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10/1/2013 c17 6GallagherGirl537
This is so good please continue.
10/1/2013 c17 poohbear123
Oh please continue this story I love little Mike! Briggs will go nuts when he finds out Mike left.
10/1/2013 c17 Guest
you have to continue
10/1/2013 c17 5Alexia cooper
loved this story. you should definitely do a sequel
10/1/2013 c17 Guest
I loved it and wish you would make a sequel. Little Mikey is just too cute
10/1/2013 c17 3iwillneverbefound
Please continue! I would love a sequel!
9/30/2013 c15 3BuBBles3531
please keep writing
9/25/2013 c15 14LostandAlone22
Great chapter! I can't wait to read more!
9/23/2013 c2 Guest
hahahahahahahaha mike 5 looooool
9/16/2013 c15 Me
I think I know what your trying to set up here...:)
9/16/2013 c15 geekgirl22
I don't think it seems disjointed. I like your writing.
I want to know what happened while Mike was delirious!
9/16/2013 c15 Guest
I'm a huge Disney fan too (in fact I worked there for 2 years!) so I enjoy all your references.
Despite your disclaimer, I found no problem with this chapter. I think it flowed nicely. I would like to know what Mike was like in his fever delirium.
Great updates!
9/16/2013 c15 Guest
Very good.
9/16/2013 c15 Guest
Great chapters! I love Disney movies, too. :) Thanks for sharing!
9/14/2013 c13 8allfallingdown
I love this story :) please don't let Mikey be big again. He's adorable as a kid. What if the drug doesn't pass through his system and has long term affects, so he has to grow up all over again raised by Briggs and the other people in Graceland? You're a great writer!
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