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for Rescuing House

2/21/2017 c24 Rhastahippy
I get so excited when you post a new chapter to one of your stories. I am liking Gaius and his clan. They seem like a good fit. Is this the one? I hope to learn more about them. Looking forward to updates to this and your other stories. Any word on "No I In Team"?
12/8/2016 c23 28tailkinker.au
I'm glad House is taking the time he needs to consider everything that has happened, and that he has someone to talk to who isn't in his immediate circle about all this. Good chapter.
12/5/2016 c23 Visitkarte
This is a perfect Housian analysis of the previous evening. Well done!
12/4/2016 c23 yuiop
12/4/2016 c23 34Brighid45
So glad to see another chapter of this excellent story, I've missed reading it :) This is a huge step in healing for House. His insight into how the session with Lucius has changed things for him in radical way is spot on. This will make all the difference for him. He's fortunate to have people around him (Wilson aside) who will stand by to make sure he's all right and moving forward, even if it's with small steps. Also great to see Nolan taking in the facts without judgment and offering support. That will foster House's healing and help build a network of trust and integrity for him to rely on. Great chapter, thanks so much for posting it :)
7/19/2016 c22 9HOUSEocdfan
Love it, go Lucius! (still out of my comfort zone but love it anway) Cant wait for the next chapter :)
7/18/2016 c22 102Pyewacket75
AMAZING chapter as always. I'm so glad you're continuing this story under the circumstances. Again, my condolences.
7/17/2016 c22 Visitkarte
House is stubborn, it wasn't going to be easy. I hope he believes it.
7/16/2016 c22 Girlfromdk
Really good chapter, Lucius is so in tune with House's state of mind.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
7/16/2016 c22 Rhastahippy
That was a beautiful chapter and well worth the wait. I loved the symbolism of Lucius using the cane to help House realize his worthiness. Thank you! I hope you know how many of us have you in our thoughts.
7/16/2016 c22 34Brighid45
I'm very sorry to hear of the death of your wife. Blessings and love to you and your family. I hope you're getting support and care. Thank you so much for continuing this story.

Lucius is wise to use the cane with House. It's a way of getting the truth, but it's also a way to reprogram any pain delivered as punishment or abuse. Lucius knows House well enough by now to understand the deeper issues of distrust and self-loathing. He guides House through the layers of protection and armor to the truth deep within.

I really liked that little moment when House realized he and his team are doing better with him taking care of them a bit, rather than pushing them constantly.

Excellent chapter as always. Again, thank you for staying with the story. I've enjoyed it from the first chapter and always hope for more, as time and the muse will allow of course :)
6/17/2016 c17 102Pyewacket75
That was so good! Lucius 5, wilson ZIP :D
6/16/2016 c10 Pyewacket75
6/16/2016 c8 Pyewacket75
I'm really enjoying this story. I love how you've captured the Master/sub relationship and didn't make it all scary or trashy like others I've read :)
6/15/2016 c1 Pyewacket75
I like this so far :)
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