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3/14/2014 c26 1MLP Ninjago
I knew it! Lindsay was belle! I love this story very much!
9/17/2013 c26 Sarah1406
Loved this story. I thought the ending was great as it showed how even though the Messers are getting their happy ending, there are still some lingering issues from the whole situation with Owen - Lucy's anxiety around strangers and Danny's occasional nightmares for example. This gives it a more realistic feel. If I went through what the Messers went through it would take me a whole to get over everything.

Can't wait to read any new stories you post up. :-)
9/15/2013 c26 6Daisy1966
This was a very nice ending and I'm so glad the three of them got back together and thing were going back to normal. The ending scene was beautifully written with them spending time happily together :) Thank you so much for sharing this story!
9/15/2013 c26 82NYwLove
It's such a long road but it is good they are getting the help they need (nice shout out to play therapy!) and that they have each other. I have lived this departure in style for you and have really seen your growth through it. Brava!
9/15/2013 c25 2NYwLove
I'm glad your showing the trauma after effects p, makes it much more real, love comforting daddy Danny!
9/15/2013 c22 Sarah1406
That chapter almost had me in tears. First Danny believing all Owen's lies about Lindsay and Lucy. Then Lucy crying her little heart out when Owen pulled out his gun. So glad Jo managed to get her away before a shot was fired.

Speaking of shots being fired, hoping Mac was the one who fired his gun. Don't want him to have killed Owen though - he needs to pay for what he's put the Messers through.
9/15/2013 c20 Sarah1406
While I don't like the idea of her crying, please let that be Lucy and not a trap set by Owen.

Thought the fact that Lindsay had Danny's NYPD hoodie on was so sweet. It's the little things that get me. ;-)
9/15/2013 c17 Sarah1406
I love this story. The suspense in this chapter was great. Really feel for Danny. He's convinced that Lindsay is dead and that some crazy stranger is going to take his daughter from him. And after that ending, I'm seriously hoping Danny is ok, or if not that Mac and the team get to him in time.
9/15/2013 c13 Sarah1406
Have to comment on the story Danny was telling Lucy in this chapter - it's too cute. Love the fact that it was about Princess Lucy and especially loved the fact that Flack was the jester. I was actually disappointed when Owen came in as I wanted to hear

Worried for little Lucy at the end though. Danny was so protective of her, checking her water before letting her drink it and then giving her both bits of bread, but know he's been drugged she's all alone. Hoping no harm will come to Lucy and that Danny will be ok.
9/14/2013 c26 7JainaSyal
Oh I Love it.
That is a very good end. But it is very sad, that your story is to end, now.

I hope you wrote more like that.

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9/14/2013 c26 44smuffly
This chapter ended the story perfectly. I loved the way that you described the slow path to healing, and the happy little scene at the end. Great job with the whole fic! I really enjoyed it and I hope you're planning to write another one? If so, I'll be there!
9/14/2013 c26 49cilepe
What's a flake?
9/14/2013 c26 15Dantana15
Such a lovely final chapter. So cute. Cannot wait to read more of your stories
9/14/2013 c26 21GeorgeAndrews
fabulous ending dear! Ice-cream solves everything :)
9/14/2013 c26 MesserTurnerBates
Beautiful ending to a great story can't wait to see what you have install next for the Messer family
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