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1/11/2019 c6 38Nickels39
Awwww I love this
6/26/2015 c5 Guest
HAHAHAHA. That ending with Johnny was pure gold. I loveee the idea of Paige not being cautious enough and then poor Mikey being bullied.
6/26/2015 c2 Guest
That game was just amazingly creative! Seriously, I was as lost as Mike as each piece developed. Love it!
6/26/2015 c1 Guest
I loveee Papa Paul and Mama Charlie SO MUCH! Johnny and Paige just make the perfect siblings. Love it!
6/15/2015 c3 Guest
I love this. Each character was captured so perfectly! I love how Charlie was the mamma bear and took care of everyone while still maintaining her sass.
9/20/2014 c6 31doc100
I just laughed through all 6 of this fun tidbits this evening! You are so right, Briggs & Charlie are the Papa & Mama Bears of the house! I absolutely love them together, both as characters & as a romantic couple! The 2 actors have such great chemistry & it shows in their performances. I'm supposed to be working on a Charlie-Briggs story of my own, but got distracted by your fun stories. I hope you write several more chapters, as these are really very good & more than a little enjoyable-how about a romantic evening for "mom & dad"?! By the way, Charlie's panties in Briggs jacket, nice touch! After the last few episodes of Graceland, I needed these sweet stories & the laughs! I started my own one-shot story after the phone call about the tape in the episode "Head of the Pig." What an ending to an otherwise good episode. (I especially enjoyed Briggs reaction to the pregnancy test & the shower scene! Kudos for a superb male reaction to an unexpected pregnancy!) I was speculating about Paul's reaction to the phone call about the tape & how he would "come clean" to Charlie. I worked way too many hours at the hospital in the ensuing week & didn't get it finished, then I watched the end of "Home." I haven't felt that shell shocked over a TV show in a very long time! I was so sick to my stomach that I trashed my entire story, as the credits rolled. A few days later, I decided to fish it back out of the trash & develop a long multi-chapter story(ies) about the possible outcome of Charlie having the tape. I was thrilled to see they at least appeared to be a couple again by the end of the season 2 finale. I'm not sure I trust Jeff Eastin to keep them as such if Graceland gets renewed for a 3rd season. This fun story went a long way in alleviating my fears, at least for the moment. Now, I best get back to my own writing. Thanks again for the laughs & warm treasures! Please post more!
9/9/2014 c6 Guest
seriously love this soo soo so much!
8/23/2014 c6 2GracelandFan
awwww cute
7/31/2014 c6 110Dixie Dewdrop
7/31/2014 c5 Dixie Dewdrop
Lovely, and I laughed and laughed.
7/31/2014 c4 Dixie Dewdrop
Cute scenario-
7/31/2014 c3 Dixie Dewdrop
Great, and I thought you did a great job honoring the various personalities.
7/31/2014 c2 Dixie Dewdrop
Poor Briggs-
7/31/2014 c1 Dixie Dewdrop
Loved, loved, loved this-
7/31/2014 c6 Karkoolka
Amazing, love it ;) charlie and briggs are the best ;)
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