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2/4/2017 c5 Guest
update again . the story is really good
8/14/2014 c5 14YouCan'tControlMe
Please update this! You write so well, and we need to find out what happens! Hoping that it's Sinjin who's Trina's secret admirer and that she realises he can be sweet. It was so kind of Teina to buy the dress for Tori, too. Going great with the Bade :) I want to know what would happen with them!
8/9/2014 c5 Guest
Amazing continue please
7/21/2014 c5 Bade bae
Please please please update this
3/17/2014 c5 Guest
You NEED to update this next! I want some Bade! :p
2/16/2014 c3 Guest
Is Shelby Shelby Marx from "iFight Shelby Marx" the iCarly episode(s)?
2/3/2014 c5 aprilfoolsberry
Grear story, can't wait for a new chapter.
2/1/2014 c5 1heartaches
i think Trina's secret admirer is Sinjin! i'm loving that they're getting closer, but i missed Bade in this chapter ;( please update ASAP!
2/1/2014 c5 6JadeWest1234
I think it's Sinjin
2/1/2014 c5 Nattie Louise
Found this story and love it
I think it was a kind gesture what trinia did, really nice
hope there is lots more tandre
can't wait for more
2/1/2014 c5 4badeistheOTPofOTPS
I'm glad they're getting along & having fun in the other's company! Can't wait for more bade & tandre action! Update soon :)
2/1/2014 c5 4CaburpleGiraffe
Yay! They are being all friendly and nice to each other! Aw that was so nice of Trina to buy the dress for Tori :) I think Trinas secret admirer is Sinjin lol
1/27/2014 c4 6BeMyxoxo
Please update soon! This story seems amazing!
1. I think that Hayley is really annoying
2. I'm not sure
3. No, of course I don't trust Ryder
4. Yes! I love Bade!
5. I would be pretty annoyed at Tori
1/25/2014 c4 9blackcoffeeforme
Please update soon :) I love Bade and all the other pairings you have! I love the idea of Beck and Tori as siblings. I would like to see Andre get in an argument with Tori because honestly she's being selfish. I don't trust Sarah or Ryder at all and I would love to see Robbie and the girls stand up for her. I'm a big Cade friendshipper. I'd honestly love to see Jade get in a fist fight, possibly with Ryder? _ and I love a jealous Beck! Please update soon!
1/10/2014 c4 BadexCabbie167
Finally a new chapter! Yay! Great chapter btw! Can't wait for the next chapter! Update!

Hayley, Annoying older sister... makes sense.
Sarah, Whispering...Obviously up to no good.
Rider, Don't trust. Cat belongs with Robbie.
Beck and Jade, Bade Kiss...LOVE! MORE!
Tori, not telling...not good, but not that bad.

Update really soon! Love the story!
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