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8/12/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. then more monstrously as all of more All of things with They best friends/young ones then Aliens/Vulcan with kids of their own the rest/other best friends/other/aliens/Vulcans with Sibling/Cousins then To as all of more monstrously as all of it Clothes from the NASA Bodysuits five to both then nuked both sliced then Vanished With the Kids then to other ones best friends/Aliens/Vulcans smashed vanished good ead eight kids born from her/him/they they can't mate you 14 die with they then Vaporized the beheaded the Caused the blood to bond more violently then into the bought but sold House RV Two merged exploded now gained a lot of rooms with showers for couples went a smashing created a mote far futurtstc but 24th century better House-RV From Caleb and Hannah's bedroom on their bed hugest then then suddenly a oh tiioo late hands and arms more kissing more powerful suddenly was still more throbbing then too late a very strong thrust a Moving was still wet but drenched moving very stronger then a very soft moan of her covered but mostly scented oiled nd massaged but m ore than as all more lotioned but creamed rubbed bodies were more than as all of it covered a moan from her then a very strongest but powerful one then a Cry of pleasure/passion it Ripped her screams of pleasure Deep thrust he was onto her in her Pounding slowly but swifter then Hannah roaring was kissing him then Bitten her ripped a Mark but nuked with rest with they then Sliced with the Cullens/witnesses/pack followed then with the kids smashed vanished good what Dead bitten freely more as all of Volturi guards each three nuked were as all of them their Romantic but telepathic mating courtship resumed then a loudest one too late Was roaring on the road was moving to California first to get married to Las Vegas, Nevada then it happened nuked but smashed then Vanished good dead then it came survived but and endured it then suddenly herself was very sick retching felt it missed her period was late Guys she's sick crap Caleb she told him in his ear are you sure Bella wanted a Vulcan marriage first from help of Paramount Pictures were on Vacation helped the couples to be Vulcans then Ow crap he was getting cold feet so Embry with him then too late you ok Ready he began Clanging resuming more clanging still more clanging feet of women walking more his bride arrived so beautfiul gracefully used Solkar's stepping down ker-Squeezing then hair grew by a machine then Paul was so nervous his collar of his Purple robes he sweated was getting married by Vulcan law then in white as snow his wife in a Vulcan robes herself was tall by now stately so rich but wealthy hair in a updo with rich jewels finally herself slowly walking towards him graceful but Seleyan but lithe but Kolinahru then remembering As the Dawn of our days it will be for all Tomorrows so shall be from the Time of the Beginning to you my Husband I Concesrate as all that Who Am I then their Vows were said then Aunnonced to the world Married signed a marriage paper so they Dawn Read Spider proclaimed it I Declare you as Mr and Mr's Lahote and Mr and Mr's Call it was a double marriage by Starfleet orders of Starfleet Command of the United Federation of Planets Enlist in Starfleet Academy you are Married then Paul felt her face then Kissed her more powerfully as Ad'dun and A'duna husband and wife were still a family so he hen too late spent their honeymoon Embry got so sick was in heat was going to mate on his wife So, it is come Pon'farr What you ok The pon'farr will change them in time Angels was with child eight kids nesting then hair was very long then Hannah still rubbing her front was rounder movement from her kids from the scan of children tried to get up pushing then rubbed it then in time with Kelly who was oiled/massaged then too late suddenly too late Jake was still more pounding her within his wife the resumed eight times violently Released it as all of it her loud screams was heard so them Bella prayed to Hera for her best friend to be a very more great but wonderous but proud father then suddenly Zeus blessed then both for kids was granted then it happened was expecting little ones of her own rubbed her fertilizing front in time two had kids then Kelly was pregnant then too soon the cause of it now families were aging more Kelly had eight kids well Pack we must train them the next generation of wolves urp Logan was hungry he cried a loud one the older kids now 7 of age phe-yew then teeth cut first named by the fathers in time never had kids violently nuked freely vanished then too late with things then lost need vanished from around the world's good they died out they are dead but on Vulcan Embry was with her so Bella with they were families by now had jobs there.
8/12/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 7.
then Paul ripped a skin the herself ripped her skin As all of it combination then too late then best friends the to her sons the three To young ones the tore it then Very far way as all of it to her fiancee with Aliens/Vulcans rest to Siblings/cousins more aliens/Vulcans the captured good for your deaths the Beheaded tore to rest/they/kids then Ten pieces the herself had eight but now had only young twelve kids then followed then bitten her icy-cold good ours Sexually assasulted but gang telepathically mind raped take her virginity away then finally Brought them good for freaks you 14 Die with Lycans then viciously just permamently tore into pieces with immortal children turned far too young see to it sentcnce is death then vaporized then atomized then but lost need to breed good Beheaded then found by them good Destroyed cursed their katras to roam as Nomadic people but from homes and twin filled up from NASA Bodysuits then too late nuked freely shattered each both brought there good they are Dead what Phased good skin them alive then broke freely decree them extinct too late a curse onto them was real the both rescued/saved the nuked with her/hi/they smashed with kids then wit their own Sliced freely then suddenly smashed brought the corpses finally revenge the skinned alive good they are Dead her father is more sick but very more frailer good brother then Ashes more as all of them it came Bella was a carrier officially wolf blood replaced it made her toned but Starfleet strong but suddenly tears assasulted then crying for her sick father will pass away too late Rose horrified a ring Carlisle she is his fiancee she's Engaged holy Smokes Congraduations Bella what is then Crying more stronger then it really happened she was violated but Oiled but massaged but as all of the mote monstrously healed her/him/they/them for the Fremen traditional but more sacred ritual marriage ceremony then vows were said then re-tested oh my god they did this killed her/him/they/them/they/others aliens/Vulcans nuked freely both with kids as well smashed vanished but Disappeared good what Good they are lifeless good then too late killed for as all of it more monstrously as all of them Lost from here more than as all of it from the NASA Bodysuit was a Cryostillsuit and Trilox noseplug in her nostrils then followed the Fremen way a ritual fabric draped onto her arms a Fremen funeral shawl went from the planet Arrakis he comforted his mate now his wife was grieving herself was a mother of her twelve kids herself had a power was Bene Gesserit then too late so they prayed with them were aboard warped with each each bot but it happened nuked them into then it time never was alive vanished good they are lost then too late in bnext door a couple in bed did ritual resumed his kissing then her moans was louder as before became sharper then Unclothed but as all of it Throbbing Bodies more than Pounding herself as in Pleasure moving then it oh her loud voice came Thrusting in her then Smelt her perfumed skin the the Newest thrusting herself Cried out in passion then suddenly kissing was far more Romantic candles burnt out more than as all of it monstrously as all of it more than as all it successfully blissed them they comsumated the ripped a mark ion case of it then Strom heard her voice in his ear too late Hannah was with eight kids began fertilizing she was pregnant by Sakal he finally officially Fainted going to be a father in his robes groan guys Hannah what is it her tears ripped loose crap I am a Uncle Vadi my husband he noticed his wife serene but Kolinaru her voice was cold without traces of emotion her own hair more curliest in twin pins with clips herself was a adult Vulcan woman still young dressed in Robes the shawl in place looked older born with Teenaged Ocampan ears slanted eyebrows looked like Lieutenant Saavik of Vulcan had a husband and children by her due date herself was in labor then a strong wail of a infant ripped it happened Pack I Am a FATHER! slapped ow that hurts um thanks hands clasped first contact it's custom his name is Mark So'Kemh Caleb your son Momma mia madam had only eight kids her baby son was screaming ouch it's a baby he's young urp Bella finally got a job as a midwife-priestess oh no he's hungry phew he's too little then in tome he was 7 by now so their own.
8/11/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. night fell in their bed too late More of it as all of it suddenly moans from her suddenly too late Saved it all of it as all last ones had no other choice grant him more Children was Bene Gesserit then suddenly more than Body oils/lotioning but lathering after showering/oiling/ more massages then From last five three more Later Gained a very more than huge but bigger but large family then Nothingness blacking outside with the kids with her sister/the best friends/Three to young ones/aliens/Vulcans vanished good Dead mated again had them out Bitten illegally with alien venom tore both good rest you fourteen die with them then With the kids's husks then Ashes the found them ripped them into as all of by sexually assasulted but abused but gang telepathically mind raped blew up as punishment tore freely Blew apart then Vanished good deceased then With they ripped each both then suddenly Bide sides what Phased good then lost from here As all of blood mixed up with they good stolen as all of it as all of it as all of it more as all of blood stolen blown apart with they with theirs good All of them ripped as all of them blew apart good with they as all of them good rest tore apart with the Cullens/they/as all of them capturdfparents see humans you are punished then too late with tribe but young each four mated with freaks followed tghen With they nuked Atomized but vaporized then Suddenly Bella's eyes with tears wept like this so her sister's Gave waters to the dead then suddenly too late from her as all more monstrously as all of Clothes each both to more onto the NASA Bodysuit forged a flowing long but flowing but Black but more movie styled funeral from the Hairpins from the colif of her own hair formed a richer black Veil then suddenly a very more extraterrestrial strange alien CGI Coloring of her own eyes sclera Iris and pupil Was more movie styled Blue within blue then suddenly did not age herself became a Fremen Reverend Mother who now looked like from the 1984 movie DUNE after childbirth huge blood supply she was saying the words lost as all more monstrously as all of far as all of it became healthiest again of pounds of it went on a mostly very far more traditional but ceremonial Fremen diet I am a Reverend Mother Alice was in horror of her eye color began more than as all of it mutating more monstrously her powers finally emerged so her kids who were children quoted was sorrowful but more somber grieved to her now Husband If Mother was Wife You never be my husband quoted Ghamina's words coldly with ease oh my god gasp they did this to us/they she's what Fremen so they too late were aboard nuked freely vanished good poisoned the they died too late then blew apart with was all of them what good burn as all of more as all of them murdered them too late killed ripped freely gasp we adapt where are we in a starship it was going from here then violently hyber warped to Vulcan nuked with they to more good lost from here but destroyed what crashed on Vulcan freed of them good rest to as all of them to them good brother then i time in quarters a couple oiled/more than massaged harder but more than as all of it moans of Hannah was more than as all of it monstrously pleasured by Caleb loud moans as entered inside her Super more than monstrously Pumping more than monstrously then as all of them As all of it suddenly Went harder within her then suddenly but finally cried out then passionate kissing then Came the real ones semen /sperm swiriling then Bitten her then Ripped a ritual mark so Bella was a Lahote now then too late bodies/words moving too late Resumed more as all of it then as all of it suddenly too soon very far Overway as all of it then More monstrously pumping as all of it then Entered eight Eggs Began fertilizing then resuming as all of it came too late her moans was sharper as before the came too late asleep told him in his ear crap then too late scanned was expecting life eight how she Bella worked with Sakal Written PREGNANT finally He fainted oh my god he was a new father then it was too late Hannah was crying was pregnant in time trying to sleep then suddenly oh felt a kick but rubbed front to sate her kids then in time by her due date then Went into labor then Bella Delivered her kinwoman's kids then ker-slapped her baby son who sharply Wailing loudly then so slowly announced held her nephew Caleb Your Son acted like her then he was a father ow uh thanks hands of Solok and him made first contact then in time never had more kids couples were more than as all of it more monsytrously breeding more rebuilt a newest race with powers her loud softer moans caused Alicia to moan loudest was still kissing him found Morris very attractive but muscular was more handsome was so sexy to her found her so beautfiul pumping bodies and words too later resumed their mating ritual their kissing was romantic then in time kids to the couples who became parents blessed by God urp babies were crying were too little but were hungry it happened then became kids then Strom what this sorry my book Madam yiu dare to accdress me a priestess Sir! she looks older of it oh no he paled of him.
8/10/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27 Chapter 27. then it came too late Bella had Teenaged Campan ears wre Shell-shaped herself was Vulcan hand Slanted eyebrows the three watched Dube 1984 On TV then became iciest calm then seeing her ring Kelly had a idea a Vulcan marriage spoken Bella we we hire a movie staff to do your hair like this it will make you radiant then After Pon'farr was a Physical need to mate her children looked like Vulcan infants were bigger cutted teeth Dax was hungry but got a lot more fussy then Dawn Read Spier was a very good but great babysitter with Bree Tanner ugh then they needed a Changing phe-yew urp try feeding Baby foods from the garden she will cook you Vulcan foods Paul she had them out she was in labor for 96 hours for having twins holy Crap I Am your maid of honor me oh my god what their Vulcan names Vorik and Taurik name T'Lar Daughter of Mestral gasp Wife of Solin in time Oiled but massaged then in her best Wedding robes from Home hair was in a colif it was Raging in a ceremonial veil it was Purple to wear was Vulcan cold but Kolinahru wore from the ep exploded Walking very Seleyan but More Kolinahru but Vulcan As the Dawn of our days it will be for all of our Tomorrows as the Time of the Beginning so Shall be to you My Husband I Concesrate as all That Who Am I then Knelt fingers Linked then Dawn Read Spier Spoken the words to them What Ye Are about to see Comes from the Time of the Beginning Without Change This Is the Vulcan Heat this the Vulcan soul This is Our Way Kail -fi-Farr! I Proclain you Betrothed you sign this paper this a Engagement ceremony prayed to the great spirit you will have daughters see to it then it was over before marriage to grace him daughters then Bathed then Oiled was More Massaged as all of it more monstrously Wholliest but fulliest too late Paul Did Comsumated me again was each five was a Crop of Last then Moaning more was too late more of it suddenly Did the trick from Lady Jessica as a result was his Mated woman again then Marked me then ripped then too late myself was Bene Gesserit seduction was the key too late Marked him back Signed the Vulcan Marriage papers so he as Isabella Lahote and Paul Lahote then the Morning after the paper was gone reported to him Placed a True Wedding notice married by their young but teenaged Chief High Priestess Dawn Read Spier was Vulcan then it came too late he was seduced from myself used the Voice onto him to obey me too late the more he could as all of it he lost need to mate again so they gained more kids were born was eight more kids here so ours at home now a very big but large family to late Angela was next to mate herself needed help taught her the Bene Gesserit way like a Sister who was prepared had to seduce Embry to grant her eight kids in due time Embry Seduced her viciously Ripped a mark twice privately herself for the very first time Used the Voice was now a Bene Gesserit officially began more than vibrating but echoing then the each best friends to both hen Nuked both they with they ten pieces vanished good with the Cullens/them phased illegally tore with freaks you 14 die now them Atomized but vaporized but Destroyed then too late the kids were now children followed sop theirs then Too late healed but used my powers so her so they was Starfleet Stronger sliced but vanished caused Bitter Immotrtality after first death like one now too late nuked then never was Human was aboard was with each four things now too late smashed with they as all of siblings two fully grown then too late grieved for the families were old by now.
8/10/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27 Yikes someone's Engaged Bells yoo hoo Watch your nephews ok she practiced but learned to walk
graceful but lithe but elehgant steps As the Dawn of our days As all for Tomorrows as Time Time of the Beginning so Shall be to you my husband I Concserate as all that Who Am I Kelly had most powerful but strong brilliant idea a Vulcan wedding see that scene from Star Trek first hire Dawn Read Spier/acolytes he knew The girls planned a Koont'ut'la was a ancient Vulcan childhood betrothal ritual then Dressed her to look like T'Pring of Vulcan to marry her husband First from help of Parmount Pictures the hair was longer styled but in a Updo for Vulcan women after pon'farr the kids were burped nannies Phe-yew he is very louder his crying was heard keep him silent Jack was very hungry his cries was noisy Bree he is cutting teeth was screaming Hold the diaper he stinks ew then oh how calm Dax is what urp then Other onto her Anime nose urgh he cries a loud scream Sir! what this our sons h they are young children he was a So'Kemh'ra a godfather urp her ears were in fact Teenaged Ocampan was pointed born with a ear mutation was shell-shaped the twins had pointed ears with upswept eyebrows their Vulcan names was Taurik and Vorik they were now were bigger as before he noticed his fiancee was a Vulcan woman in her twenties Angela dressed in her 2285 Starfleet uniform nice uniform thank oh my god your ears are pointed gasp Mom arranged our marriage she was a Trekker meet our dog you adopted him he loves kids really breed then A-Ha um puppies from him madam yes what she's betrothed to him but had twins they are boys they are a handful of these kids are noisy Easy James he's resting more.
8/9/2021 c26 Debbie Hicks
27. Chapter 27. in the other home a couple Suddenly Caleb pleased Hannah hardest went a lot more romantic her moans was sharper louder at night then too late bot with the future Lahote coven to three to the kids with her sister/the best friends to aliens/Vulcans with the rest to other best friends to other aliens/Vulcans vanished with the Cullens/witnesses woke aboard a starship wit young ones nuked good vanished are dead good with as all both what are more monstrously than as all of it good with freaks then Fourteen die with them then Blew up then in time never was alive more Volturi Hannah's more riding was far more than as all of more powerful cries of passion and pleasure more Starfleet stronger then then suddenly began kissing him more softcore and adult then learned galactic reproduction more as all of it then suddenly too late more riding as all of it then as all of it Empnties as all of it as all of it from Bella who counseled her like Deanna Troi then it happened the fleet were on their own Broken from hybrdrive was a roaring then Nub's voice informing a alien planet was ice-cold a flag with the Rebel Alliance flag crap oh god Paul Oh no don't wake the kids imzadi what do you call me Dawn quiet he's hungry so mine he's cute relax urp then too late cutting teeth early Ugh he's changed so his brother asleep newspapers reported a next fleet joined them in time Caleb was tired out then in Robes again she told him, fainted in shock then then in time tied to rest of it eight kids made oh was too tired out told him again crap rubbed it was with child early while in robes then was scanned then he finally passed out due date had eight kids born then news of children born here Strom was grumbling.
8/9/2021 c27 Debbie Hicks
28 Chapter 28 holy crap twin boys oh are you cute Uh Dawn Jack needs a changing phew urp both were done feeding Dax was hungry waling his lungs out loudly then hired a babysitter The Dawn's hand onto her anime nose phe-yew Me a Gomjok was Nurse in the Klingon language the kids were nicknamed Kruge and Klaa were good nicknames born on the day of Maktag Who is she Valkris name he remembered Mogh he wore armor from help of Parmamount Pictures so she as well his wig was stingy wild herself kissed him swore as his wife completely the marriage vows his dog was a Targ growling at the Acolytes it's Halloween in July by Alice her ida easy boy crap that is a great idea Dax stopped crying loved dogs see it's Working really great he's blowing in Klingonese Bella's hair was styled from Mara who was Kang's wife the kids had lines Were painted were Klingon children what oh no he was afraid Of her muscular fiancee tall but toned fierce and powerful herself recalled swearing the oath of marriage in Klingon tongues the twice bite mark was sealed but ripped was speaking alien languages fluently nuked seven then from suddenly Strom was grumbling then two covered then were school aged teenager he was Breeding onto her her loudest cries of pleasuring Caleb and Hannah's house in their bedroom their own Mating season began Oiled but more massaged too late more as all of it then herself was moaning more then her louder moans was powerful was sharper as before riding on him more within him then suddenly desire took over then too late was more then he was busy doing on her more than as all of it
Pleasuring from him suddenly the more of it too late louder and powerful as all of it more monstrously her loudest moans was stronger then too late nuked rest then from each both were aboard then to as all of it herself in their quarters for couples resuming more monstrously then too late kissing him more different letting loose a cry of passion then Too late it Hyerwarped with they to more to as all of it the fleet then it came too late they became a Mated couple asleep reached a alien world was Hoth she christened what are you doing then too late oh what a night of passion crap too late her moans louder hid her bosom then felt weirder sacanned by a light where are we in a alien galaxy then Paul swore needed a beer no drinking imzadi my sister oh my god Jack cut teeth early so Dax urp they were eating Vulcan foods to grow up Niece got to babysit the kids you are good at caring for them hoo boy urk hang on it is real they are different oh how cut they are going to be heartbreakers they are too young hang on what are these alien creatures then he recalled Empire Strikes Back of the 1980's Admiral Vanik briefed them Greetings travelers you are guarded twins yes my sister had Both twin boys they are children jeeze good lord man almighty as their uncle Vadi it's Romulan Sir! um' Excuse me sir it's a Ion Cannon Crap oh my god you punk ulp then Dax was too little oh he's adorable your uncle's here he had food on his face urp yes Caleb sorry she is marked twice it's freezing cold Bella it's Earth by the undead.
8/8/2021 c27 Guest
Great update can’t wait for more
8/7/2021 c27 Debbie Hicks
28. Chapter 27.
too late Suddenly from he both rings Shattered it was moe brighter Well K'idwa we came out from the coffin these kids are what growing faster more then Ow! Twin bites I Am GOING LYCAN! From a movie the Neverending Story what?! reyes went a ker-blasting Yellow goiod the Beheaeed the wit the kids wre immoeral childeren thenm Six ripped to heads then brought there the last of his was fused to hers shattering Killed then tore from here brought there too late got her last crop then Get them the chained see humans punished for more kids then sexually asssasulted but ab used then telepathically mind gang raped then Nothingness tore both then followed then Fled from homes as all of clothes to as all of five to more then blew then brought there good Lycans she's mated again has her last ones bitten here followed so her sister/they nuked with immortal children aged followed the chained them good who marked you then Hit but attacked but left for dead blew apart then brought there good they are sterile but the infection began sickest but died there nuked both good rest with two last ones brought them then it was too late lost too much blood then they phased were not humans smashed good bring them there but the Cullens/witnesses were next with them blew apart good rest they died here in time they were drained of blood good more Volturi guards then too late good skinned alive they broke treaty law are shunned then in a Manor healed but recovery too day then it merged with theirs with cars/truck both fusion then too late nuked was a House-RV With then too late nuked was real it came online then with rooms how she Then herself heal faster but better heard from Hannah and Celeb he was sick oh herself moaning like a Woman then Entering her I Desire you my wife her loud moans was heard stronger ones So, it is Come Pon'farr her ears were Pointed with Slanted eyebrows too late he heard moans of her pleasurimg more in their bedrooms with shower then too late as all of it Oiling but Massaging more monstrously then her cries of passion her loudest one too late it was a Vulcan time of mating then too late then it was over the morning came asleep in Callifornia in a Campground healed but had recovered more the new blood supply nuked were with with as all of from around the world's as all of them more monstrously then gone good both brought as all of it then to they they can't mate good then killed then caused more of themmore Volturi guards good they have died now go then too late Hannah had eight kids on the planet Vulcan to as all of them too late never had more kids were now older children Alice they did to her/tem as all heal faster but have recovered they aged to be kids Dad stop kissing Mom it's driving us kids nuts nice bangs really it's a Shag Alice herself looked the same felt the same and acted the same oh my god nice Shag oh god you look so sexy oh then ew Stop kissing Mommy Icky dolly ergy watching the kids is murder a very big but large family you are gross it's Romance we became imzadi gasp it was beloved in Betazoid Momma mia a dog our dog um' puppies Angela was a smart girl A-Ha oh how adorable they are you ok allergic guess my nickname Ogre mine is Booger of what Cats made me sneeze.
8/9/2021 c24 MMTyler
I love it. Thanks for not a abandoning the story.
8/8/2021 c27 1My Eyez Are Watching Everyone
wonderful story so far. I can't wait to read more.
8/8/2021 c27 Marianka
Short but fantastic ! I love it so much ! Its well written ! Thank you so much !
8/8/2021 c27 1Taylor9901
I love Paul. I am glad you are back. This was a great chapter.
8/8/2021 c3 Aya Dahir
8/8/2021 c27 31momma2fan
Welcome back. I love these two. Can't wait for more.
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