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for Harry Potter and the Darkspawn Horde

5/27 c1 Babboy
5/16 c5 Nitxsua
A brilliantly creative idea that's so much fun to explore. Despite being unfinished it's still worth the 5 chapters of reading.
5/16 c1 niggers hater
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12/2/2021 c5 3loki98065
cool story. shame u never went any further with it.
2/1/2021 c5 Caver Floyd
This story is so good. I wish there was more. I’m guessing that the human mage was already made Tranquil. I thought it funny that Harry accidentally implied that him and Leliana shared a bath.
1/24/2021 c5 StrangestQuark
an amazing story base. I'm sad to see it abandoned like this. Thanks for sharing either way!
12/20/2020 c5 Guest
Well done. Very enjoyable. Please update with more. Keep the personalities the same. Growth still applies obviously, but nothing radical. Very nice.
12/5/2020 c5 1Warrof
Man, I wish I had found this story when it was originally worked on. I love the quips, and the confused awe Harry leaves in his wake.

I do sincerely hope that one day you continue this story Mr, Mrs, Miss Author.
11/22/2020 c5 Bytogix
This story is dead then? :-(
10/25/2020 c5 1Jctherebel
Really interesting story
12/8/2019 c4 24Blitza
I really enjoyed reading this story. I've read it twice now and its actually what's gotten me interested in the games. I don't suppose you'd be willing to continue writing it?
7/24/2019 c5 dylansandy1993
love the story. it's very different from most HP stories as it ignores much of the terrible canon. Love that decision right there. Plus Harry is travelling around with his saving people thing outside of the story. Which makes it much more original and interesting to read
3/20/2019 c5 Nikkless
fucking cliffhanger. more chapters if can
3/20/2019 c5 Nikkless
by the way why hasent harry used bonbarda or blasting spells
3/20/2019 c3 Nikkless
dont really like how morrigan died.
or you could make it that flemeth came and saved her
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