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for Can Dragons eat Titans?

5/30/2017 c5 Fangurrrrrrrrrl
Omg. This story is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good. PLEASE UPDATE. I actually am in love.
4/2/2015 c5 3Lazy Author with writers block
3/31/2015 c5 captain-chaos0
Aw why did you stop? This is a really cool idea, and it's sad that you aren't currently continuing this. I hope in the future that you decide to update this :3
12/31/2014 c5 Artic
Did u have to stop it there? i want to know what happens next so u got to update this. This is a great story that i'm sure can go far. But seeing that you stop for a few years i guess you have writers block. But pleas unblock it and keep writing it. i want to see the training they go thew. what happens to Eren and his friends. I want to see the progress and the results of the training and other stuff. As for pairings i don't know who should be with who. i Kinda thought Mikasa and Eren but they are more like brother sister in my eyes. Maybe Mikasa and Eragon? or even Annie and Eragon. But like i said i'm not good with Pairings. I hope you know that i will keep an eyes out for this story even if its been a wile in hopes you continue it. I havent read Attack on Titans and i have not read Inheritance Cycle but i did see the anime and the movie so i do get whats going on.

So i will stop talking and let you continue. Your story so far in my opinion was great. There is always room for improvements and i'm not good with gramer lol.

-PS i hope you continue this.

8/12/2014 c5 Lady Kaelyn of Midgard
You really should get back to updating this.
4/1/2014 c5 Telron
so far this is a very good story and i hope that you plan on finishing it in the future since the plot is better then some i have seen while it is not the best i would rank it out of 10 a 8/10 since i love the inheritance cycle which i have read many many times since it is so good. also if u need any info on certain things i can probably tell you things that not many people know about from any of the 4 books especially from the first 2 Eragon and eldest which i have read about 8 times each with brisingr about 5 times and inheritance a few times. so in terms of info i can supply a crap load of info on what's what if you need it.
12/14/2013 c5 partytime122
I really like this series there's not many good AoT crossovers that are good but this one is awesome! Keep updating man I look forward to this crossover.
11/19/2013 c5 Kestrellius
Wait I thought magic was pretty much an inborn ability. Didn't Brom mention that there were different kinds of wizards or whatever? That say, Dragon Riders functioned differently from the other types...Okay I can't remember. I should probably read the series again.
11/19/2013 c4 Kestrellius
Does Eragon really even need his blade to take down Titans at this point? I mean as long as he got a good meal or two in beforehand, he could probably just make an incision along the neck with magic...
11/19/2013 c3 Kestrellius
First contact. I've noticed all the AoT crossovers, with the exception of ones that just put characters from another universe into the setting, or vice versa, have the same basic plot: discover the area, fight at Titan or two, make contact...Not intended as a criticism, by the way, just something I noticed. It is after all the most logical way to do things. Incidentally when Eragon mentions Titans along the length of the walls, is he talking about the ones in the walls themselves, or just the infestation within Maria?
11/19/2013 c2 Kestrellius
Now I don't remember. Was Nelli in the original cycle? It's been a while since I read it. Otherwise, good chapter, again.
11/19/2013 c1 Kestrellius
So this is pretty good. There's not a whole lot to say, other than the fact that there are quite a few grammar errors. If you like, I can fix them. I dunno how exactly that'd be handled though.
11/20/2013 c3 Residenthobo
I can't help but notice that you repeat a sentence very often, sometimes in the middle of another sentence.

If I were you I'd fix that, it's confusing.
11/15/2013 c5 10Uraharaisgod
An interesting start, pity it didn't get continued. Your spelling does need work, plus sometimes events swap very fast, with the story changing locations abruptly, may need to work on that.

Asiding that, you may want to work on the AoT crew's personalities, many of them aren't showing their personalities well. Eren isn't so docile, he's brash and rather headstrong most of the time, and more importantly would give his arms for the chance to learn something that could kill a Titan better, but he seems to not be showing that kind of fire in his personality right now. I get Eragon's appearance is pretty big, but still...

Finally, don't overwrite. As of right now, it feels like rather than fitting into the plot, Eragon is overwriting the plot due to the boon of having haxxor powers. Don't have him commandeer the entire story for himself in his own direction, give the cast of AoT some importance as well and let events play out as a meld, rather than the steamrolling I think I'm starting to see.

Eragon is ridiculously powerful and has many such advantages, but don't just make him the omnipotent one, give him realistic limits, such as endurance, or maybe just make sure he has his own share of mistakes on the way. Having him suddenly appear as Lord and Saviour may appeal to some readers, but more people will enjoy a more balanced character.

Take all those into accounts, and I can hope to see a brilliant story, this has a really good premise and it looks like it can become a great story, just make sure to keep balance, don't 100% hog the spotlight to Eragon alone and keep everybody's personalities strong, seeing characters butt heads due to their clashing personalities is always awesome. Keep all that in mind and keep the quality checks consistence and this can become a story to be proud of.
11/2/2013 c1 YoshiMagick
I have read all 5 chapters and I really like the story. It has potential to become really good. It doesn't seem like you have updated in a while, are there plans to continue the story?

There are a few spelling errors in each chapter, but otherwise your writing flow is good. I would add some separators when there is a skip or when Eragon travels because it seems to shift locations very quickly in a few lines of text sometimes.
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