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10/6/2013 c11 1BadassSyd
That was a beautiful ending. I'm sad to see this story go but I can't wait for your new ones. Great job :)
10/5/2013 c11 M
Hope you can update soon!
10/5/2013 c11 Guest
Awe this sequel was amazing! I just sat down and read it all... I fell in love with the first one and just recently noticed the sequel! I know I am slow... But anyways I love it!
10/5/2013 c11 RozaRocks
Awwwwww loved it sooooooo much.
Yayyy they're getting married so god damn cute.
It was funny but overwhelming that they all thought Rose was pregnant.
I'm glad Rose & Meredith are in contact with Janine. It sounds like they have come a long way together.
Meredith as usual is just the best. Love her so much.
Dimitri & Rose together at the end was perfect.
Would love to see how they all got on in say 10yrs time. Married, babies, Meredith's graduation. That would be cool. )
10/5/2013 c11 ghnaostnsifh266
10/5/2013 c11 bboops22
wow brill end love this story it brill
10/4/2013 c11 I AM ROSE HATHAWAY
great ending to a wonderful story, it was truly beautiful. thank you for posting it for us to read, you are amazing xx
10/4/2013 c11 hayley2794
that was a brilliant story )
10/4/2013 c11 Guest
So happy! They got their happy ending.
I think we need a story after this following rose and dimitri during parenthood...
10/4/2013 c10 RozaRocks
Oh bloody wow! I love Dimitri soooooooooo much. It's the perfect answer. They can all be together and happy. His speech was just so sweet. Couldn't help but awe!
Loved Meredith's excitement at her purple room. So cute.
Janine's letter was a hard thing to write. But I'm glad she's finally seeking help. Her letter was brilliant. Incredible chapter as always )
10/3/2013 c10 1xSAWYERx
This is legit one of the best fanfics I have EVER read. You're an INCREDIBLE writer! I'm pulling for Dimitri and Rose to make it now they have moved together! :) Can't wait for the next update!
10/2/2013 c10 Juls
You my lovelly are breaking my heart
10/2/2013 c10 katus
kind of love your story.
9/29/2013 c10 FMN
All I can say is WOW!

I wasn't expecting Dimitri to make the decision he made. I literally thought he had left. It made me mad for a few minutes, but then you render me speechless when Dimitri drop the surprise on Rose. Lissa was right. That was the most romantic thing a guy could've done :)

Janine's letter was genunine. I don't hate her as much as before, but I still think she has a lot to prove.

Great chapter! Looking for the next update.
9/29/2013 c7 xSAWYERx
The flashbacks are so good. I was able to get a clear sense of the kind of relationship and friendship Rose and Syd had. They seemed pretty close. Then, there's part where Dimitri confesses to Rose that he and Galina kissed. That was really intense. I can't believe he allowed it to happened and then he went into saying that he felt something for Galina. What a way to add salt to the wound.

I'm enjoying the story so much. Everything was brilliantly put together :F
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