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for Dreams May Lead Us Toward Our Future

8/12/2013 c1 Haru Maru Stark Salvatore
WoW Interesting idea I Like it xD
8/12/2013 c8 4jack2724
See I'm sad its the end but it was an excellent ending that I loved!
8/12/2013 c7 sbrock777
tony is a mess thanks or the update good chapter nick is nice I this version of him please post soon cant wait to read more. sorry it took so long to read and review
8/12/2013 c7 15SiniseSnakeEyes
*reads the author's more, blinks and starts laughing* You really are crazy! :D And didn't I already say that you don't need to kneel before me? So stand back up and hear what I have to say :) :
I think it's the best chapter you wrote for this story so far and I hope to read more of it when I come back from my vacation :)
(I posted chapter 10 of LH btw, so enjoy it :) )
8/11/2013 c7 4jack2724
Oh god I loved the reeses reference! And good fury is awesome!
8/11/2013 c6 15SiniseSnakeEyes
...*gabs at the screen* No... NO you can't just stop with this nightmare/memory- wait a moment that sounds familiar... *thinks for a few seconds* oh. yeah alright, it's the same I did, ups...
Anyway, the story sounds really great so far and I will definitely follow this story! :D
8/11/2013 c5 SiniseSnakeEyes
Nooo Loki! I would never hurt you and Tony won't either, promise! So please be all right!
8/11/2013 c4 SiniseSnakeEyes
Hah! Steve cursed!
Great chapter, short but great. I'm just wondering what Tony- sorry, Anthony - means with 'reincarnated god'...
8/11/2013 c3 SiniseSnakeEyes
Oh. My. God! I love this story more and more!
8/11/2013 c2 SiniseSnakeEyes
'..but they grow on you. Like a fungus." *laughs* Oh that's brilliant! Love the second chapter too! :D
8/11/2013 c1 SiniseSnakeEyes
Wow, cool idea! I really like it!
Just a little advice: check the spelling again (for example you write 'becouse' but it's 'because') and try to remember that names always begin with a capital letter as well as the first word of a new sentence. Hope that helps you a bit and I'm excited to read what happens next. So onwards to chapter 2! :)
8/11/2013 c5 4jack2724
Woah that was really intense and I liked Clint alot!
8/11/2013 c6 jack2724
Woah! That was kinda insane! Poor Loki
8/11/2013 c6 sbrock777
oh poor loki it will get better please post soon thanks for the update
8/10/2013 c6 Guest
great start! please continue it soon
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