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9/7 c70 shinso
Im enjoying this a lot
8/30 c44 Belial Hieronymus
Oh no. Ruiko...
8/30 c40 Belial Hieronymus
Aisaemon, help me!
8/16 c27 Belial Hieronymus
Good to see my girls Ruiko and Shinobu in action.
8/14 c9 Belial Hieronymus
Poor Sphynx. Thought to be a fat cat for Index's bottomless appetite.
8/14 c5 Belial Hieronymus
If the boys would be ranked for being Touma's bestie, I would imagine Gunha's score would be among the highest five.
8/10 c1 LimitlessOtaku
Bad Novel. I Can't Understand How And Why!? Did Touma Was Not In The Timeline. And It So Damn! SLOW! Not Worth Reading It But If You Want To Read It In Your Free Time. Read It
8/7 c70 linkmorali
You know now that they found out about Othinus, you can make an arc of him slowly telling about the infinite hells and the Denmark incident.
6/2 c70 mastermacer780
Read the whole thing in 2 days and loved it! Thanks for writing this.
5/25 c70 craytherlay
So far soo good It was a slow Start but your story is shaping up nicely however i will point out that the Magic Gods are NOT dead not technically it's more of they might as well be as they are trapped in a "New World" but they are not dead merely out of sync with the universe, speaking of that I wonder if we'll get any more references/ inter-dimensional cameo's so far out of the one's i recognize (and by Cameo's i mean them appearing in their world) we have had the Trickster from the Whoniverse only seen in "Sarah Jane adventures", and Bill Cypher im curious if Misaka's gonna start running into them herself freaking out also i noticed you've been putting mental pressure on Biri Biri you seem to have plans for her looking forward to it
5/25 c67 craytherlay
Damn that was cool I knew Bill Cypher would have a Cameo from the first few lines of this arc talking about how the strange attract each other, but to get the Cameo for ANROM with the Touma horde? Awesome And FUCKING KNEW CYPHER WOULD SHOW UP Misaka saw him Twice and the first time he waved at her no way he wasn't gonna show up Damn triangular demon
5/25 c59 craytherlay
Mikoto you not only See Bill cypher once... but TWICE!? thats not good (she witnessed Wierdmageddon?) Also Damn Uiharu you saw some AoS stuff?
5/24 c49 craytherlay
Reading this chapter and Only those who have watched Sahra Jane adventures would recognize the Fucking TRICKSTER! God damn whats next?... the Master?, Sontarans!? The Trickster excels in making small changes to destabilize time and feeds off of the chaos that ensues clever usage of him
5/17 c70 onilink500
very good
one question you play see or view the wicher?
this universe is good idea one book in novel and game Conjunction of the Spheres
5/9 c1 1UnityorUnkit
this man has dedication.
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