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7/18/2018 c22 12Ambiguous Cake
As long as he's not dead, we're cool. It'd be pretty hard to kill a vampire anyway, wouldn't it? Anyway, thanks for the update!
7/9/2018 c22 Lily
Oh no poor Shin-chan, just imagining him crying and depressed and hoping that Kaito is alright is so heartbreaking. I hope they can meet soon.

On another note, it’s good that Kaito is alive. Well of course he is, but even knowing that all along I’m still really glad. Though I wonder why he appeared to be in a river and how he escaped from that inferno...also its sounds like his consciousness is gonna take a vacation and the vampire instinct is gonna take over soon...though how that works while he’s in the river is anyone’s guess. I just hope he gets better and goes look for his Shin-chan soon, they deserve to be together after all this stuff. That bit about the fish cracked me up though, even though Kaito is so beaten up and hungry he still won’t touch those creatures lol.

Looking forward to more of this awesome verse!
7/9/2018 c22 Heavenly Blue
Do you know what you did to me in the beginning of the chapter?! I CRIED with Shinichi!I felt so bad for him, dammit!

And have I ever told you that I love the way you write Ran? She's just so sisterly and warm for Shinichi all the time it makes me feel like my heart is melting.

And thank you for telling me that Kaito is actually alive. I know that your stories tend to have a happy ending but it was nice to know for sure.

Please Update soon~!
6/17/2018 c21 54Alshoruzen
Ahh! What a place to end… Kind of feel extra bad for Heiji, actually. He seems to be making a lot of the tough decisions. Hope to see more soon.
6/13/2018 c21 Guest
holy shit what
i just started reading this im so hyped now
6/12/2018 c1 7Kadek8785
Why? Why do you have to separate them again? After thry have to fight so much just to meet each other T-T

I really loves this story, along with all other stories you have write. Especially the Traveler Chronicles, whic is by far my favorite among them all, and still waiting for the next chapter.

I really loves your ideas and OCs. Really. Ususally, when I read stories with OC(s) in them I can't stand them. There will be always something that make me dislike them. Sometimes I can even hate the characters from the fandom itself because how bad thr author write them. But you can make me loves them all, the characters from the fandom and yours, no matter if they are my favourite or not. The story always flow gratefully and the love between Kaito and Shinichi allways feel real, as if they are really the canon pair not fanon. Though I have to wait really patiently for your update, I don't care. At least my patience will rewarded beautifully.
6/12/2018 c21 NJSCO
poor Shinichi... being seperated from Kaito again... t~~
6/11/2018 c21 12Tobina
Wohhaaaa...the tension! I'm on the edge of my seat! You never fail to come up with some dramatic twists! Great chapter!
6/11/2018 c21 Lily
Oh no this chapter tore my heart T_T I knew they were hardly going to be able to walzt into the chamber and out unscathed but...Kaito T_T I knew the moment he kissed Shin-chan that he would be the one to stay back (and it does make sense since with his strength he would have to stay back and stop the enemies) and I think he knew too.

Hmn, I knew Kaito would eventually be fine but I can't help but wonder what will happen to him...the Warlock is still right there, and even with his strength he can't fight all the Keepers if there are too many of them. All that with the thirst for blood still hanging above his head...this has to be the most suspenseful chapter so far for sure. But Kaito being Kaito, I wouldn't be surprised if he somehow miraculously got out of the tight spot by some way no one thought about. Let's hope so XD I just can't picture him getting rescued (that's so OOC somehow), at least not in the traditional sense anyway.

Aww poor Shin-chan, being carried away (though the moment was tense I laughed at him getting hauled back by the tail) why his hubby has to stay back T_T Now even if they got back to the maze he would want to go back to the chamber for sure (even if he has to sneak out)

I just realized this but they just got back together for one chapter and now they're apart again XD I'm getting some star-crossed lovers (or shoujo manga) vibes here. At least there was a kiss (a goodbye kiss, does that make it worse)

I hope this fic get like, 50 chapters or something because the potential is staggering. I mean, the universe itself is amazing, the idea with the Halloween costumes is so unique, the OCs are fleshed out and don't feel like the usual OCs (I usually don't care much for OCs but I love yours) Also there are the king, queen, the court of stars,...still in the dark. I'd love it if they turn into some kind of resistance (haha too YA novel?) but seriously, this has epic novel written all over it.

I usually read the entire fic again when I have free time (as I do your other fics as well) so now I'm gonna go do that XD

Eh, it's back to hoping Kaito and Shin-chan will reunite again but I'll send many wishes their way (the last time was 10 chapters's worth of separation)

Can't wait for more!
6/11/2018 c21 saphira88
NO! What have you done...
T . T
6/11/2018 c21 7Serendipital
They just can't catch a break, can they? I'm looking forward to what happens with Ran and Kaito...thank you so much for writing!
5/17/2018 c20 54Alshoruzen
Yay, they’re back together again! It’s interesting how things like Hattori being a scarecrow make such a big difference with the vampire issue. I look forward to seeing what happens.
5/16/2018 c20 Heavenly Blue
The anticipated reunion! Kaito was so fricking cooooolllll!

I also love how both Hattori and Shinichi figured Kaito out so quickly and the fact that Kaito is trying so hard to fight his instincts.

Please update soon~
5/14/2018 c20 saphira88
Finally! Thank you! Now Kaito just need to drink from Shinichi and all is well again...
Please and thank you...
5/14/2018 c20 Lily
Yay my favorite fic got updated~

They finally met at last~ a little disappointed there was no kiss, but well, there were a lot of people there so I understood why they didn't go for it, haha XD And now Kaito's self control is kind of shot (though he's still putting up an admirable effort) for any close contact~

And Brandy kinda prodded the possessive beast in the eyes there, I got a laugh out of that XD hope it won't get worse later because, media-wise, vampires and werewolves really don't get along, and Brandy seems like a nice and friendly fellow XD He just needs to choose his words with more caution LOL

Also all three detectives noticed why Kaito wanted to go with Hattori, haha XD Heiji was a pretty good bro there. But I guess that's easy to guess since it would take something extreme for Kaito to leave his Shin-chan right after meeting up...the tempo is kinda fast, and I guess it goes pretty well with the urgency of hunger Kaito is experiencing...wouldn't be surprised if he finally snaps next chap.

And Shin-chan's worry is so cute~ He's fretting over the hubby (and quick to volunteer as food I see) As adorable as that is, have a little more care for yourself Shin-chan, I'm sure Kaito would agree XD Though of course he's the best choice, since Kaito would hardly be able to harm him, vampire or not...the vampire persona may be even more possessive, given how they usually act romance-wise in movies (and I don't mean Twilight LOL)

Can't wait for what happens next!
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