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for Three Worlds Collide

3/3/2014 c5 2DaWolves2
Cool chapter I can't wait until the Doctor meets the league!
2/26/2014 c4 233gunman
It's amazing to me that while you have four chapters up, three people favoriting this story and seven following it, no one has reviewed anything.
I like Batman, I like Spider-Man, and Doctor Who is pretty fascinating and all (Still don't see how those Dalek's are such a threat, but that's just me) and Alfred is such a great supporting character.
And really, I loved it when Batman is just completely shocked and all. "What is this? Invade the Batcave Day?"
I was laughing so much at that.
Are you going to bring in any other heroes for this? I think you should. You've already got a good team here, but you could add more to it.
This has great potential so please keep up the good work.
Write on!

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