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for The Face of Vengeance

12/2/2015 c8 2GodricGeoffreyGryffindor
The Fidelius charm isn't a ward so it can't fall by being overpowered like one. It's a powerful charm that hides a secret in a living soul. The secret keeper has to tell you the secret for you to know it. It may be possible for a legilimest to search through the mind of the secret keeper and find it that way, but only if the secret keeper is not a proficient occlumens.

This is a really dark story and will never be one of my favorites for that reason, but it's still well-written, and I'm still interested enough to follow it.
6/16/2015 c2 1Fez8745
If the weilder of the deathstick isnt harry then he isnt the master of death. So thats a bit of a hole in your plot right there.
2/23/2015 c6 Dante
Good fic. My only complaint is that it's taking too long for the story to go anywhere and i don't particularly care about Ginny and the others put there plan together.
2/23/2015 c5 HeartsGlow
I don't understand why the women didn't run to the Ministry for help.
7/13/2014 c4 1Inferius1957
I am really enjoying this story, keep up the good work.

5/26/2014 c4 billjenny6972
Good chapter! More soon please!
3/31/2014 c3 billjenny6972
Please please please update this story soon...it's excellent!
3/19/2014 c3 3Scabbers1957
The story just keeps getting better n better.
Well done.

3/19/2014 c3 9horus100
espero que mueran mucha gente
11/22/2013 c2 3Scabbers1957
Well this has an interesting start & since I'm a big Harry/Luna shipper, I'll add this story to my Haruna community and story alerts.

11/22/2013 c2 36robert32514
It's not vengeance, no not vengeance. It's PUNISHMENT.
10/9/2013 c1 1Inferius1957
WOW, now this is a "Dam the torpedoes, full speed ahead" type of story.
I'll add this to my Zombie proof vault and story alerts.

8/3/2013 c1 5Man of Constant Sorrow
Wow this is awesome, you actually made the canon epilouge tolerable.

Ginny and Zacharias Smith, two of the biggest A holes in canon, all that's missing is McClaggen to have the set. Proof of her being an royal arse is her treatment of Fleur...phlegm?

I do hope that Hermione is good in this, I love Hermione.

I look forward to seeing what Harry as master of death, and Luna deaths apprentice reap upon these traitors.

Thanks so much for sharing, I eagerly await your next. favorited

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