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1/25 c55 54Alshoruzen
I assume he’s talking about the first time they met? I imagine it’d be pretty scary to be there, but the fact that it was Akiyama made it rather funny. I’m glad they found him. I’m starting to develop a suspicion about Kazuha. Anyhow, I look forward to seeing what crazy thing they find next!
11/9/2023 c54 Alshoruzen
That’s certainly an interesting twist on the claw game. I like seeing how the different games get changed, and it’s fun seeing how they deal with them, heh.
4/22/2023 c1 6Dola225
I love this story! The suspense on how they’ll get out is killing me. The anticipated that i feel and theories on how everyone gets out is making me hyper! Anyway great chapter and i really look forward to where you take this story. I can’t wait for another update but take your time, I don’t mind waiting since your chapters are totally worth the wait. Though if you plan a hiatus, mind telling the readers so we’re not left hanging for so long but then again if you don’t update in a year i guess thats as big of a sign that your on hiatus. Anyway thanks so much for the great chapter and have a nice day.
4/18/2023 c53 54Alshoruzen
Heh. I enjoy listening to them analyze the situation and plan. Wonder what’s going on outside too. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.
12/8/2022 c52 Alshoruzen
It’s hilarious that Ken’s complaining to KID about her sister first obessessing over KID then Kaito. The irony, heh. I’m not sure how they’re going to get around the clowns. They seem really OP. I’m looking forward to seeing what they decide to try.
11/21/2022 c51 7LMeg9.20
Very good update, looking forward to more
10/31/2022 c51 msjbird
I'm so glad that they managed the win. What an intense chapter! And another game already? Crazy!
10/28/2022 c50 54Alshoruzen
It’s interesting seeing the twists on the games. The snake thing was really funny. And I can totally see why Kaito would actually prefer fish this time, heh. Happy Halloween!
10/25/2022 c50 luckynumberdusk
Hi! Just wanted you to know that you're one of my favorite authors and that I've been reading every update of your fics for 10 years! I love how cute you make the relationships. Not just the romantic ones, but the platonic ones as well! Also your characterization of everyone is always top notch! I always look forward to this particular fics updates in October, and reading the entire thing again. Thank you so much for your fanfiction! 3 3 I really admire and appreciate you!
10/24/2022 c50 msjbird
I think their ideas are really good. I hope they can save everyone! The clowns are super creepy, perfect for Halloween.
8/22/2022 c49 Kabnondra
What does the one black eye and one red eye mean? Fascinating!
8/20/2022 c49 Alshoruzen
Heh, way to use their words against them. I’m looking forward to finding out what’s going on.
8/19/2022 c49 7LMeg9.20
Very fun, but also a little creepy (the clowns). I loved it.
8/17/2022 c49 incursio333
Interesting~ thankyou for updating!
8/16/2022 c49 msjbird
This is so creepy! I like it. I am really looking forward to reading about how they solve the other games. This one was really clever. Well done!
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