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for It's a Photo Flashback

10/9/2013 c2 19Jac the Shadow
I can forgive you for bring Trip here ONLY because of what Misty said...and Harley. XD
8/23/2013 c1 Jac the Shadow
...Please continue.

Do NOT leave us hanging like this! I must have more! MOAR!
8/14/2013 c1 6Golfer2012
Very cute fic, Yoh. Ash being a Pokémon Ranger fits perfect for his career. Can't wait to see the next chapter.
8/3/2013 c1 208ChloboShoka
I shared your fic on the SatoHaru Library. This sounds like it's going to be a cute fic, I like the idea of all these nostalgic trips. Neat idea. Not seen anyone do it before.
8/2/2013 c1 23cactuar-sauce
I was literally watching the Cleveland Show when I got a notice about your fic. It's been a while since I've re-read your fics because I have severe writer's block. I've been trying to watch the Cleveland Show and reading other fics to get me back on track. My thoughts on the fic: I'm wanting to hear more! When I was a kid, I did have a feeling Ash and May would have some kind of romance of some sort.

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