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1/5 c15 Masamorxfavor
okay.. wow. literally read all of it in less than 24hs, it’s currently 5:30am lol.
just let me tell you, literally amazing. i was so scared when i saw that it’s not marked as completed but glad it actually is.
thank you for writing this, it’ll be forever one of my favs. so incredibly good.
1/10/2022 c15 11Gabriela93N
Today I finished Private Practice series and today read this fanfiction. Thank you so much for this beautiful fic, with Addie and Jake, and the little Aline is the best OOC. Only want Addison happy mega ending.
1/8/2022 c15 peachfresca
Seeing this updated made my day, truly!
I like the idea of Amelia going to Seattle with a baby that she gets to raise, and developing a better relationship with Derek (who will hopefully also stay alive this time ;). It's a small change from the events of canon that I think is realistic but makes me so much happier.

I also love that Alina is joining the practice and all the opportunities it provides for her to keep getting to know Addison better and deepening their relationship.
I am thrilled you've decided to finish this, and thank you for sharing!

PS: my kingdom for more FOW What If universe stuff one day
1/3/2022 c15 56LoveandLearn
Obsessed with this story. Obsessed. I am so looking forward to seeing how Addison and Alina's relationship continues to evolve.
1/2/2022 c15 7MeredithGreyGSM
It’s so good! I can’t wait for more
8/10/2021 c10 Beverly Hender
Addison i know who is the birth mother is Meredith Grey
6/21/2021 c14 9MoonshineMadame
This is such a great story, I really enjoyed reading it! It's brilliantly written and the little details work out too - and Alina is a great character, her relationship with Addie is fantastic. They, which is nice. I'd love to see Henry added to the picture but even if not, thank you for posting this story!
11/1/2020 c14 makayla5317
Please update. I love this story so much.
10/20/2020 c14 Guest
This story is amazing, please update!
9/4/2020 c14 Constanza
Hii! This story is amazing. Are you planning on continuing writing it? I desperately want to know how it goes! Hope you're well!
7/22/2020 c1 Guest
Love this story, please update!
3/29/2020 c1 Guest
Great story please update soon!
3/4/2020 c14 13stephaniesanatomy
i love this story so much! ive been reading it since the beginning and can’t wait to see more chapters
2/12/2020 c14 2Addiefanxoxo
Love this story so much, so pleased you updated xx
2/11/2020 c14 alterus
Thanks for the update. I'm wondering who is calling Addison. I cant wait for Jaddison's wedding so please update soon.
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