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4/15 c3 2LONE RANGER 97
hey sorry I had this whole thing written up explaining why Ichigo saying mother or mom works but him saying mum just doesn't, I'm not trying to insult you or anything I'm being genuine I really think This story is really great so far it's just there are a few things that getting the way of it being better And it's not to do with the plot or anything it's just some small little things that are just here and there But it's not anything that's a constant reoccurring thing except for One of them.

I'm going to try and recreate what I wrote, And I really hope you find it helpful.

Okay so In the story we always hear Ichigo calling his mother mum instead of mom or mother, which just doesn't feel right And whenever we Read it we hear it in our minds and that can sometimes instantly break the immersion because it's not something Ichigo would say, For example I read past apart where ichigo's mom was referred to as mother and it didn't break the feeling of immersion I was having, now I know it sounds like complaining about him saying Mum instead of Mom is nitpicking but sometimes it's a small things that do matter because can you actually imagine Ichigo saying Ma or Mommy, or when referring to his dad saying Pa, pops, or Daddy, probably not right Well that's because although they are just different ways to refer to the same things they are technically a type of slang when someone says Mum it gives the impression of them not only having a British accent or one that's similar But Ichigo doesn't have an accent like that, And he doesn't say ma ma either that implies that he has a bit of a countryish accent although granted it would be easier to get away with that better than with Mum But still it gives a impression of a bit OOC
4/11 c2 LONE RANGER 97
again why is he saying Mum He's not fBritish
4/10 c2 LONE RANGER 97
why is he saying Mum like he's from Europe instead of Mom it's very disorienting.
2/9 c14 5Spartastic 4
I gotta say that the Master seems OoC here. But I gotta see where this all goes.
2/8 c11 Spartastic 4
Ok you got me. Didn't Yajima tell Mavorik and Gildarts what happened after that first mission? or was all he said "Politics" and left after that?
9/9/2023 c35 4TotalWeeb
Didn't Masaki tell Ichigo he was part Quincy before she died?
8/7/2023 c243 Guest
You keep making zeref afraid which is so stupid lol

Zeref is broken he wants deaths he fears nothing
8/3/2023 c21 Theif Lupin
Finally a continuation to chapter one wooo!
8/3/2023 c18 Theif Lupin
Alright so far this is great you are using the time period before what occured in the first chapter to do some bleach things before anything else because after the thunder palace arc things occur quickly alright I take back what I said before this stuff started rocky but it got better quickly
8/3/2023 c17 Theif Lupin
My guy called fucking Ywach some old guy im crying bro
8/3/2023 c16 Theif Lupin
This so far has turned out for the better the council will get off ichigo’s back natsu is learning less destructive magic with controlling his flames cana is learning from levy
8/3/2023 c10 Theif Lupin
How would magic attached to a jacket make you faster instead of the shoes she already attached jump on there why not add it to the jacket instead this is making no sense
8/3/2023 c9 Theif Lupin
Extremely confusing not using anything else for zangetsu It confusing trying to see if hes talking or someone else is this better change soon
8/3/2023 c9 Theif Lupin
Didnt think i would not catch that skyrim reference huh!
8/3/2023 c8 Theif Lupin
If Zangetsu exists does that mean Ywach exists? And if Ywach exists does that mean Soul king exists? And we know Ywach exists cause Quincys exist which means the limbs exists and if the grand fisher exists hollows exists and if hollows exists then Hueco Mundo exists AND IF HUECO MUNDO EXISTS THEN THE SOUL SOCIETY DOES but instead of soul society they might have replaced it with Earthrealm and soul society cant exist because Shinigami already have a classification as mages I-I just dont know anymore
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