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9/1 c8 1Wildfirerainstorm
why is always the parts where George is thinking about or talking about Fred that make me break into tears?
4/5 c8 PrincessMagic
wow yes this chapter hurt the most. like, I knew it was coming but damn it just shirts. full on crying so thanks for being such an amazing writer to have made that happen
4/5 c7 PrincessMagic
this chapter hurt a lot
4/5 c6 PrincessMagic
cry cry cry
4/5 c5 PrincessMagic
this hurts so bad
4/5 c3 PrincessMagic
yep thanks im crying
4/5 c1 PrincessMagic
oh god wow
6/23/2015 c8 PurpleCat1245
Honestly, I was crying throughout the whole story. You made the emotions so real and plain, it was beautifully written. I didn't know what to expect when I started reading this story, but now I see it is very amazing, but seriously depressing (but hopeful at the end). Keep it up! :)
1/5/2015 c8 FreedGirl
Please write more!
1/29/2014 c8 Nameless
Thank you for writing this. It holds so many emotions and it somehow fits exactly into my idea of how they would think. I loved every chapter, every point of view; you've done a great job. I especially loved the last one, of course, and the ones with Charlie and Bill, mostly because I'm the oldest sibling too and I know how it feels to fail your younger siblings. And the last chapter was just the best. With everyone coming together again and standing together as a family. I was also quite surprised, in a good way, that you said George wouldn't want to switch places with his twin, even though everyone else would have. I was surprised because in most fanfictions I read it is assumed he, especially he, would have too, but I always thought he loved his brother way too much to let him suffer that pain instead.
So anyway, even though its been a while since Harry Potter 'ended' and you finished this fanfiction, I just wanted to take this moment and tell you that I loved reading it. And the world of Harry Potter as well as Fred will never leave our hearts.
11/17/2013 c8 Guest
I cried in every chapter and I'm still crying now. It was beautiful and sad.
10/26/2013 c8 4Clickydowiz
Wow chapter 8 could stand on its own its fantastic. Love the clothing part, (similar experience and its totally how you feel ), and love the mirror part too. Love the cake part Delightful story. just what I was looking for.
10/7/2013 c8 28brothermine
Wow this chapter was amazing poor George the bit about the cake was tragic! Amazing!
10/6/2013 c8 6Cassidillia
I am actually crying right now, that's how beautiful this is.
10/4/2013 c8 30JoeyJar99
Oh my gosh, just make me cry! I know a lot of people say that and I think, "Did you really cry?" or, if they did, "Wow. You're a lot more sensitive than me." but my eyes were tearing up reading this. It might have something to do with my cousin's grandfather dying last week but if it was, I don't think that was most of it. Just...wow. Amazing! I loved it. I think my favorite chapters are this one and Charlie (I think that was the right chapter). I'm so glad you wrote this. Thankyou (I guess). Again, I loved it and you did an amazing job! :)8
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