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for MFB: Island of Strangness

7/4/2014 c6 8AtlasPyro7
Vulpix if you ever continue this then add a rouge charizard that sets gingka on fire and for your truth or dare story you have to dare king to while blindfolded throw knives at masamunes head and masamune is hanging over a pit of crazy fangirls its just perfect and evil...
10/24/2013 c6 Meow
I'm in love with Yu. He is just so adorable! His personality is admirable!
9/12/2013 c6 Ryugafangirl Riga
Me: Would you mind if I join you guys?

Kurotsu(my OC): Yes, we're too bored and anybody wants an insane pill?

Galaxy: Give it back!

Ryuga: Why am I so godamned unlucky?

Kori: You're the badass of most people's sight, bro.

Me: But not me, Ryu-chan's the best!*hugs*

Kurotsu: MY RYUGA!

Kori: Those two are crazy. *sees Kyoya* OMG!

Kyoya: I'm so dead*runs*

Kori: Oh no! *freezes him* you're staying with me!

Ryuga: Anyone tell me what just happened?
9/9/2013 c6 beyzbatz
I would love to join this as well. I would go crazy over Gingka and my OC Destiny would go crazy over Ryuga
8/8/2013 c5 Grace Of Flame
me: hahaha i love it. it sooo funny

Kiara: *wipes mouth* eww...yuck...

me: live with it
8/7/2013 c4 2BeyBeyxxx
Cool story! I love it, keep it up!
8/7/2013 c4 8The Lonely Potato
This chapter was hilarious XD
8/7/2013 c4 Grace Of Flame
that was funny
thx again
8/6/2013 c3 Grace Of Flame
that was a great chapter

if you don't mind me and Kiara would like to join.

Me: believe it or not i'm a fan girl of Tsubasa and Kyoya. i would mostly freak out and ask tsubasa if i can stroke his eagle

Kiara: Kyoya, duh! i would totally annoy him and call him Kovu.

hope thats okay
and this is really hilarious
8/5/2013 c3 The Lonely Potato
Me: Yes! Golden Spatula! Who should I test it out on?

Everyone: *hides in a corner, each pointing to a different person*

Gin: what about the voodoo dolls?

Demon: PERFECT! Anyway, thanks for allowing us to be in the chapter :D *starts beating up the voodo dolls*
8/4/2013 c2 Grace Of Flame
great one
8/4/2013 c2 87Song Of Hope
We're writers, we can do anything we want cause we're AWESOME! I totally WOULD (sorry, no Italics) hit that guy with a frying pan! I've never watched Fairy Tail, and I have a boyfriend anyways, so that is SO me!
8/2/2013 c1 8The Lonely Potato
Lol Ryuga was a Pikachu XD anyway, Here's some information about me in 3rd person :D

Personality: She's semi evil and can think of the best ways to torture the Bladers. She seems to be very devious and constantly scheming, yet she can be completeley hyper and random. Just remember that behind every author is a total fangirl/boy. She doesn't go fangirl over anyone in general, but remember to never look in her secret notebook of ff ideas!

Weapon of choice: Spatula (don't ask XD)

And you can just call me Demon (Inuyasha term)

And here's some info on my OC Gin;

Personality: Gin is somewhat of a tomboy and is known as the devil's child because she's usually the one behind most pranks and jokes. She is a great liar and is extremely sarcastic and can think of the best comebacks in a split second. She isn't afraid of saying what's on her mind and that trait is usually what gets her into trouble aside from her pranks and fights. Although when it comes to her friends she can be so sweet you'll get a cavity from it. She'll use her sweetness usually to get what she wants and get out of trouble (not that it always works). She'll do anything to protect her friends from danger weather they need it or not. When she battles she fights somewhat similar to the Garcias (will use anything to get to the top) because she was raised by them. Though she knows better than to cheat and does have the blader's spirit due to being around Ginka a lot. She was heartbroken when her old boyfriend cheated on her with another girl and she is too scared to date or even love again because of it, though she soon gets over it

Weapon of choice: bow and arrow

Who they fangirl over: Tsubasa (not exactly fangirl but more like tease the most XD)
8/2/2013 c1 87Song Of Hope
Ooh! Can me and Hope be in the next chapter?! She's got a humongous crush on Kyoya, but she'd absolutely never admit it. She's also best friends with Madoka.
8/1/2013 c1 Grace Of Flame
hahaha funny

keep it up

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