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3/22 c43 Mr.Oddly
Man I just wanna know if index is part of the harem. It’s canon she loves him but in the canon touma doesn’t feel he deserves her love because he doesn’t remember her. But man your story definitely keeps me on edge. Can’t wait to see what happens. Also can any one tell me if she will be or not or if she’s interested in him in this fanfic. I don’t even mind spoilers at this point. Haha.
2/10 c70 10xellos540
Hello, Author-san.

First, I want to commend you on your patience. I mean I also know what is is like to write long stories, but it'd still take like 4 of my big stories (true, they're part of one long-term series) to match yours...

...also I'm astounded at the pacing. Congratulations for being able to come up with all this, follow all that's happening and write all this.

I'm sorry to hear about your problems. I can't relate with everything, but I'm a writer for a 10-year old series that's not exactly consdered mainstream and I love it dearly, so I think I can understand your issues a bit.

Life being life, I also have little time to write and I'm struggling with plots. I also sometimes feel I'm "shouting into the dark".

Wel, as you said, it's your choice whether you continue or not. I try to persevere myself, but to each their own I guess.

Anyway, I want to thank you for this story. Especially this last bit with Oriana and Mugino was very nice to read. Seems Mugino is starting to get interested in Touma in more aspects than "his hand is interesting"... too bad she doesn't believe in magic. I know it's Toaru's gimmick, but it'd be nice if two sides were mixing more "consciosuly" so to speak.

Othinu also gets exposed, have been waiting for that as well.

I also see there's Vento (yay! I'm kinda having a Vento stage in my life right now \0/) and there's this weird spell that even got rid of the piercings. I certainly like where that part is going.

I hope life goes better for you. Take care. I hope this message reaches you at the very least.

1/15 c44 xellos540
Okay, now the "missing spike" thing (yeah, I noticed it) makes sense.

So Touma is "destined" to sacrifice-die and the girls (minus Mikoto) know and Touma kinda "knows"...

...and Mikoto (I hope her "reading episode" will help her grow as a character) kinda figured out that Touma (or what's inside him) would be a world-ender...

Same shit, different day, I suppose.

Except it's not.
1/15 c43 xellos540
Okay, I was wondering for a while what was the deal with Fukiyose...

So, harem, huh? Wonder how that'll go...

Also, I suppose you'd call it monotone and boring... but I can't help but see Mikoto's outside of the final hug (or is she?) and she's not in the actual "love-potions event".

I totally don't mind a harem (hoped for it really) and I'm not that focused on Mikoto but she just gets short end of the stick (though not only she, I see not much from Kanzaki and Lessar here, not to mention Agnese or Leivinia).

Anyway, take care.
1/15 c40 xellos540
Could barely make out anything of the other world's description but good on Haruhi and ponies references.
1/14 c30 xellos540
I have to admit this fic is kinda crazy... large-scale plots happening one after another...

Also it might be from the earlier chapters and less now but when you change scenes it can be veeery confusing. I think it's partially caused by the mad-fast pace, but I suppose it's to late to point that out now...

Also poor Misaka (well, I'm referring more to the next chapter, but still)...

P.S Is this a Riddick reference I'm seeing at the beginning? xD
1/14 c18 xellos540
Great job. I'm new to the fandom and I'm kinda looking for specific... hm... parts of this fic (especially romance, especially particular forms of it), but I have to commend you for the sheer amount of work and plot in here.

I hope Misaka will be able to mature and get close to Touma again in later chapters of this. I really hope so.

Anyway, I don't review much at times, but gotta commend you on that Star Wars reference (if it was of course).

12/30/2020 c70 Frannimations6
Ok you know Kamijou Touma right, and this story really showed hoe the Kam-yan disease will ready bring the end of mankind...we are all doom

Love the chapter please I need more pleeeeaaasssseee I'm good for you know I'm good for it...so please give me the next chapter
11/28/2020 c70 Guest
Good work one of 5he best function I rade in a while
11/17/2020 c1 haunhaque022
10/19/2020 c17 11WwEpsilonwW
Did... did you just change canon to make Misaki 17...? Wow...
10/19/2020 c16 WwEpsilonwW
Nice job with story arc. Saving Frenda was a godsend. By the way, have you heard of 'A new road to misfortune'? They had a similar apocalypse arc.
10/9/2020 c70 Question
Sorry speak spanish

As pensado en un arco de torneo de pelea

Siendo como baki, kenga ashura/Omega , o shumatsu no valkyrie

Siendo una oportunidad que touma aprenda a peliar mejor pero estos enseñándole algo
No es mi estilo ahora es tu estilo (siendo en kenga y baki los más débiles los que solo imitan y se quedan en el libro)

Si vas a shumatsu el manga es dioses vs humanos
1 es poder vs poder
2 padre dios vs el padre de la humanidad
3 el perdedor vs quien nunca perdió
4 maldad va justicia o fuerza va inteligencia
9/7/2020 c70 shinso
Im enjoying this a lot
8/30/2020 c44 Belial Hieronymus
Oh no. Ruiko...
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