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4/29 c2 Guest
so everyone is just an OC? since none of them came from the world of bleach and they just have the same name? bad fic
4/20 c56 WoodenDraconis
I really like that ending with Faust. Including Edo-Ichigo’s.
4/2 c75 facundosaravia2003
i dont get it, who is mavis? or what? i supouse to know that? or you are going to say it in the future chapters?
3/4 c42 WoodenDraconis
Oh my gosh, I cried at that ending! TT-TT
2/20 c261 Fisher King
Thank you for writing. This is literally my favorite story of all time, a masterclass of sewing two worlds together in a way that is both creative and seamless. I’ve been keeping up with it since the Oracion Seis arc.

My warning to all who wish to read this story: This is not a shonen anime transcribed into text. This story is more like Game of Thrones mixed with Doctor Who, hidden under a disguise of well-written action/adventure. Don’t read this if you don’t have days to spend wrapping your head around the themes and consecutive plot lines. And for heaven’s sakes, don’t skip any of the Oracion Seis arc. Or the chapters between the first chapter and the Laxus fight. You’ll want to, but you only cripple your future enjoyment.

Read it, though. Definitely read it.
1/12 c261 Sarrah
I started reading this when I was 10.
A starry eyed child, glued to her computer screen, because she had finally found the crossover she was looking for. Checking in every week, waiting for your updates, since finding chapter 1 all those years ago.
I have been here since the very beginning.
I am 18 now.
And here I am, at the end of this saga, still speechless and unable to put my thoughts into coherent sentences even after almost three months of reading the final chapter.
Throughout the years, this story has become a part of my life. My weekly routine. The only tab on my browser that has been open ever since 2013.
I never stopped to think about how much this story meant to me, how consumed I had become in the words you penned.

And now, after all this time,

I fear I may never be able to let go.

In the three months since you posted the last chapter, I have re-visited the entire story multiple times, drinking in every word, unable to process that it was truly over. It left me empty. Longing for something I couldn't quite grasp. Something I thought I understood, but was alien to my perception.

I don't know why I'm writing this, I don't know if you'll ever read it, but I want to thank you.
I want you to understand what this story has done to me.

In the end, as I look back, I realised that this story is what kept me holding on for so long.
It's funny, how the most superficial things can save you from yourself.
It's strange how a story I found on the internet, anchored me to life, and became the reason I am here today, writing this, ignorant of the grave I should be asleep in.

And now that it's over, I'm not sure what I should do with myself. With all these years I never planned on living. With all this time spent in a limbo.

I am at the end, and I don't know how to let go.

I don't really have anything important to say. This story wasn't perfect, but I'm not nearly skilled enough to suggest any changes. It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty damn close.

There is really no point to this review. In fact this shouldn't even be considered one.

I have nothing useful to say to you, but...
I want you to know that you saved me.
You're the reason I'm still here and I hope one day, I'll learn how to thank you for it.

12/31/2020 c72 Absurdum est
Man, reading through this and seeing your ANs at the end makes me wish that you had written it just a year or so latter once Mavis and Zeref’s relationship had gotten more fleshed out by Fairy Tail Zero. I would’ve love to see what you would’ve done with more material
12/31/2020 c38 Absurdum est
Ah shit, Brain did a Madara. Sans meteor, but I guess you can’t have everything
12/27/2020 c261 codyskater31
personally I'm interested in the fate or the persona crossover. and fingers crossed a fate and persona crossover would be the best.
12/17/2020 c156 Obzerps
Bruh someone tell me if Aizen shows up later in the road. Can't have Bleach without Aizen after all.
11/17/2020 c16 Athrick
Laxus would make a great guild master. Even in canon I usually agreed with everything he said even if he said those things harshly.
11/14/2020 c1 damnedcookie
before even starting this I just wanna say holy fuck you got commitment 2.2 million words. you are a legend on this site
11/11/2020 c261 Nova
Thank you for writing this, enjoy your break!
11/12/2020 c1 2VargasREborn
Hey I kind of fell out of reading this partway through. Mostly because I lost interest in Fairy Tail. Just wanted to say congrats on completing the fic
11/3/2020 c30 Mirek316
Whhhhhyyyyy? Why erase Erza arm... I know that this fanfiction is yours but seriously... They have enough members that Erza even wont affect things even more so when she just lost an arm... This is why some times fanfictions are stupid... In canon i would see the point of her removing the arm. Because they had less members but here nope... They have Shinji and Toushimaru for god sakes, even if the second is 12 year old Child he is still much more powerfull if he defeated Bickslow... This is so stupid even if i like your story... You are just stupidly waking the original cast so the bleach cast can shine more... Even in earlier chapters you said that Jura is more powerfull than he was in canon, but here it seems he is exactly same as canon...
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