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for Rescuing House

6/3 c35 Bakerstreet Blues
Glad to see you back...

Love House's inner thoughts.

Be safe and don't wait too long to continue.

5/17 c35 Robin
Glad to see this one updated. Introspective House is my favorite House, all the bravado and sarcasm which is just a mask to hide his true self from the world, is stripped away to reveal the true person. Well done.
5/16 c35 3ViolettBlack
I am always happy when you post a new chapter. Doesn't matter from which House fanfiction.
I often think that it might have been better for House if he sued Cuddy and the PPTH for damages for pain and suffering and used this money (someone who has knowledge regarding this topic once told me that House would have gotten around 10 million US-Dollars) to start his own doctors office or looked for like minded doctors to incorporate his own hospital with them.
I also think that it was irresponsible from Cuddy to make House, his team and Wilson to do clinic duty, given how severely ill their patients often were. A simple cold that they picked up from the clinic could have been detrimental to their diagnostics and cancer patients.
7/15/2020 c34 Bakerstreet Blues
House's list of what being content might mean to him was RIGHT ON THE MONEY. He listed everything that other people do or have done to him that make him unhappy. Really well done.

The balcony scene in "Out of the Chute" between House and Wilson where House tells Wilson quite subtly that he 'HATES' when wilson tries to analyze him because he thinks that House 'THINKS' like Wilson. That was a real stepping stone for House because he never stood up for himself against Wilson...David Shore made sure of that. I really like where this is going and have hopes for this journey that I will keep to myself...

Thank you

7/14/2020 c34 5harpomarx
Intense but really good couple of chapters. Very curious to see where it goes from here.
6/10/2020 c33 Rhastahippy
Oh the quarantine has not hindered you at all. This is my favorite chapter in this story so far. More please.
5/16/2020 c33 harpomarx
Fascinating chapter... hope you get inspired for more soon.
5/16/2020 c33 tnakoneczny
I love this last chapter, as well as they whole story. When are the next chapters coming? I like to see where the story is going to end. This is one of your best stories I have read.
2/28/2020 c32 Bakerstreet Blues
Well you succeeded in hooking me...now I await an update. Looking forward to it.

Thank you.

2/28/2020 c25 Bakerstreet Blues
I think Wilson's barbs always hurt House, he just never acknowledged that fact. A few instances House did let it show, but Wilson was too caught up in 'lecture mode' that he didn't register it...or more likely didn't care


2/28/2020 c24 Bakerstreet Blues
So glad to see that House is learning to not only treat himself better, but to also expect others to treat him better...

Very nicely written.

2/28/2020 c21 Bakerstreet Blues
Of COURSE Wilson went to Cuddy to spread House's personal information...oddly, the only time Wilson did NOT go to Cuddy was actually the time House REALLY needed help. Hallucinations are a pretty BIG indicator that House was in trouble. I thought it was odd that Wilson didn't rat House out on that.

Not to mention, everyone blamed Cuddy for telling everything to Lucas,(which she did do) but really where did SHE get the information? WILSON. blah seriously hate both of those two.

I didn't mention this before, but I am really happy you are still writing on this story...so many lost puppies in the world already...

2/28/2020 c19 Bakerstreet Blues
Lucius...I apologize for being a lazy ass and not reviewing before now. Seems the 'next' button is way easier than taking the time to review.

I discovered another of your stories a while back "No I in Team" ….which is fantastic by the way. I admit I avoided the whole 'collarverse' as I had a hard time wrapping my mind around House as a 'slave'...and yeah, I still avoid those. However, your take on House's needs, verses what he is given by his 'friends,' is quite perceptive. I appreciate how you call Wilson on his never ending BS and the fact that we as viewers (the intelligent ones' anyway) have seen how often Wilson is completely wrong in his self proclaimed 'House Whisperer' role. True, I am NOT a licensed therapist (nor is Wilson or that trollop Cuddy), but I am observant enough to see House for who is truly is, not what he wants people to believe. I have really struggled to accept that most of society truly are IDIOTS. Every 'rabid huddy' or 'hypocritical wilson' fan truly are ignorant of the world. If I had either of those in MY LIFE I would put a bic razor to my throat. When Wilson and Cuddy were trying to teach House 'humility' in season 3 I nearly packed it in for good. What a bunch of rubbish David Shore fed us...what made it worse, was so many FF writers jumped on that wagon and RAN with the misconceptions. If I were editing Funk and Wagnals the description of FRIENDSHIP would simple say...that person which accepts you 'because' of WHO YOU ARE...NOT 'IN SPITE OF'

Really a lesson BAD HAT HARRY seriously needs to learn...along with a couple million others in this world.

Bravo to you for helping people realize friendship shouldn't make you feel 'bad'.

2/17/2020 c32 Robin
So Glad to see this story updated. This was a quiet chapter, not a lot of extreme stuff going on, but it seems a portent of things to come. The intimations that House may at some point become a much more dominant figure in the Clan gives some possible directions to which you are taking House on this journey into a new lifestyle. It is good to see House developing relationships with people outside his work environment.
2/16/2020 c32 harpomarx
So glad to see another chapter...
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