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1/17 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. then ALIEN RATTLKESNAKES! Bitten her hardest to the kids/they then best friends/twin brother both good who turned you three kidnapped experimented but augmented by brain surgeries nuke good fled where you think you are leaving freaks kept for 2022 blew up burn them there found them good screaming then tore Painfully bite-mark into venom then the seer/the Both you are next the ripe with they brought there good the ashes the vaporizing but atomizing the erasure memories then it happened heirs as all more monstrous last ones very final ones as all of them bitten freely alien venom erased memories burn them drained good they died out then suddenly Bella Flashed open her now Anime Falkor's Red eyes had no pulse or a heartbeat Alice SHE'S NOT MORTAL about THEBURN IN MY THROAT! it burns! Hissing more growling chained good newborns tore heads wit they punished as Cullens taken humanity from her both then brought them good forbidden skinned freely good the as all of it she tracked the father of her kids is dead really from who myself is a skilled tracker good then lost as all blood began bonding more monstrously tripped with young ones bitten by herself what not human flowing the nuked heirs then it was too late herself smelt a lot not human was Immortal but undead looked a lot more Younger Aice she killed as all of animals holy Emmett swore herself Ker-smacked to shut him up had superstrength but speed was more than enhanced but increased gasp her skin is sparkling in Kirai Sparkling Diamonds nuked with them blew up with the kids then vanished see erased but dead burn them there the beheaded it came Bitter Immortality was halted her aging looked like in her teens again so her/they/aliens/Vulcans nuked Freely from with kid's brought there good Blown heirs drained last then bitten two blown up wit they with ours too late wiped out extinct them what phased good skin them Edward don't Kali fi fliee! challenged in from the NASA Bodysuit from homes as all more than very bought as all of cloths/fifteen of them was already more fluent in the Vulcan language her own poise and walk changed dramatically but more lithe but gracefully but elegant steps not tripping rewound her as the dawn of our days it will be for all of our tomorrows from the time of the beginning to you my husband I Consecrate as all that Who Am I It was today it is now I Shall make my choice This One! pointed coldly at her fiancée Stoic but impassive like T'Pring of Vulcan born with Teenaged Ocampan ears slanted eyebrows gasp she's Vulcan oh my god we had kids oh no Bella oh my head wolf blood did it as it was in the beginning so shall be Now her voice Icy calm attained Kolinahr gasp the great spirit fired a light on her ring split into two too late kissed her sealed vows in a union then too late hardest then ew Daddy icky ugh get a ROOM! gasp oh my god too late the cause was murder in Volterra in the home hugest but largest the wife covered then consummating marriage from here oh panting the more as all of it was on him pumping more as all of it far away as all of it expiring as all., the seeds with one was Naked fully then more as all of it moaning as all of it Yikes they are real shattering so theirs with they with young one's gasp oh my god done this Bella you are glowing held up her hand exploding the words loudest from the depths of the cosmos suddenly shooting an alien light of pure galactic energy screaming out the planet's name began more than whirling loudest by using the cosmos searched Betazed echoing out very loudest flying out to outer space then Yelling out BETAZED ININFITY POWER! MAKE-UP! It happened so they yelled like in the reprinted manga a swirling whole of water and fire crashing was real but the suddenly transformed into a sailor guardian Sakuras and wind herself standing fierce and loyal Protector of Betazed the planet of telepathy guardian of the mind SAILOR BETAZED! HAS ARRIVED! Blaring so us the pretty guardians are HERE! HALT! Herself swinging the staff Blink! crap she looks young again oh no not you gulp in time powered down in the cosplay high school unforms gasp they done this act oh no they are Demons Bella you have ESP Extrasensory telepathy it was a Premonition herself was Psychic could sense danger and trouble.
1/4 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. then ALLIEM RATTLESNAKES Mangled her like lematyas mauled her turned her with twins into warriors with they as all of them changed rank was Captain was a Starfleet rank created an army of light was peaceful drained as all kidnapped her/them him/kids aging they had four good who turned you freaks the sixteen more pieces with others turned her a non-aging Succubus what this tore Nothingness then took from them the get here/them then lost heads lives/memories fled then burned them there were heirs lost need to mate tore both bitten freely then in La Push going somewhere freaks Six snaps blew fled good brought there killed were as all of more heirs good they died out each three pints of blood nuked freely with alien venom bonding more flowing then too late As all of them blew apart good burning there then from homes onto NASA Bodysuits nuked with two blew apart ripped each both then brought there see they died out as all of them four pints then lost more flowing blew as all heirs bitten freely both sides burn them there then it was gone as all of it good heirs as all them burst as all more than monstrously but as all of them very far away as all of it overcrowding as all of it removed them there ae all drained then it happened the doctors feared she had only ten kids gasp then it happened was Immortal a Supernatural being risen from the ashes so he/they with them gasp phased drained blood then it came relearning torn freely then Smashed freely vanished lost as all of color of the skins nuked as all of heirs fled removed as all of them good used up as Meals/prey then too late placed them wit as all of them more as all heirs with as all of them risen but with as all of humans blew up were Vampires good the secret is out to a human had freaks are nuked so they never had kids good they passed away then it came too late Spleen and Appendix stolen good fourteen die with them then it was lost forever then Edward noticed her about the burn in the throat she was controlled for a newborn had kiss aged as much sped up the aging process was marked twice had a power Alice she mind melded me who her is tamed you never have kids you ok Adapted about a burn it's killing me Alice she hunted as all of animals nuked both fled but vanished good dead drained of blood her hands are cold yes like who herself presided a Ceremony her forehead began glowing a strangest alien force of power viciously flaring reconnecting memories of her other lives by violently flashing From the sounds of her NASA Bodysuit began violently Ripping loose of her powers emerging herself did the Rite of Emergence sparking into alien but intergalactic but powerful thunderous but stronger current of alien but extraterrestrial energy Lela Audrid Torin Emony Joran Curzon Jadzia slapped good god she is not human so us/them presiding her voice speaking in the Trill language from her Tok'ra was her Symbiont in White gasp she is cosplaying like who Dax Jadzia oh my god she is a permanently host joined like this so they Rose yes watch my children you done well Bella you look good old man me who are you really you are Lela correct Bella is Joined look down twin Clips in her Starfleet uniform with heel-boots on her feet What like her yes my first cosplay Sir! she can't age is selected but was joined a very old man died with cosplay spots at 76 years old how they removed a maturing but growing To'kra from him to her used a flap of her skin but firmly used from a scene with a covering then suddenly was discharged from here revived her from her name herself used an RPG Name Hello Solok it is good to greet you I Am Dax Nera Nera Dax rank please Lieutenant herself used left hand only prior of true joining Captain are you ok of me in a Woman's body before What oh no Strom she is behaving like Terry Farrell Momma Mia Trillis's Prime yes Trill for short he was seeing from here purple waters and seas she was an actress oh no not that but that then planned a Star Trek Wedding ceremony he was a fan of Star Trek you got it from him he was cremated newspapers reported aliens/Vulcans on Earth made first contact with humans permanently time changed it was speeding history.
12/20/2021 c26 Cherokee Daniels
Can't wait to see the wedding
12/19/2021 c2 9Kenyatta.harmon16
Update this story please...WOW
12/9/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27.
then OW! Ruptured her appendix with spleen good you consorted with him spawns then two were split then the with the three with the good tore heads ripped into pieces the With Immortal Children the never made it out alive brought it the pieces she was sterile then then Alien Venom alter her lifestyle with were in fact bitten freely then was the leader of the Phoenix Coven resurrected clinically dead slivery skinned had married a Werewolf by the Great Spirit reincarnated her as a Vampire slaying Sailor Soldier with Golden eyes with two mixed up was fiery darker golden like a Martian female nuked good for having these kids are forbidden Sexually assaulted but abused but gang telepathically mind raped but experimented by bioaugmented then tore both they with freaks tore hairs tore it then Mauled freely brought there with aliens/Vulcans both then good more blood as all of it then too late as all of it then then Ashes but dust beheaded with young one's good with other ones they are lifeless good without memories of their human life found by the two nuked with her/him/they ripped see guards they are Sentenced to death what Phased good then Skinned the Shifters as a result they are Lycans officially then too late Executed wilt the Vampires each four the alien Venom then beheaded them there the torn it hardest then real cords frozen solid tore it then caused first death was Bitter total Immortality good they are disowned alone but unwanted sickest blew up then vanished then lost as all of it then suddenly was too late killed by Aro of the Volturi then you fourteen die now was next then Ashes/Dust torn freely good then it came never had more kids the doctors reported both removed both then they never age or to die but stopped becoming elderly safely too late got it oh my god Then Alice they are what not humans nuked with their with her/him/they blew up tore freely with both they Punished blew up brought there good as Cullens shattered fled their clothes as all more than as all of it to thirteen blown up good with both they are Cut senses good then Heirs verdict to them Sentenced to death here good then Ashes but with twins had mates with kids from help nuked last with the good never are alive the around the world's are trapped aboard are sealed inside blew up we was all of perished with they brought with as all to as all three blew up more thasn as all of them with Packs/All Covens gathered witnesses blew apart good what vanished were to the very mostly much many more as all of it more monstrously as all of it very far as all of them very mostly many more as all of it monstrously 500 hundred thousand to they then mor Covens as all of them blasting freely bring as all of them good they are sentenced to death to each both they are frozen then too late heirs blown up used from here stolen from here it was one but whole then nuked were as all of it too late was too late the cause as a result never aged as all of them joined together too earliest was a United Federation of Planet via time travel nuked good drowned bring them there then lost as all of them very far few/remains who as all of them blown up they are dead brought there good they are sealed but trapped then too late in a Holodeck dressed in something different but last as all of them into quarters with things as all of things deported nuked vanished then it was too soon but too late it came Smashed freely was a new starship then herself in her best 2379 Starfleet uniform addressed I Am Lieutenant Sch'n T'Gai T'Lar Wife of Solin our children are now 7 by now daughter of Mestral Cadets Welcome to Starfleet Academy yikes oh my god we are going from there to Vulcan oh no not our planet herself was born with teenaged Ocampan ears was pointed with Slanted eyebrows oh how cute from who my husband herself locked fingers twin to his yikes she's betrothed they were arranged to be married we are these uniforms so they with as all of it so are you hang one with as all of you herself pressed a button spoke like Captain Jean Luc Picard: Space, the Final Frontier these are the Voyages of the Starship T'Kumbra her Ongoing mission to Explore Strange new worlds to Seek out new life and new Civilizations To boldly Go where No One has Gone Before nuked the then good ripped they are brought there what fled good then it came too late gone took Earth from here used Humans it came nuked freely then it was rumbling roaring herself was still tired from but raising her children hired a babysitter hair was long with fashionable cropped bangs Excuse Captain my orders from Starfleet Command reported as your Ship's chief Counselor of Starfleet Headquarters on Earth what Bella oh my god we escaped but split like who Romulans what a mated couple heads was their children Mother it is that Vulcan where's Father right here children herself was now tall but stately poised but elegant lithe but far more graceful herself was in fact a carrier but had powers yes we are engaged But we are arranged to be married in the Vulcan way we have a high priestess/acolytes herself an ordained priestess vowed to Hera who guarded them with the kids My lady how you survive without rest for days I Adapt for 14 days 12 months 9 years herself was with Knowledge and wisdom of Kolinahr was with Surak was guiding her with them Sir! he went white paled of muscles of her muscular consort who studied the robes were so ancient but very formal was young out of the Vulcan Science Academy was in his twenties she is mated to him had kids are seven by now what is that Mt. Seleya herself missed her parents her sister Angela he proposed the Koont'ut'ut' so'lik you taught me the Vulcan tongues good god two engaged a double marriage for both oh god Paul yes, My desire to be your husband I Formally Declare the Koont ut'so'lik do you accept thy marriage proposal Yes Embry then ring was from his box then too late herself kissed him too late.
11/9/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. then LIEN RATTLESNAKES Bitten her kids were immortal \children had last ones the her sister with best friends/three to wives with young ones to aliens/Vulcans was Captured good who turned you then Hit the change happened with Nothingness then too late was Transtioning then too late three days of painful burning then tore from her/him/they blew brought there good ripped then too late Lost need to mate and to breed then her teeth twin was retracable fangs so theirs then they found her guilty for immortal children tore her/him/theyu with kids Nothingness then tore freely then Brought the the good rid of as all of them the medics found her dying is not warm ice-cold then too late Herself looked a lot younger was not human then so they so they nuked both with fast-growing kids blew up then Lost as all of color then was Slivery paler had Anime Falkor's red eyes nuked both lost brought there good unable to have more kids her throat was a scorching was in a inferno of real fiery flames blown up were with all/them blasting freely then but vanished then good burn them with they the both found her/army were next were nuked bring the criminals then it came was too far thin Alice she is has ten kids gasp chained see they are cut from here finally officially Punished her/army blew up then with they Sliced freely then brought thee good ass Cullens have properly cut from senses they never ever returned good blown as all of heirs then Beheaded ripped freely good torn freely into both too late ripped into pieces five broken here good they hid her/army blasting freely bring them they are dead then too late Alice she is not human has ten kids looked like in preschool gasp her eyes are golden-sliver gasp they did the wholiest act holy then she's engaged is his fiancee too late blown both up brought there good then ripped into pieces good they are cremated oh my god what are we we have fangs correction you are faster better and beautfiul but Immortal too late they were dead as well my throat is killing me so min e oh crap so they had powers gasp yikes I Talk to animals so her a Self-Defensive mental and physical shield nuked both with the kids/theirs both blasting freely brought there good new addictions died with the Cullens/witnesses tear with freaks's as all of them see they never mated they phased but nuked freely good you we report a crime hybrids of both are immortal children die fourteen then Atomizing were vaporizing then with they burst Volturi guards lost as all of both with blood drained nuked heirs with as all of them remove them then waxen then lost from here naked by gauzing good burn them as all of them then viciously cremated as all of them now 9 November of 2021 too larte threy wre alive still existing for more than 211 years later their families in rest homes but they wre on Vulcan to be guarded.
11/5/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. Then Alien rattlesnakes Drained as very far wholliest of blood Sight kids bitten with two wih they creatd the best friends/all/rest/remains/young ones good who marked yoiu then kidnapped then too late riped them with they get her/army good you are slaves the Burning three days of the Chanmge tore heads then lost need to mate was too late into America on the run created a Coven of slayers their things as all of them in a merged five home-RV but viciously Chained Severance with Cullens/Witnesses torte it for crimes as Cullens then took from them brought there good then dissected for medical studies then it came feverish spiking as most highest fever was the Forks flu as all of blew up vanished good died there of diseases and illnesses then more as all of them good they can't breed at all see they never are alive then too late into ashes and dust then herself was paler very weaken by loss of blood Alice they are what attacked by them their last of things was aboard then it nuked aboard Idris was a starship then merged with four exploding very far way as all more monstrously to as all of them very far way too much mostly as all of them to supernatural beings as all from around the world to covens/packs 500 nations as all of to American ones to as all of them last few and more remains vanished good dead then too late killed by them good what Phased then too late ripped alive then caused few/last met them nuked freely vanished with they good these ones are dead then tore freely good brother died there the humans aged too fast then left trust funds to them nuked freely they brought as all of them see them broke law then Sentence Death then too late killed them more as all of them as all of Volturi guards then it came aftermath never was alive good they are drained of it in the Luxurious more powerful Apartments was Vulcan too late was gone then too soon the homes were for humans moved in Bella healed more then herself never aged the now Lahote-Call families so they had little kids caused as all of them with they as all of them as more them to stop aging they were marked by them blown up were as all of them vanished see dead good guard they can't breed at all they never are on Earth humans are slaves to us then too late Bella woke more than as all of it Starfleet Marine Stronger as before never was mortal so her sister and brothers had wives and kids then Dax hated girls yuck oh man it's girls Dad! ew gross a girl belch urgh gross Mom! yuk nah we are kids they giggled boys will be boys what in The name of Uncle Sam we are on a desert planet like who Arrakis Dune Desert planet oh my freaking god it's a hot zone of a alien world gasp Alice had a vision they done this deported last kids they are not guilty so they then too late in time caused them to lose the families from here then decree them but the blood of her toxic waste nuked as all the undead slaying them what good these ones are now live there but as all of them as all of them declared them were now permamently as all of them as all of them as all were fully-time completely forever banished.
10/17/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. too late ALIEN RATTLESNAKES Bitten then top bst friends to her sister and brfothers to bestrt friends/young ones Dried out of had kids her last good who created yoiu newborns Brought there good of guard dogs tore Never made it out alive in pieces for crimes of Immortal children forbiddenm get her/him/army then Molesting by sexually assasulted but abused then twisted her was Vengeful but was coldest around her heart was Kolinahru the Broke her by gang telepathically mind rasped her the tore hairs then blew both then sickest blasting freely burn them there they fled with powers re-met the Cullens very as all bruises then captured crimes of immortal Children are forbidden to live see exposed Four ripped then the tore was In blood with them the the with they blew up brought there good they died out are shunned from here se they are guilty fourteen die with them then Ashes completely then without heads the ANothingnss the five NASA Bodysuits Alice who did to her/them then herself suffering a endless torment lifestyle then was guilty the Was paler with Falkor's red eyes was not human anymore Smashed with them then Cullens/witnesses then but vanished good we Poisoned them they are dead then Ripped them into pieces then declared them outlaws then it came too lategood The kids suffer too blew up with them they are deceased then lost need to mate then Bella was infected by the coldest iciest alien venom cursed her was truest permamently but completely Immortal who graced her a Self-Defensive Mental and Physical Shield hair with bangs flying longer she's gifted then was bitter and scornful very more expressionless icy cold and More than Kolinahru but iciest emotionless Alice who done to his fiancee/army/all/rest/aliens/Vulcans Volturi is like you then herself felt from her tears never fell was real venomous ones gasp the struggling of the thirst and alien bloodlust was in pain by now PSTSD Then nuked Severance with they blew both brought there see they exposed to humans verdict Death end them too late too soon they were Destroyed the families and tribe never visited are elderly beings are near death but they Are aboard with the very as all of things are dead blew up good rest bring them there good the sentence is death then Ashes then lost from here then too late never was on Earth lost them to illnesses/diseases good they are brought there we sentenced them to die took from here then as all of them, more as all of Volturi guards bitten freely was Dust by now good more as all of them burnt homes as all of them Alice they are orphans we raise you as wards Holy Emmett Too late in time a wedding began then Edward was furious prepared then herself highly more than fluently in the Vulcan language began more echoing more clear but powerful Kali fi fliee! in a clear but too far very strong voice due to her newest lungs had Challenged it came too late finally her voice emerged frosty but cold graceful never trip they were calm around her lithe but elegant As the Dawn of our days it ill be for all Tomorrows so shell be From the time of the Beginning it was Today it it is Now I Shall make my Choice This One! in the classic Star Trek Amok Time Pointing ritual at her fiancee now her husband oh my god her ears are pointed with slanted eyebrows then too late Alice got the vision the Volturi finally know who she is you mated on her had kids gasp they caused this in time could not mate then nuked both then torn freely brought there good see they can't have more kids good with they attended their marriage as all of them of as all of supernatural then too late ripped from here see to ot they are banished there it came they never return to Earth then was too late.
10/9/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. then OW! Blacking outside last ones so hers the best friends with thre and kids good the torn hairs sexually assasulted gang telepathically mind raping more but more than as all of it Overpushing blew up with young ones/aliens/Vulcans's Cullens/Witnesses brought there the very as all both destroying good bled to death then Ripped freely good 14 die now then screamig then found her gifted so her/they screaming who turned you freaks Mauled by a wholliest as all of both scarred as all of themn as all of scars more as all toe blew uptore mostly then get her/army as very far was all of captured tore Heads brought both the good then dead of as all each blood loss then with both venom three then More than as all of it then more Volturi guards good as all ofd the shatered as all of them then as all of executed them good Never made it out from the palace the n Burning up suddenly Bell healed ytje had a secret life held up her Shadowhunter Sword it began click and from Heaven to power up exploding activating a wind of power exploding a burst of energy began magically swirling but whirling and said the words who finally sounded like She-Ra Princess of Power was of Eternian noblity resumed a strangest holiest powrerfulk alien heavenly glowing lights as all of it suddeddenly screaming BETAZED INFINITY POWER MAKE-UP! it came but suddenly violently viciously but properly Snapped with they nuked both then Brought there Good dead with freaks's with they then Beheaded from both they are with they good then Suddenly magical girl softly swirling lights her loudest Voice exploding highest with power and majesty with a very more ancient alien but extraterrestrial Eternian castle but finally permamently but completely roaring healing with a force of nature did a Experiment with a horse oh my god what is she With yours he felt it it violently began officially but viciouslyy clicking from heaven swirling it a strangest alien change happened he yelled sounded like him from the 1987 live action movie FOR THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL! I HAVE THE POWER! a truest loudest burst of alien energy violently blasting freely His movie styled more powerful but strongest loudest shout exploding then suddenly glowing blaring but shining healed him so she he stood like a warrior then suddenly so they nuked with her/kids/them torn freely brought there good they transformed are dead good rip them alive then crap what happened to us huh Bella you are Sailor Betazed don't reveal your noble lifestyle we are from Eternia good lord almighty holy mother of god good god man what this armor relax team not bad tiger Kate yes it's M-Class yes the Vulcans speaking oh no ulp gulp Cool Sammy loved The movie and cartoon series then herself Kissed her fiancee then suddenly oh suddenly too late he did the toppling ritual totalliest finally grossed out the pack from their romantic way then Ergh get a room Romeo gross Kelly snapped bingo a Eternian wedding had sided with Alice a-ha gasp oh my god oh my god we can't age what on yourselves serafukus/tiaras hold on to test on a Tiger then Shot his sword then a change but it really had but caused Armor to grow on the pins Momma mia nuked again torn both fled brought there good they hail from the planet Eternia then ripped freely good never existed are extinct but too late murdered good dissected they are aboard as all of it taken from here good are now with things each three as all of them to around the world's merged with they nuked freely heading to a new life from here in warp drive nuked freely eight by now shattered frozen with both vanished bring them good rest they are extinct then ripped freely it came the brand-newest vessel was huge then too late a rattling sound the betrothed couple were asleep he felt her need then suddenly too late Alice burst in it's Vampires who took families/tribes had been all of them human ones but young/ all of siblings and cousins grown both are freed are with us/all jailed gasp holy smokes it costs a lot of money oh my god she's his fiancee then hey buddy who is she she's loveliest is she is my Wife each twin finger crap nuked freely vanished see they are nuked what not human at all then it was gone it came it was still roaring it was bad luck to see the bride on her wedding day herself was clad in these ones herself was not mortal at all of it ready to be wed yes I Am prepared then Ker-crunched ow watch it not bad oh god he was a wreck he nearly gagged of his robes head noises of swords was silent the young Vulcan woman declared it private herself who finally began walking to a big vad of water quoted the movie words by picking it up With this water from fire Given to the Man I Chose as my Husband he had a turn who finally Held a thing on his head his movie crown of a King he Spoke rich words I Give fire to water it will not return to the Woman I Chose as my Wife he successfully said the movie words then herself ended the words Take the fire from my hand my husband our kingdom is one herself wore a rich crown looked like Queen Marlena live action verison then Dawn Read Spier announced on your royal day of marriage you two are United in royal heavenly Marriage as a royal family as Husband and Wife you are still young let it flow within yourselves it is a Traditional on your hair Bella Lahote As Queen of Eternia it is made of gold crystals with your Royal King and consort be wise be strong have strong virtue I Proclaim you Married then suddenly He took her in her arms then Kissed her too late the feast of them resumed herself was so hungry of Eternian foods baked by chefs from planets My Lady he was so formal Solok was bowing low was in his rich finest robes my lord huh down here mister hand pulling oh old is she a kid I Love her hair do oh how young she looks The kids were heirs to the throne the newspapers of a marriage held in outer space nuked good dead bring as all they can't mate good then it was new again Sis why in these robes then it came their newest lifestyles it orbited Andoria oh no not Andorians he feared them ulp he was 20 too more afraid timid but frightened was young for a Vulcan male who was the Don Knotts of Vulcan Sir! yes voices yikes oh man team Solok it's me drunk escorting you to Andoria the wedding was successful he was hungry of food needed a strict diet Father meet my dear daughter Talla ergh eyes of hers rolling quit drinking Got beamed over it was done with each two in a quad then suddenly guess what it was a quad marriage then more rumors was out allies from planets sided with them oh no excuse me feet legs marching hey watch it sorry that was Strom his rank was still Commander ulp oh crap he's toned.
10/4/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. he Spoken to her Chained with her with kids with they withy With kids tore both with they brought there good then ripped with all/rest/they with best friends/aliens/Vulcans's husks with her/him/they Punished toe freely a disease was into their blood the n Found sickest tore with they both the they were with children with the two the Declaring them unclean not wanted but disowned but alone sickest toe then to as all of them the Lost the need brought there good these will as all of them very far way as all died of Reyerson's Diseae a Forks flu illness caught a pandemic blew up Are nuked bring them again the good these are as all of them more as all to American ones to they as all bitten permamently but completely freely marked as by infection carried good died as all of them They rescued them as all of them found by our four ripped into pieces were tore into pieces Were as all more as all of them aboard with as all of them blew it very far as all of to as all pets/both nuked good without them few/remains as all are next they passed away nuked brought them there then too late had them murdered then with rest/few as all of them With they nuked freely then Nothingness was left then too late what phased but evolved then finally all of them are permamently to their own as all of them Are extinct but more than as all of it changed good ripped them let humans age as all of it as all of them very far with things as all of them are siblings/cousdins/grown kids and toddlers nuked from husks who time split as all of them with two each to the tribe's time split as all of them good then With few/last things more than as all of them are from here nuked within the biggest ones are Destroyed they are executed from here then too late Wiped out good they are deceased tell them they will be not there there at all good brought there then it came too late the damage was done after childbirth was real too late healed but recovered cured blasting freely no longer alive then violently just as all of them as all of them brought there good these will do suddenly declared These ones are more than as all of them Evolving more they are lost rip them as coats as all of them to two last ones exploding blew apart good with four fourteen tear them apart lost from here then it happened it Warped with them but it caused as all human living parents to age years went very faster then it sped up then nuked was a starship nuked was real with two as all of them now they lost a world to the Vampires but caused elderly parents to work harder are not young anymore then with diseases and illnesses too late with they nuked from husks vanished then gone good more as all of them attached blew up then time-split blown apart good these ones are extinct brought them they are lost from here see they can't breed now go then it really happened too late never was mortal at all then it was roaring powering up gaining speed viciously nuked it rumbled now they lost parents as well were orphans then too late was no longer there it was traveling to the planet Vulcan he said to her my desire to be your mate I Declare the Koont'ut'so'lik yes my husband take me as that who am I Too late nuked with all of them crashed onto Vulcan more monstrously as a result never aged at all looked young-looking Alice had a vision of Vampires then Edward got angry then herself made a choice screaming Kail'fi-'fliee! into the firmer more than very expertly but richer cultured perfectly but flowing accented Vulcan tongues Challenged hand on the gong acted like T'Pring of Vulcan longer hair in a up do was in Vulcan robes was very So long but flowing rich but wealthy pure slivery snow white jewelry gracefully but lithe but far more elegant still walking towards him As the Dawn of our days it will be for all Tomorrows from the time of the beginning as it was today it is now I Shall make my choice My Husband! This One in a Classic TOS Vulcan pointing ceremony like Arlene Martel did on TV Me oh my freaking god her ears were Teenaged Ocampan were pointed with slanted eyebrows newspapers roared a Wedding in the temple known as Mt. Seleya good nuked to as all of them bring them are poisoned brought there good they are all of them dead then it came never was alive ripped freely too late killed now no hunting allowed they are the ones done it then one was in the former Cullen home theirs to theirs suddenly too late last humans beamed up both them then on Vulcan warned them nuked freely with them brought there good they are law breakers then too late good the one bathing more so they as all of them took over more then nuked freely caused as all of them as all of them burnt down as all of them more monstrously as all of them to as all of more as all of them caused young/youth then suddenly too much as all of undead were all of them punished by God himself them cursed as supernatural beings then too late nuked joined them now it is now 4th October 2021-2386 by now the very far way as all of them were in hiding of it then too late were hideous then never was alive evolving to the best race of all siding with them more than as all of them all of them breeding more Sir! yes they are as all of them breeding more from the distant far as all of it long lost more than dead future changed history nuked were as all of them Lost then too late vanished the Volturi found themselves with as all of them as all of them suddenly too late more with looks of humans what not humans good they are mine too late was gone as all of them make them work in time too late replaced from here as all of them both as all of it rebuilt a new race of their own.
10/1/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter then suddenly The wholliest/all of them then to more as all of them three with Them best friends/young ones herself both sister with husbands had kids with aliens/Vulcan blown up with herself with two released other children good then With Immortal children then tore both brought there good drained of Alien Rattlesnake blood and Venom killed them bitten freely are Hybrids good they are Dead blew up freely from homes are as all of them as all of clothes very fart way as all of them as all of them more monstrously onto three NASA Bodysuits five to more twin as all of them both the Both found them with two had wives nuked died out of blood as all of them blew up with her/army smashed from husks hardest as all of them officially completely but permamently drained of blood tried they were next with her/they as all of them were in fact guilty broken as all of sexually assaulted but gang Telepathically mind raped blasting freely bring them there they are Guilty but as all of them blew up good bring them there As all of them viciously ripped in pieces fled bring them they broke treaty law shunned from human parents but they must die now are Put to death are our death watch good tell us three good they had forbidden but illegally made interspecies kids are Next are lifeless good you 14 are put to sleep with the two they can't breed at all they are Sentenced to die with they are Punished then Screams was heard good then it came too late Killed from here suddenly Ashes was as all of dust good destroyed them more Volturi guards bitten them that what I Been looking for then the heads were ripped off good what Lycan blood good they can't mate anymore blasting more as all of them it happened too late extinct them from here then too late caused a Chain reaction finally but permamently but completely stopped aging the bites were toxic waste torn but officially morre ripped was completely but permanently Were more as all of Volturi guards nuked with them to ten thousands of more Volturi Guards as all of more completely with her/prey/meals released As all of more than Undead tore as all of it blew up good More of them as all of mostly as all much many more blown up good replacements we need a Wholliest but as all of them of Immortal Children and Lycans good then too late Alice's hands Crashed the vase got the vision they know she done but she finally slain them Alice who done to them Volturi they declared us/they are aboard but saved/rescued but blew up are with more aboard then it Exploded with three with real ones two shattered good destroyed with the real one then Atomized by vaporizing can't cross over good with as all of supernatural frozen blown up good from here let familie's Siblings/cousins/ grown up kids/toddlers are frozen blew up with theirs vanished good no longer there there see bring them as all of them broken law with two/her/best friends burn then bring them there then too late Executed good dead then too late Were as all of them Suddenly no longer alive but altered then too late caused more monstrously as all of them very far as all of it were saved but were not on Earth redeeners were now chosen ones of God of Heaven and Earth they were transformed but were not aging at all became Immortal people t'll Judgement day comes then Exploding freely frozen freely good are no longer as all more as all of them sealed in blasting freely good poisoned them there good they are deceased then it came too late was No longer there was in the True Idris they were freed of it from water splashing them made them as all of them Shadowhunters viciously nuked freely then lost in there suddenly vanished good they died out are Spirits forever what not humans please tear them apart good we Enslaved them all of humans nuked as all of husks few as all of them very far way as all them are siblings/cousins/kids/toddlers frozen broken freely but vanished as all to both as all of vanished good blew up then it was too late brought there good they are dried out as all but as all of very far as all of them more monstrously the dead followed them nuked good we forbidden them to return good destroyed from here good they are Ghosts by now then nit really happened as all of them very far way more monstrously Human families who finally as all of them aged far too much mostly many more took them away left things behind time-split then suddenly too late Dawn Read Spier's Voice echoing fiery but angry out very loudly IT IS DONE FOREVER! Suddenly too late Caused it both to shake but it finally did evolve them suddenly was no longer blew apart sealed in both they with as all of them with they exploding good as all of them dead then Brought as all of them then it really happened never was Mortal blasting freely good lost then then it was too late was extinct good more as all of Vampires then it was too late taken over Earth it was In the cosmos in exile then suddenly Bella missed Earth her planet who Warped then Roaring caused them to grieve their old parents on Earth allowed them to rebuild a new species and civilization nuked Destroyed it as a starship nuked went too far gone smashing freely was far futurstic caused Vampires to rule Earth lost them to the Vampires it came 2021 1 October they were Orphans by now as all of them escaped a ravaged planet then all of them as all of them they were in sorrow fled from Earth began a new race of their own were Survivors blue was their truest funeral color as all of them who looked like Tarellians from Haven nuked vanished they never aged or died by now frozen from here it was going to crash it was different by now but too late reached Vulcan rumbling and roaring loudly by now to start over with as all of them crashed then too late was a base by now Momma mia then in time never was alive vanished from here but was too late too late lost from here good dead infected them with it blown up rip them alive see they are with as all of them merging as all of them too late murdered as all of it Bella was comforted by him too late was his Bound Lady but she awakened her powers was in fact Bene Gesserit a member a ancient order of women had very more strong Bene Gesserit nine kids he was Sterile crap our kids are children oh my god we can't mate they done this with as all of them they caused it poisoned you never had parents they caused as all of them your blood is toxic waste killed as all of the undead.
9/29/2021 c22 6era-romance
did u just name a baby Jackson Michael? really?
9/26/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter the brain Exploding began to hear thoughts as well was telepathic her telepathy was born could fire a light from her hands like Sookie did uh oh Stink bug from Asia That's it You'r Sushi a light formed like a Ward began chanting in Japanese was fluent in a foreign language like a Priestess Rin Jin Shi Chi Tpo Bai Zai Zho Tou Shi Chi Tou Bai AKURYO TAISAN! hands were glowing had truest real but fully Fae blood began officially but was faster but strongher better but had telekinesis as well coursing in her veins had a late grandmother who was a Farliy or Fae Good guilty of the freaks then too late suddenly um Excuse me if you please her manners was altered was polite but formal herself was bitten on the neck hardest had tasted blood but she was not human hair was changed of her religion and style and dress changed care to taste Tru-Blood it will make you different but we Came out to whole planet by force to see humans ergh Bree Tanner was Bella's progeny was in fact saved by her own poisonous but more venomous Alien Rattlesnake fangs who was Her maker take them tore head with the kids/they all with they with they then As all of them brought there killed them good the Cullens/witnessed found her staked to the heart were next blew with her/him/they as all killed good had other kids are immortal children next ripped freely then too late brought thee good with they was from alien venom then suddenly Angela's eye bursting into watery holy tears was crimson cried blood so she with they were not human beings chained then the tore with her/hey good who turned you the lied with you then Atomizing but vaporizing with her twin brothers then With freaks brought there good What she has manners but properly bonded is marked but killed her/they with them good with them the Came out to the world to the humans what good more with help then then Beheaded then good m ore as all of it too late they are carriers of it good then then too late Nothingness easy steady then herself felt no pain ow so they then too late from her bite from her fangs her kids aged to be 7 year old Where are we graveyard you were killed but died there your blood is not human My husband my beloved herself looked at in her twenties it's gone used from The TV Series her hand was different cried Crimson tears sobbing for the human putooi ugh dirt yes Garrett Kate Ow thanks we are Supernatural beings Bella you bleed it is Fae/Vampire blood from bats and snakes you were staked to the heart two had different kids are not human children Momma's here my little sweet fledgings they aged fast oh my god Alice you ok fine by the way it tastes amazing no way it's working we came out to the world from her crap so her I Heal than fast ugh Bree ouch my head I Need Werewolf blood to sate myself but herself but first to kill some animal I Am weaken Bree was acting funny and strange her appearance was changed so her with her sister with they then first Bree Sired but properly Commander Strom by embracing him with a Bite on the neck by ritualizing drinking his blood he felt the alien venom then suddenly so they with them too late renewal of a feast then nuked then tore with they from around the world's then Vanished good revealed came out from the Coffin differently but illegally tear them apart then lost from here then too late were as all blew with ten thousands of them good bitten to there rest ripped in true but real pieces good what the report they had freaks you fourteen die then with them screams lost from here took from here then in time Diego you sailor teleported us/they to Bon Temps, LA Oh my god too late never was alive at all Well came out of the Coffin Bella healed differently so he/they/all/rest/aliens/Vulcans in a motel then too late but finally they reached from here from Homes was as all of more monstrous as all of clothes as all of them Bella was not human was really different had the blood of Chronos was royality so he/they/all of them they were Immortal could not age or die due to the blood was shared gained powers then too late Greetings Bon Temps herself was glowing like a Antarean female hair began flapping was in fact not living so they mind we park ourselves in to seat ourselves down here Bells your majesty herself loved old motels easy boy heel poised it so the kids was too late for couples only then after as all of it then suddenly too late then one banging Garrett they are not mortals too late like a softcore couple had kids good god a woman's movie softcore 1875 moan caused them kissing more fiercely Bathing and oiling a Yoni massage too late healing them to increase their own fiery telepathic passion too late then her Moans was louder then suddenly to late herself was telepathic in robes was from Frank Herbert's Dune looked like Marina Sirtis by now candles lit were Vulcan healing ones too late their Extraterrestrial interspecies but alien but Galactic Romance was more Starfleet marine Stronger too late not mortal then it came in their King size bed herself did to him herself was his fiancee busy were more than as all of it more than as all of them healing more then morning came asleep as a family and a couple hey you wake up it's morning there crap we are in Bon Temps oh easy K'idwa herself was too dare tired out resting her head was telepathic by now was awakening a loud inner voice from her closed lips taught her fiancee was her imzadi Mother is here yes Oh no it's Ko'kemh'li it was grandmother in Vulcan Mommy it's old yes sir please they are a family ewe are gleeeeeep then a older woman was her mother with a valet about in her 30's Sir ulp gulp he paled of muscles she's engaged had kids Solok nice to stroll in he heard Hannah and Caleb who were intimate moans was heard then Hannah was moving herself was covered was oiled but massaged by him then herself wanted kids a family a marriage then too late went too far deepest then too late then it came too late with candles as all of it as all of then her louder moans still more as all of it pumping more as all of it having a pon farr moment then suddenly too late her loud cries was heard was in her body more pumping harder then kissing more differently herself was really screaming more of pleasuring and passion Strom grumbled of a couple was doing more as all of them then in the darkness then a oh her moans was powerful more passionate as Mt. Seleya Of Gol was sharper as before Momma mia T'Pran we are immortal now Hi Strom we adapted it oh no she's not human at all.
9/11/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. Then a scene made Kelly pause had a idea Hired some people to do both then In time the Koont'ut'fi'fliee was created Her more than very expanded longer but flowing hair was in a updo for Vulcan women in the Amok Time robes was Vulcan born with Teenaged Ocampan ears with slanted eyebrows students began firing up Systras ringing for both then she was betrothed since she was at 7 years of age in a Koon'ut'la then her very more accented but Federation but Flowing Raal voice resumed walking but stepping and was graceful but lithe and Seleyan but Kolinharu As the Dawn of our Days it will be of All Tomorrows as from the Time of the Beginning To you My Husband I Concesrate as all that Who Am I fingers of Hers touched his Nuked with them with best friends/young ones with kids with last ones then aliens/Vulcans to Cullrens/Witnesses's husks brought there good dead you fourteen die now with they with the freaks ripped from here Executed as all of it more than as all of it rest ripped them again into pieces good rest they are Forbidden to live banned from human families are shunned then Edward got so angry prepared to ring then herself made the choice and Screaming out the word Kali-fi-fliee! in the very more richer but Starfleet ringing more But most powerful but stronger voice echoing out in the ancient Vulcan accented tongues and their language was into her blood then her own hand on the gong like Arlene Martel was T'Pring Challenged it was a Woman's right to chose a Champion then too late in the words from her from Amok Time never trip around her but Alice got the vision herself was not human at all became far more than very so graceful but lithe and more than Kolinahru but more than Seleyan As the dawn of our days it will be for all tomorrows so shall be from the time of the beginning it was Today it is Now I Shall make my Choice This One who finally ritualized pointed at Chris Pine as Captain James T Kirk coldly with Surak was into her like her from the 966 science fiction TOS TV Series Good god man almighty Woman me fight with the ah'woon and the lirpa they were Vulcan weapons oh my god she is what Vulcan her hair is more much than very expanded longer after she had other kids Momma mia Sir! it is a passion fight pardon name Sch'n T'Gai T'Lar Wife of Solin these our kids nuked Sliced freely vanished from here good they broke treaty law our one rule sentenced to death good brother they are aboard with as all more monstrously as all of to very last mostly as all of it of things blew up to as all of them to from around the world's died perished are departed blown up are in the afterlife are nuked are trapped in there with both blew apart frozen good rest they must die now then too late killed there then too late dissected them then the very few more than as all of it were as all of it too late are aboard it was too late what freaks's good we must enslave humanity then it came too soon more as all of it fled Earth their planet too late What fled with they too late beheaded them let human familes age as old people with the very as all of young aboard then too late then Nuked good fled to Vulcan as nationals good no longer there nuked burn them with ours nine now ten then lost their way home then it came too late see torn apart then too late never are alive it was too late murdered each both good with each both these will be put to sleep then too late never was on Earth on the planet Vulcan too late never was mortal in time they were as all of them were from as all of races and species nuked with them each four smashed then Vanished then lost from here good deceased then then to as all of them forbidden to return to Earth bury them by cremation too late it was too late it was no longer as all nuked their own what Marked good then Ripped freely too late murdered from here mostly as all of Volterrans as all of them blown up killed by her deadly blood replacements stolen from here good these ones must be taught too late the world did change families age far too late with tribes as all of them were too old were found them by the undead then wiped them out but took over everything as all of it then it came too late few/fled were on Vulcan via Stargate nuked were more than as all than very far too much mostly many more than very far way as all of them as all of them monstrously as all of them clamped then suddenly too late lost their parents to them vanished with them were as all of them smashed but vanished with each both good dead hen these ones broke three they are exiles are banished it came no longer mortal beings too late grieved of their parent's loss by now moved on they were families Alice got the vision of them all blown up oh my god they did this act they stolen the rights from here they caused it they can't die there.
9/6/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27.
hold that scene boys ok Bells then they did the hair was more than extremely longer then the Amok Time clothes then she was born with Teenaged Ocampan ears had slanted eyebrows then looked beautfiul the scents raged Paul waited it was bad luck to see the bride in his traditional Vulcan robes hair styled he needed to meditate first to be with nature he was a wreck then too late it was done body oiled/more massaged for the Koont'ut'fi'fliee nuked with last ones with her/the three with best friends /young ones snapped both with the other last ones's to aliens/Vulcans brought there good found them the ripped then Hit but attacked but injured good these ones invited but violently tore both Brought there With Immortal children good then what bitten freely ripped freely with fourteen undead good they were rescued but saved found then Husks sliced real cords good brought there then dissect them as all of them too late Deceased good we forbidden them them with forbidden children good brother they are sterile then too late Drained of blood in time a very big family then were aboard to Vulcan for the big day but violently it viciously Warped from Earth to Vulcan nuked good never made it bring to as all more monstrously as all of them as all of them very more than monstrous things each four deportred good of them then let humans age as very old but more elderly people who lost kids living on Vulcan good were next with siblings good then Verdict to them Death then were next more Volturi guards then suddenly in the next door was Hannah and Caleb then too late burning candles her moans was louder causing him to Thrust as all of it her cries of pleasuring and passion but her loud cries was true moans then found so more very more beautfiul suddenly pumping more as all of it very far mostly as all of it then suddenly more deeply than romantic kissing began more than very more than as all of it differently made Commander Strom more restless was Grumbling bed can't they are what breeding more than as all of it suddenly were as all of it then was as all of it more as all of it was still more as all of it Sir! 6. 4 tall he's muscular oh no he is with her then marked her as his mated partner he was in horror of muscles of him the Speaker echoing It's Breaking! the music helped them calm down then ready you bet herself counted in Russian then Thrusted then nuked was a fireball viciously but violently bombed but violentlly changed it then it roared more than as all of it more very loudly it's Jupiter kids cool they aged to be kids Paul and Bella/kids then it came too late it was a truest but powerful but lethal starcruiser it finally soared but suddenly too late roaring then too late it caused Caleb to release himself Bella I Feel like from 2010 The Year we Make contact our movie my husband good god man homes were in flames hang on Momma mia oh no Sakal she is with a bump then Caleb yes Hannah is already pregnant he fainted easy guys groan then tears from Hannah's eyes crying ripped then he felt her then in time Bella grieved for her father and stepmother were Missed dearly in the Vulcan way she was Clan Matriarich then Hannah felt life was sick puking and retching non-stop cramps her period was late he reported Hannah I Have very good news you are pregnant then too late Are you all right Strom I Am pregnant it's eight children it was grown to look a size of a basketball oh then Strom as the father of her kids would you be So'kemh'ra honored hands shaken friendship of planets in time Hannah tried to rest of the kids were telepathic was at ten months along like a Betazoid female then suddenly it came too late Hannh was in labor ok three two one Push oh it's time then she remembered then herself controlled pain like a Capellan woman was still with child then it happened oh her water broken more the Birth Spasms begun Acolytes helped her then a hardest but powerful but stronger Cry of her son with siblings then too late oh mommy's here baby then too late Congraduations ow it's traditional his name is Mark then so they named she healed faster so her was Marked Mark woke up began crying as first time parents urp too late they hired Bree to to do the messy business urgh it's kids in time He began to walk then began saying in phrases and words a giggle exploding ate Vulcan food went ker-splat oh yuck he is a toddler they brought pets poor baby kittens and puppies she's majestic He grumbled of a Alaskan husky busy with puppies why she's a mother then her puppies were ever noisy were mixed crap crazy dog oh no I Love puppies Harummmmmmph heard a cat with a naughty kitten oh no then Shiloh sneezed of cats.
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