was palest but snow white Ashen Borg Drone white with Anime Falkor's red eyes couldn't remember was what is she who she was nuked with him/them violently freed then so her/them vanished into their lab good deceased these ones are dead with freaks are Bitten illegally blown hordes as all then too late with as all of bites each as all of very far wild but carnivorously but as all of them poisonously both alien as all of them more monstrously Vulcan snakes over dried out cursed them blasting bitten organs see they died out then cremations then blown hordes each four joined them blown cursed them there then it happened Bella stopped aging after marked was Immortal so her/them couldn't die were Cursed by Gaea but it was a very largest but biggest pack coven of slayers/hunters the Phoenix coven were programmed to hunt and slay like in Blade Nuked with five both snapped from here both then bring these ones dead finally with immortal children as all of them then blown up good see they had perished are cursed with death are spirits then it happened cremations parents suffered losses of kids were in fact young-looking as all of their grandchildren as all of them were very too more monstrously than as all of it different imprinted but too late had kids of their own grew a species a new alien civilization violently nuked then with the from around the world's blasting as all of them, was as all of them few/remains to displaced ones then were aboard things were as all of them gone in warp drive going to the planet Vulcan frozen to very few/rest/last of remains with pets nuked vanished good dead then hordes as all of them very few/remains finally these ones bitten hordes are drained of blood then it came nothingness was lost from here good things gone they are as all of them dead the families are elderly/oldest people as all of them were in fact more monstrously nuked joined were young again twice Vampires will take over too late in their Apartments in robes for them They were not on the Earth anymore on the planet Vulcan as all of them but as all of them nuked too late never was alive Vampire did take over the planet few/remains vanished but nuked good ours as all of it then it came too late it came more monstrously as all of them suddenly woken up unfrozen couldn't return to Earth they were in Mourning then pets had young they lost families to the Vampires ruled there they were orphaned too late stopped aging never died at all stopped from here blown up aliens/Vulcans' vanished what not there good then it came remains of things appeared then it was as all of them suddenly replaced from here by now they couldn't be killed off.
7/28/2022 c26 1Kmpcarter
What a shame you didn't finish.
6/30/2022 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 7. then OW! then too late Phased then so her sister they best friends/aliens good a Child of the Moon a Lycan pair take care of with freaks Screaming after having kids three were with two their last bitten freely with theirs thirteen kids good who turned you with them good tore heads brought there se they are exposed good then ripped with rest/rest/another best friends/Aliens/Vulcans each both with kids/toddlers/Siblings/Cousins nuked with the five found her not human with them nuked with her/them in pieces found they are banished then woken not wasn't exactly human anymore her increased smell senses but hearing and improving sight was heighten but enhanced but finally changed but permanently but just finally totally causing her to be at 5.6 meters tall but began completely to stop aging halted Alice they did this to his fiancée with him and the kids/them gasp then nuked cords with them both brought there with kids nuked both vanished good torn freely both each both then ripped loose then too late stunted then it happened painfully but ripped freely beheaded for now permanently good burn these ones then then it was gone she was a Bound Concubine acted as a wife but she was betrothed to be married but herself used the Voice resonating very too differently by altering her Vocal cords began vibrating but more resonating like her in the movie still practicing Vanik knew her secret she is Bene Gesserit he confessed by f reading Terran books Dune book series by Frank Herbert has kids from her selective breeding from him gasp Alice where she learn this skill too late still resuming her training her oh my god they killed the fourteen they destroyed the corpses Momma Mia they did it where are we moved things as all of them then it came too late they never were fertile in time it came her training of the Voice improved was in fact his lady he was a Duke time changed families aged they witnessed it newspapers reported her was not mortal but not human at all of it anymore.
4/21/2022 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27.
suddenly Crashing then broken her Own bones then was with last kids bitten with the other good who turned you freaks the take care of that with freaks then beaten too hardest triggering signs of phasing then broken her too hardest experimented on her/kids/him/they with her/best friends/Young ones then from The fire of each alien rattlesnakes tortured sold then kept for their sadistic way teaching her to honor tore Where you think you are leaving ours then too late was augmenting then the screaming then Last two born so theirs beaten were as all broken more tried to walk then too late see Masters provoked the one rule consorting with Werewolves forbidden to live then Nothingness good get her/them with aliens/Vulcans tore five burning from here good then re-met herself collided was very weaken then screaming of the fire then called the both then sickest Alice who did to her/him chained ours tore Executed with the kids ripped then lost the most treasured their lives/Memories bot brought there then too late what bitten By themselves then too late the damages was done to their health good the wit them then Hordes as all of them were totalism broken from here finally then lost as all of blood see they provoked the law then Alice found her trying to walk couldn't Carlisle! she needs help oh my god it's healing her fastest who did to her the Volturi save them by healing with a bite gasp fading away blew up the wit her/them vanished then lost their souls then good more Hordes drained as all of them with ours were bitten freely good brother then bitten freely are Put to sleep them herself felt different was not human never aged or died wasn't living then walked very graceful by the NASA Bodysuit onto herself was a Anime Kimono gasp too late mind melding then focusing her mind she's a Self-Defensive mental and physical shield relearning had memories back was avenged Alice who did to you/him/them herself had a power was Immortal nuked freely whole with them from homes with both as all of them, Smashed but vanished see dead burning freely too late who cursed them to wander across the planet beheaded five good these ones are Not living then too late Ashes/Dust beheaded them good these ones passed away see they broken treaty law good are banished but exiled good then it happened her kids were seven year old children were not normal kids Alice she never have more kids these are born from their union gasp phased but never was alive healed but has powers so he/them we watch you/them couldn't die or age were Immortally cursed but Blessed by The shamans were not there at all blew from husks delivered good they passed on what Not living finally skinned rom here hordes as all of them see they broken the law then lost from here her both so they were in fact broken in an endless tormented existence finally blew as all of them what dead drained of rest-few blood supply then were forbidden to live then declaring the imprint was an abomination had them ripped apart now as all of them what as all bitten freely then it was too late killed freely good let the parents suffer alone with they to create their race good they aged far too longest then too late what not humans with supernatural are on the planet Vulcan good with the displaced banished were as all of them what cursed us/the City-state good then it came too late was as all of them were more monstrously few/remains met them but nuked freely whole vanished but wiped out brought there good dead dried out the last blood supply then too late her brain was healed fluently began speaking in the Vulcan language gasp they done acts on them/they were as all of them her fluent speech was more accented then in time was not mortals at all of them.
3/27/2022 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27.
then Alien Rattlesnakes Bitten but happened the Last kids each other to the is then with best friends/Aliens/Vulcans had each four then bitten freely then the Volturi stepped in good who turned you take them then brought them then Found guilty with freaks tore heads kept like Lab rats experimenting by augmenting blew from Brain Surgeries get her/them chained see no longer the Beheaded then then burn with freaks then appeared were not living were on the run began showing planetary abilities of the kids aged to be kids re-met then suddenly fell of the scars as all silvery then chained Good tore with them then Punished as Cullens blew apart brought thee with rest/other best friends/Aliens then Vulcan hurt was Sickest blasting from husks freely with them /kids nuked freely vanished From homes was As all of them clothes then too late snapped gone lost as all of blood what Bitten freely as all of it no more kids then we decree this a Abomination then Beheaded with them each were as all of it blasting good torn freely viciously from here each both see guilty of reason/murder then too late was with long hair with bangs suddenly magically with Hair both in her grown hair turned more frizziest of curls ringed after phasing became Vegetarian on a healthiest diet was born with Teenaged Ocampan ears was pointed upswept but elegant slanted eyebrows who was betrothed to be married W Edward Don't Kali-Fi-Fliee! in a mostly ringing tone of voice suddenly was more than taught/trained was fluent in the Vulcan language and culture of the planet Vulcan her fluently good Accented Vulcan was so more skilled by now was more improved Challenged chained Good revealed tore heads with them then beheaded with them then was not human at all punished to live with them blew up freely brought them see revealed to us/them ae put to sleep well the ones had no freaks they as Immortal children they are without from here Ashes/Dust see they broke our rules of it broken hordes were bitten then herself had a headache was shielding Alice she is engaged but challenged it is a passion fight chose marriage oh my god in time herself was Immortal official the marks two was real never aged but as very more fluent writ read speaking Vulcan well Aice she's Vulcan she's telepathic by touch is a Tracker found a husband gasp like Demetri oh my god her tracking got more enhanced it is a very more than powerful skill sop they can't die who is she Paul is she is my wife her twin fingers linked to his two an idea was Conceived a Vulcan marriage first oiled/massaged/bathed/dressed in the robes of Purple Vulcan wedding robes then a Ker-crashing Ow That's hurt its traditional he was in his Vulcan marriage and wedding robes he became very nervous then Clanging hardest heard her soft tones of her voice as the dawn of our days it will be for as all our tomorrows so shall be from the time of the beginning to you my husband I Concentrate as all that who am I he noticed how more than religious but Spiritual slowly very more than gracefully but more than lithe but elegant gliding if on the planet Vulcan Then the high priestess/acolytes were women What you are about to see Comes from the time of the Beginning this is the Vulcan heart this is the Vulcan soul this is our Way Kah'fi'farr! Suddenly were kneeling fingers were linking ass a truer marriage one it was truest marriage! For their kids then declared them Married by the state and law of the United Federation of Planets then suddenly it came the true declaration of marriage in Quileute her accented voice learning from Bily Black Isabella Marie Lahote do you swear yourself to him to Mother Earth as my priestess to your husband I Swear it Paul Eric Lahote do you give yourself to your wife to Mother Earth who created your people I Swear it he vowed to her as her true husband suddenly the Couple took steps sang together by combining Vulcan and Quileute was more logical then it came the ending Surak's heir you done well with Mother Earth's warrior I Made you this day it the rains shin You are Married forever he took deeply into his arms then suddenly kissed in their fingers was Vulcan wedding rings then newspapers rejoiced their marriage was more logical as Adun and Aduna as Husband and Wife of two planets in peace then they were now a family herself heard the Song by Sae Kirai Sparkling Diamonds took a step back her first day as a wife just awakening herself then her flowered thing from her hair a Betazoid wedding traditional way ritualizing Threw it to her dear sister suddenly catches it by you guessed it Embry it's from the Special act yes in Japan it is a matriarchal land oh no not that but that in time newest rooms made built but expanding home added rooms for the kids pardon yes she threw would be my mated woman yes oh man team ooooooh it's Set Kami! then Grandpa a Japanese marriage is next oh no not a Japanese marriage oh kimono wig hat oh dear gracious easy boy watch our own dog a Dog poor baby breed A-Ha um' Puppies are you are very cute then too late crazy dog a father in time news's od a 2nd wedding was arranged in time both were married by Yoshi Masaki Kishi her grandfather in time kids born then history was changed they were immortal by now newspapers of the kids were different nuked from here was lost then gone both brought there good what not living more they are aboard had warped to Vulcan by now in time lost with things each five good use the both with all then too late newest place was huge for them suddenly it came too soon the cause was murder.
3/14/2022 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. then suddenly Too late ALIEN RATTLESNAKES Ripped Aortas/collarbones suddenly with three the chained the two Volterra then See this bitte had freaks health problems the too late Thirteen kids wit they bite good ours then Broke back two the snapped the health problems good turned then Snapped bruises as al bruises as all of it the herself sickest frailer then too late Beheaded with the kids Then On The Run the going to her Gang-Raped in to blood blew up brought the buried them escaped captured see broke treaty law Take from here the very far as all of it from homes both into here from here lost from both brought the Venom dead raging the too late here then too late then Lost as all of blood too late nuked Woke was not normal was Not human at all nuked rely was not in fact Alive who did to you the herself gasp hello Sue raped then too late healed hair longer with bangs then Pierced with the both then brought there good they perished from here see they broken the Law then too late What engaged gave from here and a two to her in case then Nothingness too late Blew up then too soon they were cut from here from both were severed from here Alice they did it thirteen kids so they the bot manors were hugest three with five/four/ travel/vacation ones nuked were one with cars/trucks nuked freely With them too late never was alive with the others rest/others nuked freely so they vanished freely good dead then they can't breed way to go Booey Bubblehead Sis sorry oh team we are in charge will they rest who is she a alien is pink was with a brain guys we can't return We are aboard there then too late re-tested so they in time into warp drive ten the Song goes while flying with Cartoon characters attending high school Momma Mia oh no not Beef he slapped he threw me out from here belch what is that odor Commander yes not now he threw me in the trash ugh Phe-Yeu! gulp he smells like a pig site oinking in the mud what is that stinky Quackers he was shuddering in fright it's garbage he's stinks like a skunk ugh oh no you punk Sir Bree Sounds like Daisy Duck Me gracious ugh he smells horrible to the showers Captain suddenly too late newspapers flying then too late were as all nuked good they perished see brought there finally burn with these ones are dead good merged then it came was as all of them see from here guilty these ones suddenly a gossiping alien known as to man woman or child had to spread hot gossip as Glida Gossip good god man where these young aliens from Galaxy High School oh my god we are in outer space Jeese Louise two were busy their kids were different.
2/16/2022 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27 then an Idea of a Vulcan marriage blew up from husks two but three now nine kids two was Thirteen kids bitten her with them aged where not human kids were Heavenly but Immortal in the Grace of God good then Nothingness permanently but completely cursed them to be wanderers were nomadic but from homes and places onto NASA Bodysuits as all more monstrously as all of them of very far way mostly much many more as all of very mostly to last clothes and they blew apart brought the Still alive there good we forbidden them they are sterile by this the ripped were Broken blew heirs each both they are found by both were next they can't have more kids bitten are Immortal Children what phased good they are as Lycans-Vampire Slayer/hunter rest Ripped them apart officially as all of them these ones will die there they brought them there good Destroy them there with fourteen lied to us/all Remove them heirs as all; of them then With them blew up freed as all of heirs bitten freely bitten freely broken three bitten them marked illegally then it came too late as all of them Blew from last heirs bitte n but are as all of them hordes drained out of blood what phased with alien Venom good stolen freely with young ones burn them the three at once then too late Killed but as prey/meals nuked hordes with them more than as all of bitten freely blew up good never are humans again twice cut from parents are oldest by now then Alice was in horror of them not humans they were Supernatural beings b low from whole of both vanished with both then nuked freely but vanished good put them to death they are Punished as Cullens blown Heirs as all of them then Nothingness was left torn e as all of them good what Werewolves good are Lycans but they can't return to Earth these ones as all but things were exported but deported good the parents are weaken they lost the tribe are reincarnated to them as siblings were next can't breed no longer good then Too late the damages to their health and systems then they couldn't die or age or gone oldest nor elderly of the marks were Immortal nuked freely blasting good bring them there to as all of them then lost from here as all of them in time never was as all of them then from Earth to Vulcan to here then Guilty killed them there were more as all of them good Wiped the very as all of them Blown as all of very far away from asleep bodies then bring them as all of them good sentenced to die there with immortal children good without them blew up then it came no longer their world their planet controlled by Vampires stolen from them blown up by deadliest but toxic waste blood black ashes/dust then as all of more monstrously young/youth bitten freely were wild then too late good these ones will do then in time never was there again twice as all of them more monstrously were freed of it then stolen from here at night they were fertile oh OH! body rubbed as all; of it very as all of it the couple in bed with as all of very far more monstrously as all of them candles as all of them fiery more Panting then moaning loudly tasting her the lower part of it oiled/massaged began more than as all of it Breeding but mating season began her loudest pleasuring cries of pure passion on Vulcan it was bad luck to see each other he was feeling the telepathic mating bond so she in Purple/Veil born with Teenaged Ocampan ears bangs framing her face was somber very stoic attained Kolinahr had regal slanted eyebrows heard clanging sound was sharper it's time remembered her manners weas a Woman Height was now 5.6 meters tall with a clanging then went with friends stepping down slowly gracefully but lithe but elegant but Seleyan but Kolinahru As the Dawn of our days it will be for of our tomorrows so shall be from the time of the beginning to you my husband I Consecrate as all that Who Am I successfully sounded like T'Pel Solok in his robes acted the father of bride in a human tradition Fingers of her other two bent he was in robes saying the world famous words of Tuvok finally then knelt to the High Priestess/Acolytes the high priestess was a teenaged girl with a child then finally declared them Married as a Family was a large one parents were buried there in time never was with parents.
2/12/2022 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27.
then ALIEN RATTLESNAKES Bitte bot sisters with the kids the bitten both then too late bitten four to best friends/to young ones to her brothers with kids/wives of their own then to aliens/Vulcans to him/they blacking out screaming good forbidden to marry tore heads had four more from her And Angela had eight then to more than suddenly chained locked up hairs shaven turned Changed good where you newborns are leaving freaks then Sex slaves turned by force three the alien venom turned then blew up burn them there then Hers/him/they were wanderers from homes as all of clothes/moved as all of it them both were each both nuked found by get her/them then Sliced with both the five punished blew up with freaks brought them there ripped freely ended their souls then nuked freely good brought them there they never are mortals then blood stolen hordes then it came hair grew back far more longer for women shorn hair for men differently bangs gasp they done this to her/him/them nuked bot the wit the kids aged far too late in preschool aged kids nuked freely popped pierced brought there good dead ripped more monstrously as all of it went too late few blood bitten marked couldn't have more kids nuked freely blew apart fled brought them good still alive you fourteen die with them then hordes were as all of them hordes as all of them drained so they blew up with ours as all of more than ten thousand or more bitten freely good Blood bonded illegally what as all remove as all of them then too late were as all drained each both were already permanently but completely more monstrously more as all of Vampires were poisonous as a result couldn't be killed nuked were with prey/meals to her blown up hordes good as all of them stolen looks/names/ages/powers/abilities can't mate nuked what see deceased as all of the more than as all of more monstrously as all mostly much many More Living Vampires nuked freely parents/tribe are far too old witnessed a starship nuked fled but are fled to new lives on Vulcan grab the parents/tribe now good they can't breed for us good then on Vulcan they were not mortal as all of them hid them nuked blew were as all of them it was too late the cause was death was murder good still alive they stopped mating he blown up wit as all of them good these ones more as all of hordes as all of them suddenly re as all of them good As all of them what not on Earth rest/as all of them met as all of them there nuked see humans you be dead buried there but it happened were as all of them were jailed as all of them as all of them more monstrously were far too sickest elderly then it came died there nuked Living Vampires now their world controlled but young/youth orphaned they graced them homes/mates to more than as all of it officially finally to more as all of them rebuild their people met them there then it came told them nuked too late exiled from there banished from Earth god nuked as all of them fled from husks bring the Accused then guilty of murder and treason of as all of immortal children blown as all of them then it came five vanished nuked then it came too late not mortals as all of them brought them there good extinct what as all of more than as all of them Vampires blown with us/them time-split nuked on Vulcan rebuilt their grown but more than as all of very as all of it race nuked with our good selves bring them there good then it came were not mortals then it came were not humans at all of it couldn't be killed now as all of homes for them as all of them to last/final ones built in time could not be murdered Blown up husks as all of them vanished good dead but deceased it's 2022 onto Earth then it really happened as all of the very last humans/supernatural fled clamped to more gone found by them they were Immortal beings couldn't be slain embraced immortality couldn't die nuked were as all more as all of them vanished see they died out beheaded it came looked young-looking couldn't be old and elderly the planet Vulcan was their world by now history as changed by now couldn't grow old by now were in fact not humans belonged to a species of immortal people couldn't have diseases/illnesses were healthiest but on diets being going on vegan foods then too late nuked freely from husks vanished good too oldest but hordes as all of them then it came time changed as they were eternal-living beings.
2/2/2022 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chaptrer 7. hen OW! Blacking out the alien venom in her transitioning the bitten her kids then too latre wee with eight nuked good a Lycan's wife take their heads ripped with young ones with n the toe her screaming the with him/they with the kids then brought with the siblings then Others with aliens/Vulcans brought there then too late was not human, they were dying from the attacked her kids were in fact Hanyuu Half-Werewolf-Half-Succubus used Alien Sexual Pheromones nuke good tore with them brought there see fourteen broken treaty law Die the with immortal children good with the Cullens/them others what not humans good the Heirs as all of them very fare bitte both then too late what not exactly humans good tore wit they Burn them then herself was slivery skinned with Falkor's red eyes so they had thirteen kids gasp it was too late was not aging anymore the freed fled from homes as all of clothes/as all of them smashed fled from husks hardest but vanished see deceased burn them then Ashes/dust then as all of ashes then good beheaded the blood was with both then she was Immortal by now then Infected nuked to as all of from around the world's/American's kids/aliens/Vulcan's nuked vanished good departed see to it then now more heirs/as all their blew up of toxic blood supply then too late more Vampires nuked what as all of them bitten freely then Nuked then it came herself began glowing her hair flying her nails the same the Video Game intro Star Trek Starfleet Academy PlayStation herself was not mortal so as all of immigrated to America witnessed for them blew up toe with few/remains bot brought them good end them they never are born at all tore into as all of pieces there What they are punished then the world was in horror herself felt a light focusing her mind were now as all of them more monstrously as all of them on Vulcan nuked with more saved smashed vanished good never exist there let parents forget them as all of things to last ones as all more followed good then it came Vampires as all of them as a result Don't Edward Kali fi fliee! challenged was a true one's choice gasp Alice they done this act it's real she challenged its marriage ten too late the probe shooting images of her/they invited their wedding ceremony on Vulcan nuked last ones good with them vanished good die from parents are childless by now we rule Earth by now tribes perished see they crossed over too late newspapers reported a Vulcan marriage was issued good the parents are oldest but elderly they are dying as we speak in time Vampires were the cause of it.
1/24/2022 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. then ALIEN RATTLESNAKES Tore her then bitte her kids but had four but with three nuked good for your crime's death of immortal children with him/them then Execution of her/him/they with kids with young ones with aliens/Vulcans six pieces get her/army chain tore heads of them with Bitten best friends screaming torn then brought there good attacked there they were found dead drained by snakes he marked but tripped it with them, good with Immortal children were killed slain they both were next with they were Wiped out found her/him/army phased tore with the Cullens/Witnesses ripped into as all of more monstrously as all of it very far away as all of it very more as all of it mostly much many more as all of Tri bazillions or more as all of it to more monstrously far way too much mostly as all of it very far as all of tr gazillions or as all of it pieces brought there good with them gone the parents are grieving with two twins with the both were what phased dead but nuked heirs bitten freely torn from as all of them, but they must die there in the year 2022 Good they never are Alive finally without lives and memories good see to it then it came too late was Murdered skinned them they were as all of them more monstrous drained of as all of it very far too late it came too soon they were Removed blood as all bitten freely what more as all of them bitten finally but turned but marked but ripped under the full moon are true ones good ended them forever as all of it torn freely tell them they have died too late good they must be skinned alive at once these ones we hunted must as all of them are Forbidden to live by Volturi law they never are alive see to it perish are Lycans forever are as all with ours/humans nuked heirs bitte freely cremated then it came too late they skinned them from here as all of them but as all of the far more as all monstrously as all of them far way too much many moe ass all of it decree them as all of more monstrously as all of them mostly much many more as all of them dead but families are aged but are elderly but they nuked in three Cullen home bring the criminals the cause of death was murder then guilty of as all charges torn the with fourteen as a result she never had more kids was too late sterilized Alice they murdered her my fiancée and kids gasp it released Suddenly herself was not married remained concubine was mated for life it evolved her vocal cords Bella unleashed The true power of Voice began fiercely violently echoing stopping them in their tracks vibrating loudly oh my god She has a shield has kids they did what killed her sister has a power she taught her to seduce the Voice and Weirding way to Embry Call found her smarter logical but a Genius she was Bene Gesserit a member of a secret order of women but so they had kids nuked then too late it came too late with the kids torn both then but brought there good with freaks must die now then Executed caused them to wake up they were not living good they are Dead tore heads then took from here good drained last of blood what not here good they are on the planet Vulcan nuked bring them what phased were as all of from around the world's to more as all of them nuked freely things exported from here blown up see too it at one we Spawned the very as all of humans are slaves good they must die now then it came too late As all of them very far way Tri bazillions young/youth were gone with very as al so theirs as all of them as all of them nuked to as all of with them mostly much many more as all of Tri bazillions or more as all were with aliens/Vulcans nuked but shattered with both shattering freely but vanished good were as all of them brought there what phased finally good they crossed over then it came too late parents passed on as all of verry far more monstrous then they mated seeded as all of it to heaven but gotten totalism reincarnated as kids nuked were as few/remains but as all of it oiled/massaged women aftermath no more supernatural on Earth nuked were good without as all of things move in there then lost few/last vanished as all of them lost it came on Vulcan never was alive they were suddenly a new life began here women were with child eight only were with mated partners were muscular men young but youthful were orphaned but oh she rubbed belly of young tears raining down finally newest places too late caused the aliens/Vulcans they sided with them in time good newest homes far better studies were not mortal by now Sonvok paled of muscles toned short black hair nice cut well big family large he's what 20 but terrified you jerk my mated woman is retching food crap too late what is wrong with her Morning sickness nausea vomiting menstrual cramps but swollen feet and ankles he comforted his now mated wife to be She's pregnant he fainted going to be a father then groan in time had kids were more than wailing then aged to be kids hated cooties and girls but sleeping loved bugs and the wild outdoors they were sterilized men meet our dog he's good with meet my dog oh no um' Paul it's for kids it's puppies in time really we will be there in time a double marriage then nuked no longer was as all blown from here with pets/young's good they perished they can't breed there then as all of them verry far away as all of them it came a sudden blown heirs were poisoned young/youth roamed then lost need to breed as all of it.
1/17/2022 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. then ALIEN RATTLKESNAKES! Bitten her hardest to the kids/they then best friends/twin brother both good who turned you three kidnapped experimented but augmented by brain surgeries nuke good fled where you think you are leaving freaks kept for 2022 blew up burn them there found them good screaming then tore Painfully bite-mark into venom then the seer/the Both you are next the ripe with they brought there good the ashes the vaporizing but atomizing the erasure memories then it happened heirs as all more monstrous last ones very final ones as all of them bitten freely alien venom erased memories burn them drained good they died out then suddenly Bella Flashed open her now Anime Falkor's Red eyes had no pulse or a heartbeat Alice SHE'S NOT MORTAL about THEBURN IN MY THROAT! it burns! Hissing more growling chained good newborns tore heads wit they punished as Cullens taken humanity from her both then brought them good forbidden skinned freely good the as all of it she tracked the father of her kids is dead really from who myself is a skilled tracker good then lost as all blood began bonding more monstrously tripped with young ones bitten by herself what not human flowing the nuked heirs then it was too late herself smelt a lot not human was Immortal but undead looked a lot more Younger Aice she killed as all of animals holy Emmett swore herself Ker-smacked to shut him up had superstrength but speed was more than enhanced but increased gasp her skin is sparkling in Kirai Sparkling Diamonds nuked with them blew up with the kids then vanished see erased but dead burn them there the beheaded it came Bitter Immortality was halted her aging looked like in her teens again so her/they/aliens/Vulcans nuked Freely from with kid's brought there good Blown heirs drained last then bitten two blown up wit they with ours too late wiped out extinct them what phased good skin them Edward don't Kali fi fliee! challenged in from the NASA Bodysuit from homes as all more than very bought as all of cloths/fifteen of them was already more fluent in the Vulcan language her own poise and walk changed dramatically but more lithe but gracefully but elegant steps not tripping rewound her as the dawn of our days it will be for all of our tomorrows from the time of the beginning to you my husband I Consecrate as all that Who Am I It was today it is now I Shall make my choice This One! pointed coldly at her fiancée Stoic but impassive like T'Pring of Vulcan born with Teenaged Ocampan ears slanted eyebrows gasp she's Vulcan oh my god we had kids oh no Bella oh my head wolf blood did it as it was in the beginning so shall be Now her voice Icy calm attained Kolinahr gasp the great spirit fired a light on her ring split into two too late kissed her sealed vows in a union then too late hardest then ew Daddy icky ugh get a ROOM! gasp oh my god too late the cause was murder in Volterra in the home hugest but largest the wife covered then consummating marriage from here oh panting the more as all of it was on him pumping more as all of it far away as all of it expiring as all., the seeds with one was Naked fully then more as all of it moaning as all of it Yikes they are real shattering so theirs with they with young one's gasp oh my god done this Bella you are glowing held up her hand exploding the words loudest from the depths of the cosmos suddenly shooting an alien light of pure galactic energy screaming out the planet's name began more than whirling loudest by using the cosmos searched Betazed echoing out very loudest flying out to outer space then Yelling out BETAZED ININFITY POWER! MAKE-UP! It happened so they yelled like in the reprinted manga a swirling whole of water and fire crashing was real but the suddenly transformed into a sailor guardian Sakuras and wind herself standing fierce and loyal Protector of Betazed the planet of telepathy guardian of the mind SAILOR BETAZED! HAS ARRIVED! Blaring so us the pretty guardians are HERE! HALT! Herself swinging the staff Blink! crap she looks young again oh no not you gulp in time powered down in the cosplay high school unforms gasp they done this act oh no they are Demons Bella you have ESP Extrasensory telepathy it was a Premonition herself was Psychic could sense danger and trouble.
1/4/2022 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. then ALLIEM RATTLESNAKES Mangled her like lematyas mauled her turned her with twins into warriors with they as all of them changed rank was Captain was a Starfleet rank created an army of light was peaceful drained as all kidnapped her/them him/kids aging they had four good who turned you freaks the sixteen more pieces with others turned her a non-aging Succubus what this tore Nothingness then took from them the get here/them then lost heads lives/memories fled then burned them there were heirs lost need to mate tore both bitten freely then in La Push going somewhere freaks Six snaps blew fled good brought there killed were as all of more heirs good they died out each three pints of blood nuked freely with alien venom bonding more flowing then too late As all of them blew apart good burning there then from homes onto NASA Bodysuits nuked with two blew apart ripped each both then brought there see they died out as all of them four pints then lost more flowing blew as all heirs bitten freely both sides burn them there then it was gone as all of it good heirs as all them burst as all more than monstrously but as all of them very far away as all of it overcrowding as all of it removed them there ae all drained then it happened the doctors feared she had only ten kids gasp then it happened was Immortal a Supernatural being risen from the ashes so he/they with them gasp phased drained blood then it came relearning torn freely then Smashed freely vanished lost as all of color of the skins nuked as all of heirs fled removed as all of them good used up as Meals/prey then too late placed them wit as all of them more as all heirs with as all of them risen but with as all of humans blew up were Vampires good the secret is out to a human had freaks are nuked so they never had kids good they passed away then it came too late Spleen and Appendix stolen good fourteen die with them then it was lost forever then Edward noticed her about the burn in the throat she was controlled for a newborn had kiss aged as much sped up the aging process was marked twice had a power Alice she mind melded me who her is tamed you never have kids you ok Adapted about a burn it's killing me Alice she hunted as all of animals nuked both fled but vanished good dead drained of blood her hands are cold yes like who herself presided a Ceremony her forehead began glowing a strangest alien force of power viciously flaring reconnecting memories of her other lives by violently flashing From the sounds of her NASA Bodysuit began violently Ripping loose of her powers emerging herself did the Rite of Emergence sparking into alien but intergalactic but powerful thunderous but stronger current of alien but extraterrestrial energy Lela Audrid Torin Emony Joran Curzon Jadzia slapped good god she is not human so us/them presiding her voice speaking in the Trill language from her Tok'ra was her Symbiont in White gasp she is cosplaying like who Dax Jadzia oh my god she is a permanently host joined like this so they Rose yes watch my children you done well Bella you look good old man me who are you really you are Lela correct Bella is Joined look down twin Clips in her Starfleet uniform with heel-boots on her feet What like her yes my first cosplay Sir! she can't age is selected but was joined a very old man died with cosplay spots at 76 years old how they removed a maturing but growing To'kra from him to her used a flap of her skin but firmly used from a scene with a covering then suddenly was discharged from here revived her from her name herself used an RPG Name Hello Solok it is good to greet you I Am Dax Nera Nera Dax rank please Lieutenant herself used left hand only prior of true joining Captain are you ok of me in a Woman's body before What oh no Strom she is behaving like Terry Farrell Momma Mia Trillis's Prime yes Trill for short he was seeing from here purple waters and seas she was an actress oh no not that but that then planned a Star Trek Wedding ceremony he was a fan of Star Trek you got it from him he was cremated newspapers reported aliens/Vulcans on Earth made first contact with humans permanently time changed it was speeding history.
12/20/2021 c26 Cherokee Daniels
Can't wait to see the wedding
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