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1/23/2019 c28 Lily
Wow, first a Shinichi shapeshifter and now a Kaito-esque newcomer? I can't wait to see what will happen next~ Also the shapeshifter was at the Lodge? And then when the rescue was over and it got out did it follow our guys and then somehow managed to save Kaito? Intriguing~
1/23/2019 c28 jayfeather63
Sirens Blazing. Shinichis in danger. This kind of reminds me of this hotel in the Percy Jackson book series that’s designed to keep you content and make you forget your worries. It’s really cool to see it in this sort of castle fairy tale setting. Hopefully Shinichi will be able to snap out of it or Kaito will take matters into his own hands. Or both! Really amazing chapter!
1/22/2019 c28 9wickfur
Wonderful writing and story as always ty!
Also Shinichi ur trusting him too much, don't go TvT it's entirely too suspicious.
1/21/2019 c28 saphira88
Whoever that was is a major CREEP!
1/21/2019 c28 SB
How creepy. Just the right distractions for everyone. And poor Kaito! I hope he escapes and finds the others soon.
1/21/2019 c27 Piscestwin
An update it’s been a while. I also would hav love it if Kaito saw shinichi dressed like that. To bad for Kaito he would probably whine absolutely it not seeing Shinichi in a ball gown oh well most likely he would just dress Shinichi in one just so he could see him in it.
1/17/2019 c27 54Alshoruzen
The pumpkin patch carriage thing was pretty funny. I look forward to seeing what comes next.
1/13/2019 c27 ami-chan
I feel like they really, really shouldn't eat that food...
12/26/2018 c27 7LMeg9.20
This chapter was very enjoyable. Looking forward to the next one. Happy holidays and happy New Years
12/24/2018 c27 jayfeather63
Merry Christmas! This chapter was great. I love how everything’s so ominous. Like what kind of peril have they gotten themselves into this time lol
12/24/2018 c27 SB
That castle sounds too good to be true! Spooky. I hope Kaito finds them soon.

Merry Christmas to you too!
12/4/2018 c26 bbynk
I love it! Thanks for writing~~
11/19/2018 c26 54Alshoruzen
Heh, this sounds fun. It really is too bad Kaito’s not with them. I look forward to seeing where they end up. Have a happy Thanksgiving!
10/29/2018 c26 SB
That was another strange and interesting twist! Thank you for the chapter. I hope you enjoy your time away!
10/17/2018 c25 jayfeather63
Finally got caught up on this story. It’s so amazing. The plot you’ve created is so intricate and mystical and I just love it all. Shinichi and Kaito are both suffering without the other and my heart goes out to them. But you’ve got to have a bit of angst in order for the reunion to be so touching. :)
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