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for electric souls

10/19/2013 c1 3glossiers
well, kea, sorry this review is this late. i didn't know you wrote for me. sorry! well, i'm not too proud of my past, but really, i'm just utterly pissed off right now. anyway, this was so sweet and omigosh kea this is just amazing. /hugs
again, i'm so sorry i didn't see it! :( teehee this was perfect and i loved the entire thing - i can't like express it in words or whatever. D:
10/1/2013 c1 7artists
aw this was so adorable kea, :). i was drawn to your story from your title & summary — it's really pretty and so is your story, :). i love how it's massington (because they are infinite) and i love the storyline. the flashback part was adorable (littlemassie&littlederrick&littlecam!) haha i was reminded of blair from gg when you described massie. and omg i love hsm. it's old but classic & pure fluffy. aw i've always thought of m&d as troy&gabriella, except massie is less like g i think haha, :). um anyways i love how you named her spencer (pll!) and omg that part was precious. i love the ending, it's beautiful. great job!

xo nina
8/2/2013 c1 116lydiamartins
oh, great job with this, kea! it's really sweet and i like the second gen idea and it's nice that massie was getting the cake for spencer. the overall massington and the family dynamics was absolutely perfect, and they seem like a much closer and tight-knit family than the blocks ever were. love the name kiera, too! i like the comparison between troy and gabriella from high school musical, and the overall kindergarten scene; it's nice how they started off as best friends and become more (those are usually my favorite types of relationships to read, and are the most realistic in my mind). love this, though, :)

x clara

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