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5/14/2018 c20 owo
Omfg I swear those lovebirds areonly reunited for like 1-2 paragraphs and now they've been separated again
Hopefully they can be with each other again
5/14/2018 c20 silentnotex
yes finally! *sniffle* don't mind me
5/14/2018 c20 Kyrell Lyn
Oh my, I'm waiting desperately next chapter
4/20/2018 c19 54Alshoruzen
I see what you mean about the dark. I think it’s the theme of the maze. Though I think it’s interesting that way. You are what you make yourself and all that.
Ah, it’s too bad they literally just missed him.
4/17/2018 c19 zzzjem

Anyway, ANOTHER WONDERFUL CHAPTER AAAA. Thank you so much for the updates. ahajshshhshs I adore Vampire!Kaito so much thank you for that gah.
4/16/2018 c19 saphira88
WHEN are you going to make Kaito and Shinichi reunite? Kaito need blood ASAP. Everyone have breaking point and I think Kaito almost reach his
4/16/2018 c19 Heavenly Blue
AHHHHHHHH! You got me so hyped up in the middle of the chapter! I thought Kaito and Shinichi were going to see each other again! WHYYYYYYYYYYY!

I'll be waiting for the update! I want to see the reunion!
4/16/2018 c19 Lily
Yay an update to my favorite fic! Haha, Kaito and Shin-chan just can't seem to catch a break and meet up with each other! I hope for at least a kiss (wink wink) when they reunite~ But the good thing is the maze seems to be all connected and Shin-chan's group is heading down there anyway...hope they can rescue Ran on the way too!

And it's been something on my mind from the start but I love that you set Kaito up as a vampire...I love the cape-wings (hope they're gonna appear again) and now there are the red eyes and super healing too (just like the ideas the media has of vampires haha) but things sure are turning darker for him. Though if we're going with what the media portrays he'll feel more like himself once he's fed...Also I love how you described the vampire persona that appeared as 'potential', it's not another creature, but a possibility/part that comes out under the 'right' (haha) conditions...Summarily, I just can't wait for what's next! Hopefully with the group there the ones stuck in the maze will do better (I love the idea of Father Time btw, interesting costume) but when the lion lord (?) gets back he'll scour the place for intruders right?

Always loving/waiting for your update(s)~
4/16/2018 c19 SB
Another great chapter! It's good that they're all finding each other. Once they're together again, maybe they can really get somewhere. :)
3/9/2018 c18 Alshoruzen
The way they dealt with the lion was hilarious. Have fun wherever you’re going!
3/8/2018 c18 Trickster79
Hahahaha, imagine shinichi turning into a woman :'D
That would have been amazingly hilarious *grins*
2/28/2018 c18 3Anano Jinseite
Great chapter omgg! im excited for the moment when they meet up each other again aaaaa! thank you so much for the updatee i hope u enjoy your march im really reaaally looking forward to april! :D
2/27/2018 c18 SB
Yay! They're finally going to get back together! Great chapter.

I'll miss reading your updates. I hope you have fun while you're away.
2/26/2018 c18 Lily
Haha can I say poor lion man...Oh and I was wondering the same thing about if Shin-chan had worn a dress would he have been turned into a girl!

And yay their reunion draws closer even as Kaito's hunger grows worse...but if vampire standards are based on the media then I don't think Kaito can control his urges, he will just loose his senses and chase after his prey but hopefully will get back to normal after feeding. Am I bad for wishing said prey would be Shin-chan? XD

See you in April! I love this fic so much I wish it would never end~
2/16/2018 c17 54Alshoruzen
The Conan moment was a cool idea. I look forward to seeing how things go.
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