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for With Great Power Comes A Great Need To Take A Nap

2/14/2020 c7 Ethan Whelchel
Well your English is really good and tor story’s are great so it was fun reading them!
5/28/2019 c6 Spelling Police
It's not "realy" or "wel". It is actually, "really" and "well." Double ls, as weird as that is.
5/28/2019 c4 Justin Fletchley
This is sucky spelling and makes no sense!
5/28/2019 c2 Desjardins
6/6/2018 c4 Soofje
Wouldn’t Nico know what Veritaserum is? Or at least get the gist of it?
Veritas means truth in Latin (he probably doesn’t know Latin)
and verità means truth in Italian (which he, of course, knows)
Anyways, I like it so far!
5/15/2018 c6 Guest
how can a demigod be affected by a spell the same way?/
10/18/2017 c7 16the-real-jared-kleinman
Can I continue this?
It's hilarious.
5/21/2016 c5 3Leslie daughter of Hades
Best part of the whole chapter.
4/22/2016 c6 TortillaSenpai
yes he should be a loner, I don't care if he is gay, I just think of him as someone who doesn't care about other people and just does his own thing
4/12/2016 c6 Guest
Neeks should be GAY, and with LEO! I LIKE USING CAPSLOCK, OK? Also, I love this story!
12/2/2015 c6 Guest
10/23/2015 c6 Guest
9/20/2015 c6 Guest
8/5/2015 c6 Hadesrulz
Gay. And he should be paired up with Will
6/28/2015 c6 3Yellow Starcat
no gay and no bisexual. I want him to be straight and I also don't mind him as a loner. I'm sorry for not reviwing for the whole four chapters after ine. I was to mesmerized with the story. please don't forget about this story. iabsolutely love it! update pleeeeaaaaaseee.i just love it.
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