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1/28/2018 c17 6Miss Emotion
This is so exciting
1/15/2018 c17 3FattyKitty yr old shin-chan with ears and tail. OMG! OMG!x3
this... do a critical 9999 damage to me and make me nosebleed. Thanks heaven.
1/15/2018 c17 Lily
Yay Kaito is heading over to Shin-chan~ So looking forward to their reunion!
12/13/2017 c16 54Alshoruzen
That was fun. The thing with the wedding dress was hilarious, heh.
12/4/2017 c16 Lily
yay new chapter ~ I love this story so much
12/4/2017 c16 SB
This just keeps getting more interesting! Great chapter!
12/2/2017 c15 Lily
The story's so interesting and I'm looking forward to the Kaishin reunion
12/1/2017 c15 Alshoruzen
That was fun. Akiyama is really funny. I look forward to seeing how Kaito gets himself out of this.
11/8/2017 c15 James Birdsong
Good fanfic
11/6/2017 c15 Theshipperofmanythings
I just found this story recently and I have to say it's really interesting. When I saw the start date I was a little worried but then I saw that it had been updated fairly recently so I was a bit excited. Kaito and Shinichi is one of my favorite ships but I can't really find many well written long stories so I was happy to find this and Midnight White plus Sky colored eyes, both of which are also really good.
10/18/2017 c14 Alshoruzen
Having him tell his own story was an interesting choice. I look forward to seeing what happens.
10/11/2017 c14 VoidColors
I'm so happy to see this update! I feel bad for Kaito qwq I hope Shinichi will go back to him soon. Thank you for the update! it certainly make my day~ gonna wait for your other stories as well 3
10/10/2017 c14 3FattyKitty
I want to listen to shinichi's story too! (but I don't want to hear it from a dragon foot, thank you)
9/27/2017 c13 54Alshoruzen
It’s fun seeing all the places in this fic. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
9/19/2017 c1 3FattyKitty
Why the word 'the mother of dragons' just popped randomly in my head. Oh well, forget it.
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