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2/20/2020 c4 41Moon Dog 05
Plz update soon
10/28/2018 c4 4Monster King
Great story
2/13/2018 c4 Beautiful-Liar13
loved it this is awesome i cannot wait to see more and when Naruto meets the Kyuubi in person for the first time too.
9/9/2017 c2 1Plasma Dragon 312
Being able to defend himself is important.
8/11/2017 c4 9sd74
Hypothetical situation:

It would be a shame if he... 'jumps a little' right to a bystander (kunoichi/shinobi/samurai/sailor/etc.) that causes him to get a mission, as responsibility, outside of Konoha indirectly meeting a giant turtle in the seas right into the border of Uzushiogakure.

P..S. Suitable method to get answers and other stuff for learning and not waiting to be 18-19 to fight 'her' and become indifferent/neutral.
4/5/2017 c4 Guest
Hachu Y u no update for 4 years
3/18/2017 c4 2nekolovesyou
update please
11/26/2016 c4 2Starry-Eyes-Nights
wot hapned to storiey it dissperd (Bad grammar for a reason)
1/19/2016 c4 Rebmul
this will get interesting
11/28/2015 c4 1Brambleclaw your favorite cat
I like the story keep it up please!
8/1/2015 c1 Guest
there are literally hundreds of techniques both extinct and in use in naruto and you have him use haki? like observation haki can't you say he's a sensor or that armour haki (whatever it's called )can't you say he has a steel armour jutsu like those rock nin ?seriously I do no get why you have to get techniques from other shows when they are all ready in naruto but have different names e.g. prototype and naruto xover there is something called the chimera bloodline/technique which literally copies bloodlines
6/19/2015 c4 strabimonx
nice next chapter please
3/20/2015 c4 BustNjust9
Interesting story worth continuing
1/9/2015 c4 genesicgaogaigarvsgodgundam
nice & cool
11/20/2014 c4 shunshun
*Cries* this is too precious
I gotta say that this is one of the naruto fanfictions with great plot!
I honestly like the idea of an indifferent naruto better than a naruto out for revenge.
I'm looking forward for the progress of the story!
huhu, i hope Naruto will find someone who will treasure him as family/friend
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