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9/13/2020 c61 7sunnyontheheights
Aw man I really loved this, and wish it weren't on hiatus. Hopefully you go back and finish it.
9/6/2020 c29 sunnyontheheights
I really admire that you've given Irina convictions that she sticks to even when it's hard. I really like her.
Also this is awesome, yes girl, sex is not meaningless, it is a "one and only" thing! I never see this in fanfiction, it's really refreshing.
9/6/2020 c25 sunnyontheheights
I like Irina. She's very real, and has real weaknesses / places to grow that make her endearing, not a "coward". Characters who aren't superhuman and invulnerable are the only kines I like to read about, and I think whoever thinks otherwise about your gal here can't recognize good storytelling. 3
9/1/2020 c8 sunnyontheheights
I love this! You write well.
5/21/2020 c61 FSilta
It’s 2020 and I’ve found your story and really enjoyed it.
Thank you for completing it.
I hope life is treating you grandly! ;)
2/26/2020 c42 Michael Holton
Hmmm Irina and vex on a mission, thats going to be interesting. I am beggining to wonder where sapphires gone to since she hasnt made an appearance since irinas disappearance quest. Thalmor embassy i always found difficult to do without being detected will be nice to see the characters and narrative spin you put to that.
2/24/2020 c41 Michael Holton
Considering your state of health at the time, what a wonderfull comeback. Thouroughly enjoyed that read and very well described i think. Glad we didnt see daggers plunged into the skull always seems unrealistic even for fantasy. well done.
2/23/2020 c39 Michael Holton
I liked it, considering it was cannon you did really well imo. The game doesnt allow you to ask alot of the questions and have the narative that you really should. You stuck to it whilst giving credence to another wise very vanilla scene.
2/22/2020 c38 Michael Holton
Look forward to the trip to riverwood and a change of pace, having an idea of whats coming and not knowing how you will write it is exciting. Parting between rune and irina was very disappointing, there was an element of sadness but they both accepted it so well that it seems like nothing to worry about. Really dont like being negative as it is enjoyable, i hope others found it more entertaining.
2/22/2020 c37 Michael Holton
Delphines arrival and potential to point the dragonborn in the right directions good, didnt feel too much on the bryn and rune converstaion, felt like there was no passion and that rune was just resigned to losing her. Didnt want to see them fight as they are old friends and mentor and pupil, but expected a bit more fire i guess.
2/20/2020 c36 Michael Holton
Irina still doesnt understand that business comes first in the thieves guild, reminds me very much of Julia roberts in pretty women. Very beautiful but also unsuited to the role she is trying to fullfill. (clarify Julias character didnt seem like a hooker more an escort). Tension looks sure to come to ahead between rune and bryn though funny how Brynn blames himself for spending time with Irina when it is clearly mutual. Always clearer from the outside looking in.
2/19/2020 c35 Michael Holton
Can see your struggling with these at the moment, Irina is an emotional mess and it is hard reading at times but first time i have ever felt so. I hadnt noticed the picture change, im always too eager to get reading.
2/18/2020 c34 Michael Holton
I have looked at the pictures, but keeping it in context i had a relook because when i looked i had only really been reading a few chapters but now can put them into context. My imagination when reading and picturing will be a bit more colourfull now. This if intentional which i believe it to be is a good run up and better explanation as to why mercer will do what he does to her if you follow the cannon story. like it.
2/17/2020 c33 Michael Holton
Oh now thats a form of cliffhanger and a nice twist i didnt see coming. Think Irina pushed her luck with Mercer asking why and about Karliah, think its a valid point to get the situation across to the reader but with mercer that shocked its entirely plausible and possible that he opened up despite there more than rocky relationship. very interesting.
2/17/2020 c32 Michael Holton
I think you did well with what you had to work with, as said there was very little chance for ad lib or wiggle room for unscripted material. Little short on description of solitude, but still gave a fair mental image. Look forward to next chapter.
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