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for Shoton of Konoha

12/1/2023 c1 Aaron Hansell
it's kyuubi no kitsune
10/5/2023 c1 kennythebest
the fanfiction is nice is there a part 2
9/18/2023 c32 6my 2 guys
that was great keep me the chapter coming
8/4/2023 c32 ShadowIceDragon
The original Author lost this Account and made a new one u/9887789/Arch-Daishou00
7/23/2023 c21 Kingofsenju
Yea you need to come back
7/22/2023 c2 Kingofsenju
If this ever comes back it would be fantastic
6/24/2023 c23 InvcShadow sux
another story down the drain with weird gay shit
6/1/2023 c32 9K. M. Donovan
maybe naruto is not the most powerful chatacter in the story. but he IS the main protagonist.

so unless you intend to pull a massive "Fuck You" and have the villains win? then he needs to at least be strong enough to believably pull a victory out of his ass.

i always hat it when authors nerf their hero's and rely on "Plot Armor" to allow them to win. it is much better if the victory makes sense due to the strength of its hero's.

not because of some pre-ordained fate, not because of some bullshit hidden power that does not awaken until DURING the climactic final battle, but because the hero's are actually strong enough to be a valid threat to the big bad. whether that be a man, a monster, a demon, a god, it does not matter. so long as the hero is strong enough to have a valid excuse for being able to stop the ultimate evil they face. and not because of pure fucking luck.
12/20/2022 c1 Guest
Most ninja have little to no knowledge about fuinjutsu and the ones that do besides kakashi hiruzen and jiraiya and a couple other people have not even a bit more than the necessities needed for a ninja and kakashi only has the experience of a 4 or 5 year old uzumaki does
11/19/2022 c32 6my 2 guys
that was great keep the chapters coming
10/21/2022 c32 doge121
In the anime the crystals are basically unbreakable (it crystalizes everything with mass) so why the fuck is like everything able to break it, also why hasn't he done cellular crystalization
9/29/2022 c11 rageouss
bro why would they help him?! just because they are 'good' in canon? fuck off
8/5/2022 c17 Username6166
Going through all the cliches huh
8/5/2022 c7 Username6166
I will never understand why some writers make it so that the henge is not physical and only Naruto's is. There are dozens of examples in the original series of it being physical for everyone.
6/23/2022 c1 zakhelerythem
this was a great concept but you ruined it with Sakura,Orochimaru's Rediculous Op and that curse mark-Naruto and don't get me started on Kushina revival you.. aside from that this was a great attempt great read!
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