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8/1/2014 c44 8TheGreatness1
Great chapter, llook forward to more
7/22/2014 c23 13Evil Is Relative
Holy, crap. I am in love with this story. Your narrative style is brilliant, and the way you've been setting up Ariella and Vilkas makes me feel like I need to go get an insulin shot. The whirlwind way she was bustled into the Companions was a riot, and the when she and Vil nearly kissed for the first time, only to be interrupted by the dragon's soul...I was like "Aaaarrrg! Dragon interfering even after death!"
7/22/2014 c43 8TheGreatness1
good chapter, i look forward to the next
7/21/2014 c6 Guest
I've read all 6 chapters so far, and I have to say this is very well written, and I love your writing style. This is amazing!
6/29/2014 c42 TheGreatness1
Good chapter, i like seeing how youre having the character excel in the story in a new and interesting way.
6/24/2014 c41 TheGreatness1
Great chapter, i look forward to what happens after all of Skjors deaths flak
6/23/2014 c40 kateskates24
I always wished there was an option to avoid his death \
6/18/2014 c40 TheGreatness1
That was sad :/
good work though
6/15/2014 c39 TheGreatness1
Great chapter, very well written :)
6/12/2014 c38 TheGreatness1
Awww, cute chapter.
Good work
6/11/2014 c37 Guest
6/10/2014 c37 Guest
Way to drop the mega bomb at the end.
6/10/2014 c37 TheGreatness1
Good chapter, i like how the Companions react to all this, it'll be interesting to see what ahppens next
6/2/2014 c36 TheGreatness1
Hey great chapter, good for deveoping onto the next part, i enjoyed it. Well done, and keep up the good work
1/26/2014 c1 8Shadow182
Excited to read this one! Instantly drawn in by the idea of a scholar as the Dragonborn (my DB is much the same, mostly brains and little brawn, hah). Chapter was short and to the point without feeling rushed. One or two small errors but easily overlooked. Seems I've got a lot to catch up on!
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