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for The Four of Us

2/21/2003 c1 2Professional Weirdo
Good story, but you haven't updated for a very long time. Please hurry up as you are very good at writing this story. At first, it was a bit tedious with the four unknown girls, but now, it is quite interesting.

~professional weirdo~
2/8/2003 c6 rolypoly mcfly
great story rite more soon pleease!and i really like ur characters espescially costy coz shes really funny. please pair her with draco! cant wait until u put up da next chapter
12/14/2002 c6 Reah
hey hay lin

it's a good story

Keep it up, but don't u think that chloe is going over the top? And who is the girl Costy?

Is Jane gonna be in more chapters?

11/20/2002 c1 silent devil eyes
Please write on! Write sum more embarrasng things about everyone, it sounds really good. Review later... Bye

from Alizeh (Bennington)- i wish!
10/6/2002 c6 4Telemoo37
This is awesome! Please continue soon or will explode! I'm loving it!
10/3/2002 c5 Miltz
Het Hay, soz that sounds so crap, just telling u i love ur story and PUT UP MORE CHAPTERS! Or else. Miltz
9/13/2002 c3 magical me
good bit of writing. think i can see where this is going, with the veela powers. theres quite a lot of marysuism, i guess, but it's quite good. keep it up!

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