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for Former Flame

7/20/2020 c14 Guest
So good plzz update and Aleheather for the win
5/10/2018 c14 bobthestormtroooper
7/29/2015 c14 romance101
alejandro and heather
6/30/2015 c14 Sparklefootgiggl
aleheather should win
6/13/2015 c14 pinkslush22
Aleheather >w<
6/11/2015 c14 Guest
Aleheather :D
6/8/2015 c14 Guest
Alejandro and Heather is who i vote for
6/8/2015 c14 Guest
Alejandro and Heather
6/7/2015 c14 18ChrisMcLean-Cody-Duncan-TD
6/6/2015 c14 BEAN
I have a feeling that voice at the end was Gwen...
Anyways, no doubt about Aleheather being prom king/queen
6/5/2015 c14 Chi
Aleheather for prom king and queen!
After all, Heather is the "Queen" bee ;)
6/5/2015 c14 1Bunnyrabbit212
Omg so exciting! And Duncan for king and Courtney for queen it would be shocking . Amazing work!
6/2/2015 c14 6FFraspberry
Loved it! Aleheather for prom king and queen all the way!
6/2/2015 c14 laylay0014
This story is so cute! I really like it 3 anyways I vote for Alejandro and heather
6/2/2015 c14 Guest
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