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10/19/2020 c62 2danila.fedakov.02
I wonder Rowena Cora's mother how many interesting children she has a daughter became a Witch as a mother and a son became the King of Hell.

I wonder what will happen when I hope they reunite. Rowena will want to teach Regina what she learns or spit on her like everyone else.

Regina in revenge will want to kill her for what she thinks she made Cora what she became.

Crowley is Regina's uncle I wonder if when he has feelings he'll treat her like Gavin when he wanted to save him from dying on the ship.

The author mentioned the Keepers of knowledge interestingly I hope the author will not forget about them will not give up work and they will also appear in Storybrooke.
10/18/2020 c67 danila.fedakov.02
I wonder how Sam will behave without a soul with ruby Regina and the rest of the residents of Storybrooke and I will still do bad but I will try to convince the author to set Sam up with Regina since she is one of the main characters this is firstly and secondly this is because ruby would like Dorothy and she almost did not appear in the series almost.
10/18/2020 c68 danila.fedakov.02
I think Sam will show up when Dean Emma Regina gold Charming and "Henry" return to Storybrooke because he has nothing to show up for in Neverland.
10/17/2020 c69 danila.fedakov.02
Dear author I want to Express my respect as this work is amazing I hope you will continue to write this story. And if you can make a small suggestion PLEASE well set Sam up with Regina I know you might like ruby but think about how you described Regina's experience after she found out that Sam was in Lucifer's cage and they have a lot more in common than ruby
10/15/2020 c1 9Supernatural lover XD
Pwease Pwease update this soon! i LOVE this series and its just getting better! Neverland was never really one of my favorites but im sensing this one will be epic and ill love it!

Cannot wait for the wicked Witch arc (Hopefully at that point Sam is back and we can see Souless Sam and Zelena going at it!)

Since Suopernatural is coming to an end, i am turning to this to satisfy my need for Supernatural when its over. (Bonus becuase tis Once as well!)

Im awaiting the next update!
8/23/2020 c69 InfinityStarblazer
Another year without updating 2: Electric Boogaloo (fucking lol)
7/24/2020 c69 Jamesss
4/13/2020 c69 12Sailor Dragonball 87
Great job so far! What will happen to Dean and Neal in Neverland? How’ll Dean deal with being caged like an animal? Will they both end up in the Echo Cave? Will Emma confess her feelings for Dean? Please update this or write a sequel! I really wanna see what happens!
4/13/2020 c67 Sailor Dragonball 87
I’ve seen all of SPN, but I’m on the latter half of S5 of OUAT. How much of it have you seen?
4/10/2020 c58 Sailor Dragonball 87
Yay! I knew he’d come back!
4/9/2020 c57 Sailor Dragonball 87
Was Crowley the Demon who was talking to Cora and Hook? Was he implying that Rowena was both his and Cora's mother?
4/7/2020 c52 Sailor Dragonball 87
Hook and Cora weren’t the only passengers on that ship, Anton was there too.
4/7/2020 c49 Sailor Dragonball 87
Maybe Pestilence is making Henry sick.
4/6/2020 c47 Sailor Dragonball 87
I see reviews talking about the Winchesters staying in Storeybrooke. After the Pan arc, the residence all go back to the enchanted forest when Regina destroys her curse. Dean and Emma will be able to stay together, but Sam and Ruby will be torn apart. Unless Regina gives him something to help him breathe underwater so he could catch a ride with Ariel, since mermaids can swim between realms, but then the brothers would be torn apart. Great chapter!
4/4/2020 c43 Sailor Dragonball 87
So great that Dean and Emma are realizing there might be something between them!
Forgot this last chapter:
Oh no! Dr. Whale's about to kill off about half the population the Storybrooke! Is he the only doctor in town? What will happen to once he’s gone?
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