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9/15/2013 c9 11aunteeneenah
**applauds** well done. You managed to tie up several loose ends in an entertaining way. You did well, darlin'.
9/15/2013 c8 aunteeneenah
Well done. Would have been very hard for Becker to see Sarah again after watching her die in another time line... odd. It gets a bit confusing but I think I'm following. Good job and intriguing.
9/15/2013 c9 TheMusicKnows
BrilliNt as ever
9/2/2013 c7 aunteeneenah
ooooo, interesting twist. **applauds** Well done.
9/2/2013 c7 TheMusicKnows
Oh no you didn't...the time warped soldier and Danny! Utterly surprised but totally in love with the idea!
This can't get better but I know it will!

Moooooooorrrrrre soon
8/29/2013 c6 6primevalyank
I like the way you're using the Canadian series here. Good work! Looking forward to the next chapter
8/27/2013 c6 11aunteeneenah
Twould be easier for us to work out if YOU TOLD US WHAT WAS GOING ON! Iz feeling left out... **pouts** Very exciting and what is Connor thinking? What has he figured out? Looking forward to the next installment. Well done.
8/27/2013 c6 TheMusicKnows
This is seriously my favouritest primeval story at the moment man I love it...the only thing I have to say is perhaps more regular updates? I know life is busy but that would be totally amazing I'd you could...but don't feel stressed to do so...

Loved it x
8/25/2013 c1 6primevalyank
Oh a bit of a mystery here? How did it change things? Good start.
8/23/2013 c5 TheMusicKnows
Awww that's not fair who is it? Oh please update soon
8/23/2013 c5 11aunteeneenah
What is it?! What is it?! *scrambles around looking for new chapter* If it's need to know, I need to know very soon, please.
Aw, Toby, naughty girl but you sure met your match with Jess and Connor.
Well done. Cannot wait for the next chapter.
8/23/2013 c5 3Tori Luna Lily Tonks
What did the birth certificate say? O_O
8/15/2013 c1 Guest
So they've set up a second facility to keep the creatures they can't return. Its probably due to all the creatures left behind in the Convergence after the mass anomaly closing. Abby sure will be busy now. Lets just hope she still has time to visit Rex now and again
8/14/2013 c4 TheMusicKnows
Oooh loved it...it all just seems to fit well and it is making both series connect much better...! I take my metaphorical hat off to you...this is genius
8/14/2013 c4 11aunteeneenah
Don't stop there! It's Col Hall, I just know it with help from Lt Leeds' assistant who was so totally NOT helpful to Dylan. Very exciting... as far as standing around watching a computer screen goes. lol Well done.
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