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2/18/2019 c29 21XphiaDP
Well frick. Um... Low-key panicking but very very excited to see how this turn of events works out. And how the heck Shinichi is faring during all of this considering where we left him last chapter. Can't wait for more and I hope you feel better!
1/31/2019 c22 Spadeknight
Wait, sudden inspiration.

Is the mystery even all the gosho boys couldn't solve of how the cabin has plumbing and running water... a connection to the hotel? Is the hotel still there and they are figuratively not literally ghosts who create ghost phenomena to any people investigating their disappearance, such as spontaneosly running water in bathrooms, or lights turning on and off in the areas still identical to their home world? Or strange paranormal activity on staircase landings and reflections in women's restroom mirrors.

Mmm. Need to read the chapter now. Going to submit this before that since last time I waited I lost my content and had to rewrite my review. Thanks!
1/31/2019 c21 Spadeknight

Kaito, fire, irony, he lives right?
1/31/2019 c20 Spadeknight
Brandy is the romance antagonist, okay.

Added mistrust from his name too. Unfortunate soul.


Kai~to, why u didn't dress up as a true anscestor who dun need bloo~d.

Kaito, going the way Shinichi's policedognose sniffed trouble, alone.

Looks like Hakuba retained his ability to tell time. Why hasn't Kaito been using him like a watch?

Can Hakuba determine exactly how long it was since they got trapped in that world, and how long Kaito hasn't eaten?
1/31/2019 c19 Spadeknight
Does Akiyama have magic but hasn't realized, what with Skeleton Magician and all?

... Kaito is tripping over corpses now. Shinichi would like his dead bodies back, please. Wait, nvm, she is alive and part of Kaito's rescue jurisdiction. Wait, nvm, it is not human anymore but an evil magic beast... still in Kaito's jurisdiction. But murderous enough to count for Shinichi too? Spinx's were supposed to be riddle makers..
1/31/2019 c18 Spadeknight
I feel like the costumes bounced off of ideas to grow, enhancing Shinichi's detective ability since he is a /police/ dog instead of just a werewolf or person with animal characteristics.

Yeah, the words might just look like accidental inkblots.. after all, you cannot use shorthand on something everyone needs to read. Pity for those with poor vision.

Ne, it seems Shinichi has abandoned Ran for Kaito yet again.
1/31/2019 c17 Spadeknight
It would have been really awesome if Father Time triggered the Conan transformation [not a police dog] complete with gadgets and discovered that oddly enough it didn't cost him hardly any magic and cost no magic to maintain, but costed twice as much magic to turn him back and if he used the same amount of magic to try to turn him back to 20s Shinichi he would have only got teenager Shinichi.

And if one of the magicians recognized the KID Killer.

Hum, why hasn't Shinichi pieced together that his badge identified him as detective to a fellow at the wateringhole, and therefore the dragon might be magic enough to read between languages fluently no matter how improbably small the print is?

Kaito shouldn't have exited at the escape route, why did he do that.. now future prisoners won't have that route out? He should have circled around by exoting the barrier somewhere else... and what if they get caught again?

Also, good thing the fairy godmother is in the rescue operation, she can magic up gadgets, fun!

Yay, Hakuba! I always appreciate someone with less tact than me, makes me feel better about myself.

Mou, Ra~n, wherefore art thou?
1/30/2019 c12 Spadeknight
Is the harewoman an animal trainer magician apprentice? Is fluffy her summon?
1/30/2019 c11 Spadeknight
The Beast? Wonder what was said... unless it was a random lion man.

Is Kaito going to tunnel up near the stalagmites till he reaches the green barrier, then when it is down make a little cubbyhole beyond the barrier as a resting cave amd slowly ferry ppl up and stash them away so they can just keep digging to freedom? And have miss fairy godmother make other things that appear to be the prisoners be ferried away in their place? Is there a ninja to do replacement jutsu? Can Ran bioticly sense cameras and therefore watchers?
1/29/2019 c7 Spadeknight
Faint humming? Is the 'giants door' a refrigerator?
1/29/2019 c5 Spadeknight
Is Kaito an incubus vampire?
Is Hattori wearing straw or made of straw?
1/29/2019 c4 Spadeknight
Hattori and Hakuba were in the baba yaga hallway then? What about when the witch returns?
1/29/2019 c3 Spadeknight
Getting Narnia Vibes.
Was that intentional? Thanks for the great work!
1/27/2019 c28 54Alshoruzen
I’m looking forward to finding out what exactly is going on at the Court place. Happy New Year!
1/27/2019 c28 3FattyKitty
The Lotus hotel, this name just pop up in my head abd whatever this cinderella-disney style castle is, it can not be good place.
Shinichi, hang on!
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