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8/3/2013 c2 5S.A.N.e-but-inS.A.N.e
Loved this chapter! Loved the game they played and loved how Charlie would be pissed to find out there was a bar fight. Excellent job! Looking forward to more!
7/28/2013 c1 241FallenQueen2
awww that was so cute and i'm glad you have idea's to get the ball rolling and if i have any i will for sure send them your way :D
7/28/2013 c1 Kate
i love the whole family thing! cant wait for more
7/28/2013 c1 Guest
This was adorable! Family!Graceland. I would like to see a fic where Mike gets drunk and everyone tries to help him. Like if someone starts to hit on Mike Johnny can be a protective brother. Basically, Graceland is protective of Mike.
7/28/2013 c1 15Miss DiNozzo
I love this! It's so cool how they look after each other. Great work, I can't wait for more
7/28/2013 c1 Karkoolka
I love this ;) i love dynamics btw charlie and briggs ;)

Hope you will write more :)
7/28/2013 c1 56writergirl99
This was cute! I loved it! A family fic! I think it really suits the characters and is something that I can see happening in the show! I loved it!

Can't wait to read some of the others! Keep up the great work!
7/28/2013 c1 55Phoenix on cloud nine
I absolutely adored this, and I really can't wait to see the other oneshots you have planned; if you are taking requests, I'll let you know if I ever think of anything haha. I just love seeing the family dynamic, there are barely any fics of it - so thanks for sharing, I'm really looking forward to the next one :)
7/28/2013 c1 Guest
I loved this! Your characterization seemed spot on. This idea was absolutely adorable. I can't wait to read your others.
Also, if you could possibly squeeze in any Briggs/mike cuddling (not slash) I would be eternally indebted to you.
Even if you don't though, I am exited for whatever you do write, so don't feel any pressure(:
7/27/2013 c1 1Iceangel1229
OMG! I loved this and am so excited to read the others. I love your writing style and the characterizations. Great work! Thanks for sharing. Until next time :)
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