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6/2/2015 c14 vampilove
6/2/2015 c14 Guest
Duncan and Courtney for the win!
5/31/2015 c9 DuncneyAleheatherPotter4evah
Ewww... Does that mean that Justin kissed Alejandro? Ewww...
5/31/2015 c4 DuncneyAleheatherPotter4evah
LOL Gothball sounds like Mothball. I just imagined Heather walking up to Gwen and going
"Hey, Mothball. Oh wait. GOTHBALL I MEANT GOTHBALL!"
4/5/2015 c13 Kortni
DOH,I wanted to see(read) the prom!
4/5/2015 c6 Kortni
Really,just gotta make her a !Not cool.
4/5/2015 c2 Kortni
CxH friendship,it just works.
1/19/2015 c13 Thecookiedude
Good story! I can't wait to know what happens I think you should make it like Justin try's to ruin Heather and Alejandro's prom.
2/28/2014 c13 i-hate-life99
Plz continue . I want to know what will happen at prom.
10/15/2013 c1 Guest
It was okay...
10/6/2013 c13 5AudiLion
gosh! why did you stop!?
9/18/2013 c13 55Torie Rilistkrytcat
Love it :)
9/18/2013 c13 5fandomqueenmadi
It's so good! I'm taking a quick writing break and reading fanfics :)
9/17/2013 c12 Guest
Cute chapter:)
Please update soon!
9/16/2013 c12 55Torie Rilistkrytcat
Aw, so cute :)
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