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2/18/2014 c1 5BakaNeko96
Alone in ruin. Man, this was a wonderfully morbid read. And again i have become pitifully hooked onto this story... hooked that I am going to translate the title of your story (ONLY the TITLE) into my native language for the pure fun of it. (Yes, I am jobless - even with my pending stories to write- but this was extremely AWESOME!)

Let's see...Alone in Ruin right? In Malay that would be...'Bersendirian dalam kemusnahan'...I guess...

Gah! Just ignore my useless rants and keep up your magic! CIAO! : 3
12/26/2013 c1 creativesm75
nice. serious. good
8/7/2013 c1 4otaku908
Wonderful :3 So happy I finally got to read about the past! xD Though it did bring a few tears, poor Spanner...oh god, what am I trying to prove? In truth, I practically bawled. Love it though, no matter the tears. Interesting how much Dino's relationship with Tsuna changed throughout the years, huh? But still...SPANNER I shall be pondering over my likeness of Spanner's fate. The poor wanted-to-be-professional-mechanic absolutely had to die for the sake of a good plot. Hope you update Darkest Desires soon. Dammit, I promised to review REALLY long on how much I liked the chapter (Correction: I LOVE it.) and the amount/length of the writing. Seriously, did you REALLY finish this within 2 days? ...well, guess it's possible xD Unless you're me, who procrastinates constantly. Still haven't even got 50% through of the next chapter of one of my stories C; I'm attempting, I swear! Blarg...what else to say? I should make up for the last time I didn't review because of lack of sleep...Hm, should I blabber? Maybe so...Yeah, that'll do. So, what was the mistake you made? You said something about no one noticing it previously so I'm curious. Giotto was pretty pissed off as well...Does he still view Dino as bad as you portrayed him in this one-shot? Oh look, now I say these things xD Feel free to not reply, If you wish. And yeah, googled the title. Weird translation screw up. Welp, it was a good choice anyways. Probably because of the sentence you said a few times, "We are all but alone in ruin." (although I'm pretty sure you only mentioned it twice.) Phew, think that's all! x3
8/5/2013 c1 1Tsuki94
D:... No.. Spanner.. I could never have thought that this was their past! It's so sad D;.. ... I think I got the title's meaning, do correct me if I'm wrong, but is it something like how everything will fade away in the end?

Hmm.. I noticed that in some part in this story where there should be "he" there's "she", like in the beginning.. so you just know :)..
8/3/2013 c1 Dai27
Whoa.. I.. I'm speechless. I can't believe..

Okay, how do I start.. when I first read the new chapter you put up I was shocked Tsuna had a brother. I hadn't thought you'd do that, it was a nice surprise. But now.. I don't think I'll be able to look at Dino the same way as I continue to read your story.

I honestly dislike him now. When I think that Tsuna has no clue Dino killed his 'father', it just angers me. Do you think you'll ever have Tsuna find out? I'd love to see what happens then.

Also, I'll be replying to that other conversation too. Again, I'm quite slow in getting back to people so I hope you don't mind. And just know, I haven't lost interest in this story in the slightest.

This oneshot did surprise me a lot though. I wasn't expediting it to be so.. sad and depressing. It was still good though, I couldn't stop reading. Thank you for typing this out and giving us a good look on what type of life Tsuna had, I really was curious.

Good job! :D
8/2/2013 c1 3Tansku94
;( Poor Spanner! I feel sad for Tsuna. I think no one should tell Tsuna that he was the reason Spanner got killed, because Dino was jealous of him :(.. .Sad story.
8/2/2013 c1 Guest
This was amazing, Syn'ph. It was detailed and dramatic. The irony was that Dino did become closer to Tsuna, but it was at Spanner's expense. I wonder how Dino became so kind in the present then? Good one shot. Hope you make more someday.

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