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for Re-Sorting To Shock

8/3/2018 c2 Veronica McClure
Hilarious! Once u get into it.
8/7/2015 c2 8MuggleCreator
Why did have to be Dumbledore who retconned them?
5/18/2014 c1 Little Oswin Oswald
Damm...I like ravenclaw, but :-) I'm a hufflepuff! :D I'm a bit like dizzity doo
11/20/2013 c1 1Wings-of-an-Angel20
Haha! When Voldie was all, The F***? I laughed so hard! Only bad part is I'm in a room with a whole bunch of other people and everybody stared...
9/13/2013 c2 DuskPuffin
So fun!
8/24/2013 c2 3Crystal M. Key
This is fun, thanks! Lucillia writes great material. Ron's reaction was great. Plus everyone (except the first years) all have "inter-house" friendships now. Please update soon! Favorite bit:

All the tables were equally scattered. Susan Bones and Ernie MacMillan joined Tracey Davis at the Gryffindor table. Zacharias Smith headed for Slytherin. Cedric Diggory sat nursing a headache as memories of sitting under the Sorting Hat for long minutes resurfaced, but stayed right where he was to welcome the new Hufflepuffs. And in all the chaos, Neville Longbottom sat still, staring in shock, as he realized that he was just where he belonged.
8/5/2013 c2 celticgrl77
Really liking how this is going can't wait for more
8/7/2013 c2 Diddleymaz
8/5/2013 c2 sweetmouse
I'm confused about what is going on.
8/5/2013 c2 10ultima-owner
Cool room
8/5/2013 c2 2JannaKalderash
Can't wait until you show Harry's reaction to his dorm.
7/25/2013 c1 5mainstreet52
Good fic, got the memo on this in a PM from Lucilla... I recommend you be a bit more careful with your spelling however, especially with names.
7/25/2013 c1 579Lucillia
That's a great start. I can't wait to see where you take this.

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