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2/23 c46 YukineKaze
just one Kuroba Kaito is more than handful lololol

awwwww i approve HakubaXRan ship! they're cute together!

i already comment about it but damn-
2/15 c47 41Alshoruzen
Loved the trick mirrors, heh.
2/8 c47 msjbird
This was another great chapter. I like the idea that exploring the tent will be like watching a show! I look forward to reading what happens next.

The upcoming new story sounds great! So much to look forward to!
2/7 c47 2Kabnondra
It's nice to have such a heartwarming chapter in comparison to the doom many of the characters seem to repeatedly face! The funhouse mirror is a creepy but cool way to showcase Akiyama's former self as well. Is there a reason that it didn't show Heiji his previous self?
1/17 c46 YukineKaze
awww Ran! every people has something they feared. so don't think that you're such a burden, and just leave you anymore guilt!
1/13 c46 Sumsy
The carnival tent sounds really spooky. I imagine the history of that ton is really interesting! I look forward to reading about what happens next!
12/19/2021 c45 41Alshoruzen
It’s kind of funny hearing Hakuba of all people talking about basically what amounts to time travel. I look forward to finding out what this House of Stories is if that’s where they’re going. Merry Christmas!
12/13/2021 c45 2Kabnondra
I'd love to see a more Ran-centric chapter moving forward! I'm curious to see where they end up next!
11/25/2021 c44 eliana
me encanta!
solo una cosa, shinichi es muy damisela en apuros, ósea se que no tiene ni su cinturón, ni su reloj, ni las zapatillas pero es mitad perro ósea que almenos tendría garras fuertes como los perros, porque diablos si los perros las tienen, y sus piernas también deberían ser bastante potentes y no hagas excusa que no hay balones ahí porque ya hemos visto a shinichi patear todo, desde vasijas hasta fruta o lo que tenga a mano en momentos de urgencia, vos decís que unirlo a una bruja o hada que estaba en la fiesta que pueda invocarlos funcionaria? Solo eso, mi niño es un crack y no damisela punto!
Pero kaito, a kaito lo amo todo posesivo como es, kyaa hermoso. Esos momentos en que destruiría todo solo por shinichi por poco no grito !
Mi amor!
Sos una crack y espero conti
11/25/2021 c8 Mr Darklord
Wooooohhhh. Spooky
11/22/2021 c44 41Alshoruzen
It’s nice to see them finally get some down time together. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of strange place they end up next. Happy Thanksgiving!
11/17/2021 c44 Reikuwu
pogger chapter- i wonder what kaito did with shinichi after their romantic dinner…
11/16/2021 c44 2Kabnondra
This was a nice break in the story! Shinichi and Kaito were very cute, but I especially love the dynamic between Kaito and Ran. It speaks of ill things to come, but I like the openness on both sides
10/24/2021 c43 41Alshoruzen
It’s nice that the Court people are actually being helpful. I particularly like the pumpkins on the vine, heh. It’s also pretty cool how the other guests are putting some thought into how to group themselves. I look forward to seeing how it goes.
10/18/2021 c43 msjbird
I'm not sure whether to be suspicious of the court's generous gifts.

With so many people working together, hopefully they will find the way home soon!

I look forward to reading what happens next!
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