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11h c31 xenocanaan
I'm just going back and reading your amazing story. I really hope Jamie and his group survives and perhaps even show up if you decide to keep writing for this story. I know you mentioned plans could change, but whatever you decide know you have created characters that are very interesting and compelling!
11/23 c58 13Iris RainbowWolf
This is one of my all time favorite TWD stories. I'll admit, for a long time i stopped reading, but it had nothing to do with the story itself. More to do with the fact that my life sucks and i can't concentrate on one fandom to save my life lol. Also, for whatever reason, my notifications stopped telling me this this story had been updated. I had stopped reading right around the Christmas chapter, i think, and I just never got notifications that this story was updated (oh well).

That being said. I fucking love this story. It's easily one that i can go back and read a billion times (which i have done. A few hundred of your "Views" for this story are prolly me lol) And honestly, I totally respect your decision to cut it off after part three. In my opinion, TWD kinda went downhill after season 3 (still love it, but it was exceedingly stressful lol).

I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the season and how things change compared to the original content.
11/10 c58 jorgiulia31
just finished this story and i love it! hope you are ok and maybe you could continue one day
10/8 c58 25DBhawkguy30
I know I keep saying it but I LOVE this story. This is one of those ones that you can sit down and read over and over and never tire of it. I love this character so much.
I could definitely see her leading the group, with Daryl, Chloe and Sam by her side.
I'm just wondering if you'll keep the death of Hershel the same or change it like you did with T-Dog? (that death still kills me when I rewatch TWD)
Can't wait for more!
10/7 c56 DBhawkguy30
Ahhh I wasn't expecting their reunion to be so soon, but I'm glad that it was. It seems like Sam and Daryl are gonna get on just fine lol
Merle really is an ass, and I don't blame Sam one bit for his reaction but when Merle saw those scars on Daryl's back...I'll never forget that scene.
10/7 c55 DBhawkguy30
I'm so happy that you didn't just have Daryl up and leave, that they had a plan in place. Because I really think if he had just up and left Jenna would hunt him down and kick his ass lol

I'm sorry that you have been struggling with this story but I have to say you're writing is still fantastic and I continue to look forward to each chapter. Sometimes I am in too much of a rush to see what happens next that I don't review the previous chapter and for that I'm sorry. But it in no way takes away the fact you are a brilliant author, and this is one of my fav Walking Dead stories.
10/1 c53 DBhawkguy30
Loved this reunion. It was very emotional and I found myself torn between grinning like a loon or nearly tearing up as they talked about who they'd lost. I can't wait for more of their interactions and whether Rick is going to let the others stay? And how well will Daryl and Sam get along...when they finally meet
10/1 c52 DBhawkguy30
OMG! They've finally found each other! I'm so happy, I was wondering when they were gonna turn up at the prison or even if you were gonna keep it that way. Now I'm wondering how you'll write the reunion between Daryl and Meryl and will Daryl leave the group for his brother as he did in the series or will it be different now that he has Jenna waiting back at the prison for him? I LOVE this story!
10/1 c50 DBhawkguy30
Just wanted to say I'm so glad you decided not to kill off T-Dog, I love that guy. I wasn't sure if you'd be following the series in regards to the deaths. I can't wait for the reunion with Jenna and Daryl though. But I gotta say, I liked your Lori much better than the one on screen.
9/28 c42 DBhawkguy30
OMG! Loved this chapter. I feel so sorry for Jenna, wanting to find her brother then finding out about Fort Benning, believing that he was dead and then again finding out he might be alive is enough to mess with anyone's head...but even more so during a zombie apocalypse.
I gotta say though, out of all the years of watching the Walking Dead, the Prison still has to be my favourite. I'm so glad they've finally made it there.
And then we find out Sam is still ALIVE! and he's met up with Tyreese and Sasha (who I also loved)
Can't wait to read more!
9/25 c37 DBhawkguy30
I gotta say this was one helluva chapter! First you made me angry with Carol and her interfering and then cry when Jenna got to say goodbye to Dale, then happy that they finally..FINALLY kissed lol and then frustrated at Daryl for hiding again.
But I gotta say you are a brilliant author. This story has me gripped and I apologise for not leaving feedback sooner, I was just always clicking to the next to see what happened next. I love Jenna, I think she's a great character and I'm kinda sad that she isn't actually on the show because you've made her story interlink with the actual show so well that if I do a rewatch I'm going to be sad that she isn't in it.
And you write the characterizations for all the others so bloody well it's scary. (are you secretly one of the writers?)
Anyway, brilliant chapter! Brilliant story! Thank you.
9/14 c58 1FoxLix
Thanks for a great story :) I'm sorry it couldn't be continued, but I enjoyed the journey nonetheless!
9/14 c58 Ambray
Just spent the last few days rereading this story. It's really amazing, such well developed characters.
I miss it a lot, I hope you are ok an d one day you consider returning.
7/21 c58 Dervin10
Hey just wanted to let you know how much I love this fanfic. I hope one day you come back to it.
7/20 c58 2DarkestLight234
Why does everyone think not saying anything isnt lying? It's called a lie of omissionLeaving out or omitting important information relevant to the situation."
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