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for Night with a werewolf

11/13/2020 c26 1kadee son 12345
I love this story and would love to read some more!
11/13/2020 c26 1FrannieSage
So glad to have you back!
11/13/2020 c26 julie04
11/13/2020 c1 Roxhall1
happy you're back!
11/13/2020 c26 eccentricAly129
Welcome back! I'm excited for anything you wanna share with us!
11/13/2020 c26 1Saralynnb
Welcome back! I’m so excited to see where things go. I hope all is well with you now. I’ve been through a lot of changes myself and I’m much happier with life now. I wish you the best️
10/8/2020 c25 MMTyler
Beautiful a true Happy Ever After Story
10/7/2020 c4 MMTyler
Oh no I just realized you didn't complete the story and what's worse is that I really love it!
4/7/2020 c25 Debbie Hicks
26. Chapter 26. Angela help Yikes you had kids twin boys they are in fact starting to walk are talking like Children see my ring oh my god engaged I Need a priestess and acolytes they are so adorable bring three little girls they are too young Jackson then Bitten with his brought then the to best friends had Alien Venom then suddenly Three girls later to two more boys then then with his suddenly With the three then here Sterile so they then suddenly siblings began aging far too fast then Both the head-neck combination then Venomous the fire was real then Experimented-Augmented but Brain surgeries with Aliens/Vulcans both then Flew from here on the run onto foot the four going somewhere newborns Mauled from here then with they attacked but Finally left for dead the Pierced then lost rom here good these pones brought there end them then too late Ashes then then scattered then too late the More Volturi guards now too late hair grew back with stylish bangs was paler then Half-dead wit then pierced with both then brought there good execute them herself was Marked by Paul her Imzadi her long-term Thy'la Sliced then the kids but vanished then no longer alive then herself was Immortal with him and their kids with they Popped freely then both vanished good never to have more children then it really happened it was too late herself became far more mostly Sensuous but more beautiful hair was healthiest thicker firmer and sexy but ended up Telepathic from the kids now in clothes was a taken T- Bird Lady tough as nails had to learn be a mated Bound Woman they had things deported was more in a Unicat was more monstrous then with the kids had rooms of their own now so they nuked but clamped both vanished good these will be destroyed then in time oiled massaged lotioned lathered then scented and creamed then to more scented oils as all of it onto NASA Bodysuit then All of it then flaring in Commander Strom's nose then in time herself was very more serene but peaceful but calmer in empathy but harmonious joy then Asleep in their Vulcan robes twin ones I Look like Ambassador Delenn she was right she had a very large family of the kids so they herself was blessed but had a power so they Pierced freely by popping then never was alive vanished good they aged too fastest then then in time never aged of it herself was meditating had become very stoic but a strict mother calmer but colder attained Kolinahr had Teenaged Ocanpan ears were pointed eyebrows were a rich Sch'n T'Gai eyebrows the kids inherited pointed ears and eyebrows looked like Vulcan children hair was black with brown eyes Alice gasp Bella yes it been 3 years two months 8 days her voice devoid of emotions oh my god then too late the world knew her heritage she was mated to a Werewolf going to be married very soon her hair was groomed but in a coilf of a Vulcan priestess wearing a hairpiece housing her religious sleeping ceremonial but more traditional Vulcan headdress-crown was in fact a priestess ordained but sacrificed to the Gods/Goddesses bound to Mount Seleya for all eternity he sighten her with long hair to her true womanly hips bound to her fiancée her skin smelt richer but powerful Reldai yes it was into here then it Roared herself Echoing out the words more powerful Tiv Tiver Narooooooon! in the most eagle clear but sharp commanding voice sounded like Dame Judith Anderson who played T'Lar given her a paper with money then reached the starship were as all of it from around the world as all of them very far as all of them then were as all of them her kids wore Vulcan robes moved more faster so they Mother yes daughter we are leaving it's time her Vulcan was skilled but more good to his race what is her name T'Lia name T'Lar gasp they too then were as all of it more both nuked freely thee shattering wit them frozen over freezing then blew freely then vanished good dead with they destroyed it came too late then suddenly engines powering far mostly stronger with they nuked from here then it was too late Warped then it was too late saved from here reached her new homeworld the planet Vulcan more than roaring towards a alien planet herself was prepared to take final vows as both he saw her was in fact preparing for marriage to him A'dun our new planet It was husband in Vulcan.
2/13/2020 c25 Vane3131
Love love love
1/26/2020 c25 Tee Hill
Great story :)))))))
7/17/2019 c15 11XxTinkerBella21xX
Lol best slogan for a condom commercial! xD
7/16/2019 c8 XxTinkerBella21xX
Really Bella! She could have gotten up and did it herself
7/16/2019 c4 XxTinkerBella21xX
HaHaHa Bella don't assume anything lol
7/16/2019 c3 XxTinkerBella21xX
Hormonal angry Bella is my favorite lol
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